The Phillies lost two of three in Atlanta and weren’t competitive on Saturday and Sunday. They also didn’t have Bryce Harper, J.T. Realmuto, and Kyle Schwarber, all injured and hoping to return sooner rather than later.

Regardless, the gloating Braves fan doesn’t care about injuries, and will point out that Atlanta has won 4 of 6 against Philly this year.

So I asked ChatGPT to write us a story about a Braves fan who continues to gloat despite the Phils missing three starters this past weekend. The A.I. spit out a Pulitzer-worthy tale called The Annoying Braves Fan – 

Philadelphia was in the middle of a hot summer, and the city was alive with baseball fever. The Phillies were fighting to maintain their lead in the National League East despite being without three of their key players: Bryce Harper, J.T. Realmuto, and Kyle Schwarber. The team’s resilience had won them the admiration of their loyal fans, who filled Citizens Bank Park with unwavering support. However, there was one person who seemed determined to ruin the camaraderie: Greg, an insufferable Braves fan.

Greg had been a Braves fan for as long as anyone could remember, and this season, his team was performing admirably. The Braves had managed to pull off a couple of regular-season wins against the Phillies, and Greg was making sure everyone knew about it. He was loud, obnoxious, and seemed to take particular pleasure in gloating about the Braves’ victories.

“Hey, Philly! How does it feel to lose to the Braves?” Greg shouted as he strolled through a local sports bar, wearing his Braves cap and a smug grin. His voice carried across the room, ensuring that even those trying to enjoy their drinks in peace couldn’t escape his taunts.

“Give it a rest, Greg,” said Tom, a lifelong Phillies fan. “We’re missing three of our best players. Wait till we’re at full strength.”

“Excuses, excuses,” Greg shot back with a smirk. “A win is a win, and the Braves are just better. Face it, the Phillies are going to choke!”

Despite the Phillies’ injuries, the team had been playing with heart, relying on their depth and young talent. Greg’s gloating didn’t sit well with the other patrons. The Phillies had a storied history of resilience, and their fans prided themselves on loyalty and hope, even in the face of adversity.

One evening, as Greg continued his taunts during another gathering at the sports bar, a television reporter named Sarah entered. Sarah was known for her insightful coverage of the Phillies and her deep connection with the city’s sports culture. She noticed the growing tension in the bar and decided to step in.

“Greg, right?” Sarah approached him with a smile. “I’m Sarah, I cover the Phillies. Mind if I ask you a few questions?”

Greg, relishing the attention, agreed eagerly. “Sure, go ahead! I’ll tell you all about how the Braves are dominating.”

Sarah nodded. “The Braves have been playing well, no doubt. But what do you think about the Phillies’ resilience? I mean, they’re still in first place despite missing Harper, Realmuto, and Schwarber. That’s pretty impressive, don’t you think?”

Greg shrugged dismissively. “Doesn’t matter. Wins are wins. The Braves have proven they’re superior.”

Tom, who had been listening intently, chimed in. “Superior? Or just lucky that we’re down three of our stars? The season isn’t over, Greg. The Phillies have heart, and that’s something stats don’t always show.”

The other patrons murmured in agreement. Greg, sensing he was losing his audience, doubled down. “You guys are just in denial. Harper and the others won’t save you. The Braves will take the division.”

Sarah saw an opportunity to diffuse the tension. “Greg, I get it, you’re passionate about your team, and that’s great. But let’s remember, baseball is a long season. Anything can happen. How about we enjoy the game tonight and see how it plays out?”

Greg grumbled but reluctantly agreed. The bar settled into a more amicable atmosphere as the game began. The Phillies, even without their stars, played with fierce determination. They fought hard, displaying the resilience their fans admired so much.

As the game drew to a close, the Phillies pulled off a thrilling comeback win. The bar erupted in cheers, and even Greg couldn’t help but be impressed. Tom clapped Greg on the back. “See? Never count the Phillies out. This team has something special.”

Greg, though still a bit insufferable, seemed to have a newfound respect for the Phillies. “Alright, alright, that was a good game. I’ll give you that.”

Sarah smiled, glad to see the tension easing. “Baseball’s all about the ups and downs, Greg. And in Philly, we always believe in our team, no matter what.”

Greg nodded, raising his glass. “To a great season, then. May the best team win.”

And so, the Phillies fans and Greg the Braves fan found common ground in their love for the game, reminded that while rivalries are fun, the heart and soul of baseball lie in the passion and resilience of the players and their fans.

A wonderful tale. How can you not love baseball?