Anybody else see this on Matvei Michkov’s IG?

“Let’s go Flayers”

Hot damn! Michkov wants to tear your skin off. He wants to peel it back so that only the muscle is showing. Gross!

This is probably the best misspelling since Pagan’s last blog post. “Flayers” is kind of hardcore, if you think about it. The first thing that immediately came to mind was Game of Thrones and Ramsay Bolton. The House Bolton banner is the “flayed man,” but according to Google one of the Stark kings up in Winterfell outlawed flaying back in the day. No matter. Ramsay kills his dad and brings flaying back anyway. It was on brand for him.*

The second thing that came to mind was the “mind flayer” from Stranger Things, which is the giant monster in the first couple of seasons. The name comes from a Dungeons and Dragons reference earlier in the show. In D&D the “mind flayers” were these octopus-looking things that had psychic powers I think. Cthulu-looking motherfuckers. You know what I’m talking about if you were a dork like me and grew up playing nerdy stuff like Neverwinter Nights and Icewind Dale. 

No matter. Michkov can spell “Flyers” however he wants if he goes out and lights it up this season.

*Ramsay’s death was underwhelming. After all the shit he did over many seasons he got a bland off-screen death. Outrageous!


EDIT – it’s been brought to my attention that I misspelled “RAMSAY” Bolton in the original post. How embarrassing! It’s a dumb spelling though.