Tuesday night, the Hard Knocks Offseason with the Giants debuted and the first episode focused on free agency and Saquon Barkley’s future. Immediately we knew Joe Schoen didn’t value Saquon:

Who would you say that would sign a running back to that dollar amount?

This crazy motherfucker that’s who:

The Giants had final edit. I would love to know what ended up on the cutting room floor. It had to be the Roast of Saquon every day led by Roastmaster General Joe Schoen because EVERYONE in the front office seemed like they didn’t know how the Giants were going to score if Saquon wasn’t back.

“We lose Saquon. What’s gonna be our identity on offense?” 

Enjoy your new identity: Devin Singletary.

Then John Mara almost teared up when he heard Schoen was done. I’m convinced Mara would’ve given Saquon $100 million if he asked after watching this:

When the Giants originally hired both Schoen and Brian Daboll I thought the Eagles could be fucked. It finally felt like they had an adult in the room after years of Joe Judge’s hilarious punishments and Dave Gettleman’s gigantic binder. But after Daboll had Wink Martindale almost conduct a mutiny and Schoen’s performance in episode 1 I think the Birds will be just fine. I mean the guy spent the entire episode trying to convince us that Daniel Jones is good and it’s the O-Line’s fault why he sucked:

Dude you built the O-Line last year! Now of course the guy who gave his QB $40 million is going to protect the guy he paid. But you can see he’s trying to convince his staff that Jones is the guy. If you curse every third word while trying to get a point across I immediately know what you’re saying is bullshit. Look at Brandon Brown’s face (guy in the navy blue). He’s not even making eye contact:

That’s a guy who has been demoted to a yes man. I can’t wait for the rest of the season.