Johnny Airports missed Jett Luchanko’s Philly arrival because he was in North Carolina receiving a nice award:

A deserved award, yeah? John Clark is the Roy Kent of Philly sports media. “He’s here, he’s there, he’s every fucking where John Clarrrrk.” He goes to the games, he does interviews, creates content, asks questions, he’s on television, etc.

The NSMA is the “National Sports Media Association.” You become a member and then each year a ballot goes out asking you to nominate up to five people for state and national sportscaster and sportswriter of the year. Members then vote and they do a big awards ceremony every year in North Carolina. Recent local winners include Clark, Olivia Reiner, Mike Jensen, Keith Pompey, Scott Franzke, and Marc Zumoff. Harry Kalas won it 18 times in the span of 20 years between 1976 and 1996. It’s mostly just Philly people winning, I see one Penn State person on the list and a handful of Yinzers.

Maybe Crossing Broad will join the NSMA for 2025 and compete for an award. We have many Pulitzer-worthy blog posts to submit, like “Ben Davis Thinks You’re a Pussy” and “Nick Castellanos is Turning Johan Rojas into a Dirty Little Slut.”