Dak was in Mexico last week and spotted with a walking boot on the same foot that he injured a couple seasons back:

He was wearing the boot because his ankle swells up when he goes deep sea fishing.

That’s according to Clarence Hill Jr. at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

According to Prescott, you can officially unsound the alarm. In a text to the Star-Telegram, Prescott said, “I’m great.” He said he was wearing the boot for precautionary reasons because “the last time I went deep sea fishing my (ankle) swole up.”

Duh. Everyone knows your surgically-repaired ankle swells when you go deep sea fishing, right? I went over to CruisersForum.com to see if ankle swelling actually happens when you’re deep sea fishing. Here’s what I found from Boatman61:

Most common is fluid retention.. drink more coffee..Another possibility which is more age dependent is venous insufficiency.. poor circulation which may just be down to not enough exercise. Visit your doctor.

Poor circulation due to not enough exercise, eh? Maybe because he’s been on the shelf for so long due to an ankle sprain?

Malbert73 is a doctor and recommends Dak get a CopperFit endorsement:

So I’m a doc- sudden extreme swelling could represent DVT (deep venous thrombosis) which could come with relative inactivity. That’s a medical emergency. More commonly 1 leg or the other though so if both equal still could be a blood clot but less likely. If your husband overweight? Makes venous insufficiency more likely. Fat tissue in legs compresses veins returning blood from feet, and walking usually helps pump blood back up. So long term solution is wear compression socks and elevate legs, and lose weight. Any additional swelling in hands or face- go to doc immediately as this can be a kidney issue.

CaptRory says lay off the salt:

I used to have that problem. Now I’m on salt restricted diet and BP meds and it went away. It could be many things including the beginnings of right sided heart failure. Go to the doc. If it’s going to be a while before you can see your doc, quit salt and see what happens. That is statistically the most likely cause.

Heart failure??? Time to lay off the ranch spaghetti:

With something as serious as heart failure, Dak should probably sit the season out. The most important thing in this world is your health. It’s all we have at the end of the day.