Cam Payne was arrested back in June for providing a false name. We finally have the name he gave and it was” Terry Johnson,” via TMZ:

According to a Scottsdale Police Department incident report, obtained by TMZ Sports, Payne called cops at around 2:44 AM on June 14 after getting into an argument with his girlfriend in Arizona.

But, cops say when officers arrived on the scene, he and his GF told them police services were no longer desired … as their quarrel was merely a verbal one, and they had calmed down since.

Officers wrote in the docs that all they needed to wrap up their investigation was Payne’s name and date of birth — but that’s when they say the Philadelphia 76ers guard stopped cooperating.

They say for minutes, Payne would not tell them who he was … insisting he was actually “Terry Johnson.” When they told him they believed he was lying and would need to arrest him if he continued to be dishonest, they say he told them, “That’s fine.”

Cops say in the docs they went back and forth with Payne for a while … telling him over and over again that if he just gave them his name, they’d be on their way — yet they claim Payne played coy the entire time.

At one point, police wrote Payne did provide them his real name … but told them seconds later, “No, that’s my fake name, can you please leave.”

Terry Johnson won’t go in the rafters with other Hall of Fame fake names like Ron Mexico, Patrick Ewing, and He Hate Me. But it’s still hilarious to think about Terry Johnson jerseys going crazy in the Wells Fargo Center next year if Cam Payne is back with the team.

Daryl has to sign this guy, right? He prides himself on finding prospects deep in the hinterlands no one has ever heard of. Who better than Terry Johnson? Imagine that coming across the waiver wire while the Celtics are backing up the Brinks truck. They’ll never know what hit them. I loved Cam Payne last year. Give me a guy with no fear coming off the bench in the playoffs. He was the spark plug for the Sixers’ offense in Game 3 after being on ice:

Just say when Daryl. I’m ready:

What a line: