The Sixers signed Tyrese Maxey to a five-year, $204 million max contract and went above and beyond in this presentation:

Really cool. They went all out for a guy who really deserves it, not just for his play on the court, but for his attitude and demeanor and the way he handles himself off of it. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more ebullient guy, someone who was drafted here and made such an easy transition. He was a fan-favorite right off the jump.

A lot of people are asking about the black jersey in the video. The Iverson throwback. Could they come back at some point in the future? Yeah of course, but my understanding is that it’s not going to be this year. As you know, former President Chris Heck wasn’t a fan of the all-blacks because he thought they were off-brand and didn’t have anything to do with the Sixers’ red, white, and blue motif.

He said this a few years ago:

I hated that uniform. Absolutely despised it. And the reason is that it wasn’t traditional, it was that ridiculous silk, the ridiculous larger collar…

“they wanted the Iverson throwback and I said, “No, we’re not doing it. I think they sold out with that uniform, I think they were wrong to the brand, and come hell or high water, we’re not going back to that uniform.”

And finally it got to the point where we’re designing these [City] uniforms so often, and we use them only about six times a year and then it’s gone. So I said, “You know what? Okay, I’ll give you a black uniform.” Now, in my personal opinion, a black uniform is the ultimate cheap win. Like, if you’re Duke, do you need a black uniform? Absolutely not — but they have one. If you’re the Boston Celtics, do you need a black uniform? No. The Lakers? No. But they all have them. And I think they’re cheap wins, I do, and I kinda sold out. [Laughs.] So for that, I’m a little bit ashamed, but I also know I’m trying to be better as a person, learning to compromise and open up to new ideas.

So that was the compromise: We won’t go to the Iverson uniform, but we will allow for a black uniform for one City Edition, and we’ll do something that’s uniquely Philadelphia

That was the Boathouse Row jersey. Some people liked it and some people hated it. Heck then left in 2022 and Tad Brown assumed his role, so certainly attitudes on uniform color and branding may have changed.

The reason those black jerseys resonate with the fans is because Allen Iverson and the 2001 team wore those, so there’s a special connection due obviously to the success of that particular year. And at the end of the day, the customer is always right, yeah? If 500,000 fans ask for orange and yellow Sixers jerseys with magenta lettering and a picture of a roast pork sandwich, then that’s what they want. Not likely, but you get the point.

Also, with the moves the Sixers made this offseason, the vibes are good. They’ve got a good team on paper. But they always have a good team on paper. We’re back on board until Joel Embiid gets injured and they limp into the playoffs. But until then, positive thoughts only.