What’s up everybody? This week’s Men At Work (subscribe, like, share) is live from Headhouse Square in Philadelphia at a Farmers Market. We meet a flight attendant who tells us the real story behind the viral “that motherfucker isn’t real” lady and I recount my awkward bathroom encounter with a fan over the 4th of July holiday. Now I’ve met a ton of Crossing Broad fans and I’m eternally grateful for all of you. But, I’ve only met like two fans of Men At Work so lets just say I let things happen during this conversation that I typically wouldn’t (pause):

In this episode we recap the 4th of July weekend. We meet a flight attendant in Philadelphia who is in town for a layover. Then we meet an English as a second language teacher who immigrated from Ukraine and a hostess who tells us her pet peeves of the restaurant industry. We finish with an AV Project Manager and a education tech saleswoman who finds rich people to donate to schools.

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If you’re unfamiliar with my new pod, Men At Work, here’s the layman’s terms. We set up a table somewhere with mics and get random people to join and tell us what they do for a living. Then the conversation just goes from there. My co-host Matt Peoples and I thought this was a good idea for a podcast because society identifies so much with their job or what they want it to be. I’ve also found that there are a lot of interesting people in the Philly area and beyond with interesting jobs and interesting stories. In this episode the Blue Collar babies, the Middle Class Mamis, and the White Collar Criminals all gathered around to have a conversation. What other podcast is going to show you that many walks of life in an hour? Check it out!