This is not a political post. This is a sidebar Philadelphia cultural post:

Now I don’t know about you, but when I think of former President Trump, I think of North Philly and Temple University! Thick sarcasm obviously, but was Cal Berkeley already booked? This would be like the Democrats securing a time slot for President Biden in Oxford before an Ole’ Miss game. Bring the teleprompter and the hot toddies to The Grove.

Genuinely curious, because this has the potential to be a total shit show. Is there a single Donald Trump supporter in North Philly? Didn’t Philadelphia vote 104% Democrat in the last election? And didn’t Trump do the whole “bad things happen in Philadelphia?” routine a couple of years ago? I honestly can’t believe this is happening. The former President’s voter base in this region is up in Bucks County and the southern Lehigh Valley/Berks County so you’d think he’d rally in some place like Doylestown. Maybe Boyertown. The “let’s go Brandon” chants would be audible in Shartlesville.

But North Philly? This is the most unusual pairing since Madonna and 2Pac secretly dated in the 1990s.

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