Sixers wing Paul George explained his decision to leave LA for Philly:

George: “I never wanted to leave LA. LA is home. This is where I wanted to finish it, I wanted to work as hard as possible to win one in LA. That was the goal, to be here and committed to LA. As it played out though, the first initial deal was, I thought, kind of disrespectful. Again, in all of this, no hard feelings. The first initial deal was like two years, 60 (million). I’m like, whoah whoah whoah, nah, I’m not signing that. This was like October, negotiations just started, and it was 2/60. As we kept going, they would go up inches, inches, inches, to where it was like 44 or 45 (million a year). But there were a couple of months between before we got it to 40-something. I’m still like, nah I’m not doing that. Then I hear wind of what they’re gonna give Kawhi. So I’m like, just give me what Kawhi got. You view us the same. We came here together, we wanna finish this shit together, I’ll take what Kawhi get.”

He goes on to say that they got the offer up to three years and $150 million, and he asked for a no-trade clause, then looked for 4 years and it basically fell apart at that point.

PG also detailed meeting with the Sixers delegation:

Full podcast episode at this link.