What a power move by Paul George. Telling an NBA legend and a couple billionaires that are about to make you one of the richest guys in NBA history that they aren’t allowed to wear shoes in your house is a ballsy move. Kind of makes me think he’s going to have enough confidence to shoot 40% from three next year in the playoffs:

I hated the friend’s parents who didn’t let you wear shoes inside. The arrogance of some people to tell me my shoes are too dirty to wear around your house. The same kind of people who let their dogs sit on the furniture. It never made sense. Sure as I grow older I understand it more, but I still hated going to those people’s houses. Probably because people who made you take your shoes off in the house never had a proper area that made it easy to take your shoes off. You couldn’t sit down in a chair because it would be in the dining room and you weren’t allowed in the dining room with your shoes on. So you’re basically tripping over everyone else’s shoes that now have created a 10 car pile up on the doormat while all you want to do is go play Madden. The entire process was exhausting. Kind of like the Sixers’.

Anyway, I can’t get enough of this picture. There is so much going on.

Is the least surprising thing ever that Josh Harris is a GoldToe guy? Of course he’s a GoldToe guy:

That’s the sock of the rich. There’s a reason they keep them locked up behind the glass at Walmart. It’s like $30 bucks for a pack of five. Old rich guys buy GoldToe in bulk. The only people who rock GoldToe are Wall Street businessman and 1st-3rd grade boys that go to Catholic school.

Paul George didn’t know this, but this meeting wasn’t over when he opened the door wearing an Allen Iverson shirt. It’s when Daryl put on his only sports coat. It’s his closer’s jacket. If it’s a big moment that navy blue plaid jacket will be there:

Photo: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Daryl when he slips an arm into that jacket:

As a guy when you find something that fits you perfectly you work it into the rotation every chance you get. He once got a compliment from someone and he’s never forgotten it. I have like three pairs of pants I continuously cycle in and out when I’m going out to dinner. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. That sport coat is a five tool player. Can be formal and it can be just a couple guys hanging around the house with no shoes on.

Hey guys mind if I jump in the next one so people remember I still work here?


There was so much going on in this picture I almost didn’t realize Dr. J’s party shirt:

Is it a polo? Is it a Dan Flashes? What does it signify? Look I’m not criticizing. When you win a title in a city starved for them you can wear whatever the hell you want. I just want to know more about it because it’s so god damn electrifying.

Dr. J is dressed like the divorcee who is way to old for the bar he frequents, and seeks out a group of people in their 20s every weekend to buy shots for all night just for a little companionship. It’s a little weird, but he’s harmless. Until he tries to sneak a whiff of your girlfriend’s hair and it’s time to move to another bar.

I love this picture. I might frame it and put it in my office if the Sixers win a title.*


*make it past the second round