Hey now! –

Looks like a custom print, but “Wildwood already has the shirts made up” writes Brian in a follow-up tweet. If so, that’s savage. Hang ’em between the Marilyn Monroe t-shirts and the soffe shorts that say “Irish Girl” on the butt.

If you’re down in Wildwood, scan the boardwalk for these shirts and let us know what’s going on. We’ll have to get Defector’s Dan McQuade down there. Feels like something that’s right up his alley. We’ll divide it up and each go to a different shore point. I’ll got to the Surf Mall and look for the Howard shirts hidden among the incense sticks, Grateful Dead posters, and Ocean City lifeguard hoodies.

(If you’re not aware and living under a rock, Howard is currently suspended from Citizens Bank Park and the Sixers’ practice facility for making an “unwanted advance” toward a female Aramark employee)