John Kruk gave us a peek into his fridge. Tell me this isn’t exactly what you pictured John Kruk’s fridge would look like:

Of course Kruk lives like this. This is the fridge of a guy who hates ties and phone calls. Five styles of pickles and a Peach Monster is exactly what I expect Kruk runs on. There’s probably a couple packages of string cheese in a drawer, a half-filled bottle of Heinz, and a ranch dressing that’s been expired for two months on the door.

A fridge like this brings back memories of college. Kruk’s looks like a Monday afternoon late in the semester fridge after a long weekend of doing nothing but drinking and eating Chinese takeout. You’re living off of the dining hall food until your check from working the front desk in the science building hits your account on Friday. Until then you’re stretching a dollar. No one knows the value of a dollar better than a broke college kid. They become borderline CPAs while barely passing algebra. Do you go out Wednesday and Thursday like usual or just Thursday? But then one bar does dollar beers on Thursdays, the other one down the street does $2.50 UCallIt’s. Is the extra $1.50 worth that? Maybe it is. Maybe you liquor up that night so you’ll get drunk quicker and therefore spend less money. But then again you have a better relationship with the bartender at the dollar beer bar and know they’ll hook you up. The science behind making these choices is not for the faint of heart. At the end of the day though, it’s all about scratching and clawing to get to pay day any way you can. If I could bottle up that feeling of a $200 direct deposit hitting your bank account I’d sell it for billions.

If NBC Sports Philly doesn’t film Kruk and TMac doing a Supermarket Sweep tomorrow what are we even doing?

Not gonna lie, that hot Pickle de Gallo sounds amazing! I might have to grab me a couple of those at the store (wink wink email me Grillo’s).