The PPA will start ticketing you $100 for illegal tint on your car starting today, July 1st, via Laura Fay at

Drivers with illegally tinted car windows can now receive parking tickets in Philadelphia, thanks to a bill Mayor Cherelle Parker signed into law in May. 

Driving a car with illegally tinted windows was already illegal in Pennsylvania, but the new ordinance allows the Philadelphia Parking Authority to ticket parked cars with darkened windows. Violators will be fined $100.

Councilmember Mike Driscoll, who represents the 6th district, sponsored the legislation, which City Council passed unanimously. 

The new policy prohibits parking a vehicle with a “sun screening device,” which includes any material that, if used while driving the car, would violate Pennsylvania law, according to Driscoll’s office. State law requires vehicle windows to permit 70% of light contacting the window to pass through it. 

I actually agree with this – kind of. From a law enforcement perspective it’s a no brainer. It also sucks when you’re at a four-way intersection and you can’t see the person in their car wave you through. So then you end up playing chicken with one another until someone gives in. But the PPA being involved so they can steal more money from public schools and city infrastructure grinds my gears.

They’re worse than Al Qaeda. Just ask the PPA’s biggest hater:


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How about the different revenue streams that’ve popped up for the PPA since the mayor took office? They started ticketing people who park on sidewalks in May and tickets have skyrocketed 154%. Sure, the strategy is to deter people from parking on the sidewalk, which hinders handicapped people from getting by. But let’s not act like the PPA gives one single fuck about handicapped people. Remember all that money they stole from kids? And it’s not like sidewalk parking isn’t new in Philly. If the PPA wasn’t making money from it they would’ve turned a blind eye like they did for the last 50 years. There isn’t enough parking in this city with all of the construction, lack of affordable spots, dumbass signs no one can read, and lack of space. So then we have to funnel into their small-ass parking garages with unaffordable rates:

In Fishtown there are so many development projects going on at once that you almost have to park illegally or you’ll just circle the block for an hour. Park and pray is what I call it.

Why are we giving these meter maids more responsibilities? They already get to ticket cars in Philly for expired inspection. That’s like giving me a ticket because I haven’t gotten my annual check-up. That’s my problem if I don’t get bloodwork, not yours. Lets go back to the time where we’d play roulette with the cops. Can’t say it wasn’t safer. Maybe I won’t speed on 95 today because I know my inspection is two months overdue and I haven’t gotten around to it yet. That’s called freedom. Is this still America?

Down with the PPA: