Andre Drummond mentioned in his Tuesday presser that Joel Embiid recruited him back to the Sixers:

Why is this significant? Because Joel Embiid is starting to recruit players to come join him. One gripe I’ve had with Joel is that he made it a point to mention he doesn’t like to get involved in free agency or trade deadline decisions. Whether that is true or not who knows, but if you’re the franchise cornerstone I want you involved in the decisions management makes to surround you. I don’t want LeBron-type levels of decision making where you don’t know who is actually the real GM. But if someone asks your opinion about a guy don’t be afraid to speak up. If you hear a rumor let management know what you think.

Well it looks like Embiid is starting to do it unprovoked now. Because he took the initiative to call the best backup center he’s ever had and he took the initiative to let the Sixers know his thoughts on Paul George in front of the entire world:

Joel Embiid is doing anything he can to get the Larry. Reminds me of another great recruiter who’d do anything for a championship:

Now I’m not going to sit here and act delusional like Paul George didn’t want to stay in LA and then hope to be traded to the Warriors. I understand we were the Bronze medal and the biggest reason he’s a 76er now is because they opened up the check book. That’s fine. We’re never a free agent’s first choice. Still you gotta love Embiid finally getting into the recruiting mix. Especially when we’re this close to the Olympics. There’s star power galore. The next great crop of players are there too. These guys are about to spend a lot of time together. Confide in each other. Talk about the good and bad of their organizations. That’s where Embiid can shine. Use that likable personality to let them know there’s always a spot in Philadelphia if they need a change of scenery. We’ve got the assets! That’s how the Heatles came together. The 2008 Olympics changed the course of NBA history.