Let’s get it back to soccer with a Union update:

This was inevitable. Carranza’s contract expires in the winter and the summer transfer window is the bigger of the two, so you sell him now and make your money.

Julian has been the topic of transfer rumors for at least a year now. He’s only 24 years old and has yet to hit his prime, and with the Union now on the downside of their best multi-year run in franchise history, you sell while the value is still relatively high and try to find the next striker for the starting XI. Carranza came here in 2022 when Ernst Tanner plucked him from Miami on loan due to a backlog of forward talent down there, and now he’s going to flip him for a payday after 34 goals, 15 assists, and a run to MLS Cup.

The other thing is this –

Feyenoord is a solid team, 2nd place in the Netherlands last year and qualified for the Champions League. If he gets an opportunity to play in the UCL, then it’s a really nice move for him. If he doesn’t, no problem, because the Eredivisie is a good league, if top heavy. He’ll get to play against teams like Ajax, PSV, and AZ Alkmaar. But I honestly think he’s good enough to play in a larger league, not England or Spain or Italy necessarily, but definitely Bundesliga or Ligue 1 quality. He’s good enough for Germany or France, maybe a mid-table side like Werder Bremen, Freiburg, Toulouse, Rennes. I’m also curious to see how he plays in a different system, since he spent the entirety of his Union career in either the 4-4-2 diamond or the 3-5-2 of last season that honestly didn’t change much in terms of how the forwards played.

Either way, I think the Union need to move things along here, so this is the right move. They’re 8th place in the east with a .500 record, 4 wins, 4 losses, 8 draws. The championship window is closing and not opening, so you sell in the summer window and start rebuilding the roster with an eye toward the future. I’d honestly sell anybody who has value right now, but that’s just like, my opinion man.