What a game from Laz Diaz Friday night. People don’t love the Apple TV games, but I gotta say watching an umpire miss calls four feet off the plate in 4K makes up for having to subscribe to another streaming platform to watch the best team in baseball. Fourteen of them actually! One pitch to Edmundo Sosa was so outside the Supreme Court just banned it. Laz made up for it by stabbing the Braves bat boy at least:

Remind me again why we don’t have robot umps? They have the technology. It’s been implemented in the minors for years. Lets use it. Chips in footballs for the down and distance and robot umpires. That’s all we ask. I’m convinced Rob Manfred doesn’t even want to fix the umpiring issue. The best balls and strikes umpire is embroiled in a gambling scandal right now. I wouldn’t be shocked if the MLB planted evidence on him. Instead we have guys like Laz and CB Bucknor who consistently suck, and get important games.

Luckily this didn’t affect the game too much. That was the Braves shit fielding in the 7th inning. Somehow Manfred still rather have this bullfrog behind the plate guessing instead of a cyborg that can pinpoint a strike to the millimeter: