It was always PG:

Nothing like the ole’ 4 a.m. Monday morning news break. We all woke up to the Tobias Harris trade news the same way more than five years ago.

Paul George is the perfect example of “more than one thing can be true.” Did the Sixers overpay for a 34 year old who misses games because of injury and hasn’t exactly lit the postseason on fire? Yes. Did they push themselves back into “contender” status at the same time? Yes. PG was always the star option that made the most sense. They signed him straight into their cap space, didn’t have to give up any assets, and never had a legitimate shot at LeBron anyway, so this was the path to traverse.

As for the on-court stuff, yes, Paul George does fit here very well. He is a legitimate scoring option next to Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey, a guy who can spot up and iso, run pick and roll and post up and do some work off screens as well. The guy was an All Star last year and the year prior, has scored 20+ PPG for almost 10 years straight, is a 38.5% career three-point shooter, and plays legitimate defense when the effort is there.

We’ll dive in more once we wake up fully and get the kids off to school.