This country is divided right now, but one thing we can all come together and agree on on is that Zack Hample is a twerp. Look at him run three sections in a matter of seconds to come up short of a Schwarbomb:

Didn’t even jump on the dog pile. Is he losing a step?

Now, I’ve been trying to grow as person recently. I’m trying not to make fun of things people like to do. Shout out to me. It’s called growth. If you like Pickleball, go nuts. If you prefer to drum in your basement to heavy metal that’s all you. But throw all that growing I’ve been doing aside because Zack Hample is the worst thing to happen to baseball since umpires. He steals joy from people for his own personal pleasure. This was only a couple days ago:

It’s gotta be some sort of kink. Listen to this guy throw a tantrum because Rockies security wouldn’t let him stand around in the handicap section and chase home run balls:

“You guys get an F on the fan experience.” This coming from a guy in his 40s because he wasn’t allowed to get out of his seat and chase a baseball when he already has thousands of them.

Lets do a little exercise. Did a grown man say this or was it the internal monologue of a golden retriever mad his owners won’t let him go outside?

Apparently kids love Hample and apparently Hample loves the kids:

That’s because kids are stupid. We all loved All That, then you grow up watch Quiet on the Set and realize yea that was a little eerie.