I can’t believe how much I loved waking up in the morning, grabbing a coffee, and watching some breakfast ball on Sunday. We need more 10 a.m. Sunday games in MLB. I’m not talking every single week, but some sprinkled in throughout the summer would rule. If Gregory Soto doesn’t blow it, this game cruises along and we’re finished before 1 p.m. and you have your entire Sunday ahead of you. Sign me up. It’s the only good thing about living on the west coast. Football starts at 10 and the major slate is over before dinner time. The sun is still out at that point and the Sunday Scaries are still a couple hours away.

Could I sell you on a 6:40 p.m., 1 p.m., 10 a.m. slate from Friday to Sunday? Skip church and load the kids up in the van. We’re doing mass at Our Lady of St. Bryce at Broad & Pattison today. We’ll do the Eucharist in Jetro. A soft pretzel from some guy’s cart and wash it down with the Blood of Christ –  Miller Lite. We’ll get to test this out in a couple weeks when the Phils play at 11:35 a.m. on June 23rd.

I understand 10 a.m. might not be for everyone, but there is a significantly large portion of this fanbase that is four beers deep by that time on an Eagles Sunday. If you watch Premiere League, F1, or the 9 a.m. NFL London games this is nothing for you.  Plenty of Phils fans did seem open to it:

Full disclosure, I’m probably more biased than ever to these early starts since I’ve given up drinking (for now). Haven’t had a drink in 12 calendar days. Needed to factory reset the body, you know? What they don’t tell you when you stop drinking is how bored you’ll be. Passing the time is easily the hardest thing about not drinking. So this 10 a.m. game was a godsend. I don’t have many hobbies other than watching sports and going out to drink with friends. I mean I almost went to an art show around the corner from my place. I fucking hate art. I’m so bored I’m contemplating buying a beat machine. A fucking beat machine. It’s in my Amazon cart. Why? I have no idea why. I’ve never played an instrument in my life. I don’t know the first thing about percussion. Maybe it’s because I liked playing Bop-It! back in the day? Again, I don’t know. I’m living in the upside down right now. My equilibrium is off. The only other thing I can think of doing that I’ll enjoy is getting ridiculously good at Pickleball just to piss Kinker off. Anything is better than sticking my face in my phone. My screen time looks like Jordan Davis’ heart rate after a couple flights of stairs right now and it was already bad enough with this job. Sorry, Bryce.