It’s a slow day so we’re pulling topics out of our rear end.

Bear with us.

One thing that popped up on the feed was a reminder from the Delco Times’ Matt De George that it’s the 10-year anniversary of a dust storm blowing through Chester and causing a ridiculous weather delay:

This was the 2014 U.S. Open Cup, and the Union went up 1-0 before all of this crazy debris started flying through the air, over the stadium walls, and into the seats and on the field. The parking lots weren’t paved, so I presume there was gravel and dirt mixed together and the wind just sort of lifted it up. The wind was so bad that it ripped some of the signs from their moorings and left a layer of grime on the seats as everybody fled for cover.

From there it turned into a torrential downpour that caused a one-hour delay and they finished the game at something like 10:30 p.m. in front of maybe a thousand people.

I used the word haboob in the video and headline. According to

People often use the term haboob to describe the huge, dramatic walls of dust that sometimes blow into Phoenix. Dust and sand storms are common in the Middle East, where the Arabic word “haboob” comes from. In Arizona, the word has come to mean a powerful dust storm with a rolling wall of dust.

Well, I’d say this was pretty haboob-ish. Haboob-like. It wasn’t exactly Riyadh or Scottsdale out there, but people were running for the exits with their faces covered and attempting to flee what looked like the precursor to Javier Bardem riding a sandworm. Surely there’s a geologist who reads Crossing Broad. Gimme a shout and let me know if this qualifies as a haboob. Or let me know if you’re aware of any other dust storm delays in Philly sports history.