The Phillies hot dog is surprisingly affordable when you compare it to the others around the league:


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California is a joke. You have to be a sick person to pay $8 for a hot dog. I rather watch the A’s play. I don’t know where the WaPo got their data, but there is no chance a Yankees dog only costs $6.29. Maybe from the guy running the cart outside the stadium. You go to Manhattan and a family of four getting a dog and soda could get you a ticket to a Knicks playoff game. $6.29? With that payroll? Maybe when Mickey Mantle was in the lineup.

How about Canada, though? Free healthcare and $2.55 for a dog might get me to lay down the stars and stripes and start singing OH CANADAAAAAAAA! How is that possible? Is it good or is it some sort of Canadian street meat? Did you know the Blue Jays do a Loonie Dog Night? That’s their Dollar Dog. Doesn’t roll off the tongue like some hoagie mouth screaming it, but it’s still a great sounding promo. Except when tragedy strikes:

I can’t believe they spend a dollar less in Seattle.

And also do amazing things like this:

But listen, the Phillies and I have had our gripes when it comes to hot dogs and I still don’t appreciate them cancelling the greatest promotion in franchise history just to let the Mets take it over. But the $4.99 dog isn’t terrible. I hate the new plastic cases (#teamtinfoil) and sometimes they come out looking like this:

But a dog is a dog. A little win for the Phils when it comes to hot dogs. God knows they need one badly.