This weekend video of 6ABC’s Katie Katro being photobombed at the Ocean City Boardwalk went crazy viral on our Instagram page. Just a classic prank from Boobs McGee:


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There is just something so innocent about a good reporter photobomb. It takes you back to the days before FHRITP to a time when the Internet was only videos of dumb game show answers and reporter live hits. I’m talking Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama and the Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife guy. A simpler time. Good to see with all of the hours of content that rots our brains every day people still enjoy the hits in 2024.

Can you believe this happened at America’s Greatest Family Resort? You’d think this would be on the Wildwood Boardwalk, right? Maybe five years ago. Now it’s all just stabbings, a broken ferris wheel, and pretty soon gigantic windmills muddying up the shore line. It’s kind of nice to see Ocean City being taken down a peg. It’s poetic having this happen on Action News. The Ocean City of news stations. Both think they’re better than everyone else. Like they’re some perfect happy family. As we saw with the Jamie Apody stuff, they’re just as messed up as all of us. Give me Fox29 all day. You don’t know what might go off the rails next.

Shoutout to the dude with the pizza:

He needed to get a glimpse of those warlocks so bad he did a double take. Also who’s the hoss in the black Nike sweatshirt? Brother it’s 97° out there. “Just Do It” doesn’t mean harm yourself.

Add this to the archives of Action News photobombs on the Ocean City boardwalk: