Governor Shapiro introduced the new license plate and Welcome to PA signs coming in 2025 to celebrate America’s 250th birthday. Finally, a license plate we can be proud of. Clean, slick, Philly imagery, and perfect color scheme. The cream background feels like I’m watching a day game at Citizens Bank Park. Let Freedom Ring, brother! OOOORAH:

How great is it that people from Pittsburgh will now have to drive around with something so synonymously Philly right in the middle? As they should. They wouldn’t even be a city if it wasn’t for us. This country wouldn’t be a country if it wasn’t for us. America’s 250th birthday starts and stops in the City of Brotherly Love! Now it doesn’t hurt when your governor grew up 30 minutes outside of Philly. I’m surprised he didn’t ask the designers to sneak some Kelly Green in there somewhere.

So many states have great license plates. PA never really has had one – at least in my life time. The license plate now designed like a Visa card is fine:

Remember when they re-designed it in 2017 and just added the outline of the state and bolded the What a beautiful use of our tax dollars:

Now when you’re stuck on the Blue Route or AC Expressway you can stare at the rear bumper and be proud of what you see.

This has gotta be the coolest design since the “You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania” back in the 80s: