Pennsylvania’s Independent Fiscal Office recently completed a study that revealed the economic impact the Phillies and Pirates have on the Commonwealth.

One of the more interesting things was a section of the 23-page report that talked about fan spending and point of origin.

Page 8:

Honestly would have liked to know the New Jersey/Delaware split on fan origin. There are a lot of Phillies fans in South Jersey so that 26% I’d think has to be largely skewed toward NJ. In the last paragraph there, it notes that the average fan spends $116 during a “day trip,” then extrapolates to say that a family of four would be dropping close to $500. The wording is a little vague, and it makes it seem like they’re drawing a distinction between infrequent visitors vs. locals who go to a couple of games a year. Regardless, $465 is a lot of money. You feed four people, buy your kids an ice cream helmet and a t-shirt, pay for parking and all of that, maybe fill up the gas tank before driving in and it piles up quickly. The one thing it doesn’t necessarily explain is how ticket prices are factored in. There are four segments that make up this graphic:

Dunno. But honestly curious to see if your experience matches what the data says. If you’ve been down to CBP recently, how much did you spend?

EDIT – some emails from readers detailing recent experiences:

  • six tickets for Thursday night’s Dodgers game – $800, at least $150 in fees – 400 level seats that will go past $1k with food/etc
  • family of four coming in from Central PA: $464 dollars total, $180 in tickets, $100 + in gas/tolls/parking, ~$175 in concessions and store
  • couple staying in Center City: $430 a day over two days – includes hotel, gas, merch, food/drinks, etc

Looks like the IFO numbers are on point.