Not sure if you know this kid Matt Zollers, but he’s Spring-Ford’s quarterback and now he has a high school NIL deal:

What’s stunning, first of all, is that Mizzou won 11 games and landed a good quarterback. Zollers turned down Penn State and Pitt, and while the Panthers were last relevant in the leather helmet era, playing quarterback in Happy Valley is a big deal.

Second, here’s part of the writeup from

The Missouri commit and the No. 31 recruit in the nation, according to the On3 Industry Ranking, inked an NIL deal with Westwood Home Services, a service home repair and handyman resource. Located in western Pennsylvania, near Zollers’ hometown of Royersford (sic), the partnership marks the company’s first foray into NIL.

In exchange for commercial appearances and social media collaborations, Zollers has been handed the keys to a Dodge Challenger. He will use the vehicle during this summer and fall at Spring-Ford High School before he enrolls at Mizzou.

Man we really missed the boat with this, didn’t we? What were you driving in high school? I had a 1994 Nissan Altima, covered in heavy metal stickers that I bought at Zern’s (RIP). Difference is, we didn’t throw for 2,900 yards and 37 touchdowns during our junior years. This Zollers kid is legit. He’s a pro-style QB with a cannon for an arm.

This is the reality of the situation now. High school kids in Pennsylvania and New Jersey can do NIL deals. Delaware recently approved as well. This dude is now rolling around Royersford in a brand new Dodge Challenger that he got because he’s good at football. Good for him. We only got two things back in the day – jack and shit.