The first meeting between the Giants and Eagles might be 55-0 with 300 scrimmage yards from Saquon alone because Giants GM Joe Schoen pissed off A.J. Brown:

Brown keeps taking a sledgehammer to the “bad teammate” narrative. Would a bad teammate show up to DeVonta Smith’s charity softball game? Nope. Would a bad teammate do everything in his power to make sure the Giants eat their words for letting him walk? Nope. I never understood how people let that narrative get so far out of control that it ended up with the best wide receiver in franchise history having to call into sports radio to set the record straight. All because he didn’t want to give canned quotes to the media for a couple weeks. Sometimes I wonder if we can handle greatness in this city.

The funniest part of all this is that John Mara said he would never have the Hard Knocks cameras follow the Giants around. Now the first episode in and his GM looks like an idiot. I love it! Everyone on Twitter dunking on the Giants in July instead of the typical September. It’s like an early Christmas. Christmas in July if you will.

AJ Brown got the Titans GM fired after his revenge game. Now it’s going to be Saquon’s turn. Who would you say would go sign a running back to that dollar amount?