(Update: I think this is actually Franzke and Gregg Murphy now that I’ve listened to it for the 100th time. Franzke says “Yea. Whatever.” and Nuthin But a Two G Thang finishes with “It’s so much fun losing! Yayyyyyy!)

Scott Franzke and Kevin Stocker (Edit: Gregg Murphy) got caught on a hot mic at the end of the Apple TV broadcast making fun of the Braves public address announcer after the game:

Love this from Franzke and Stocker (Murph). I want my announcers invested in the hate as much as the organization and fans are. Could you imagine Dan Baker pulling this at CBP during in 2015?

We’re 30 games under .500, but wasn’t that a good time guys? Isn’t it so much fun watching the shell of Ryan Howard, Carlos Ruiz, and Cole Hamels trot out there?

Atlanta cementing their title as the worst sports city in America every single day. Only 49 more days until Georgia football is back!

I mean Franzke was peppering in some shots even before the game started:

This is probably the best hot mic incident you can ask for, right? There’s a fine line between Thom Brenaman and the Pirates announcer farting on air because Paul Skenes’ velocity made him gassy:

This is nothing but the fellas talking shit. Nothing wrong with a couple guys piling on after their team just went up 10 games in the NL East race. If you’re upset by this you’re softer than Brian Snitker’s family: