Our long national nightmare is over. Tobias Harris is back in Detroit for $52 MILLION OVER TWO YEARS:

That’s a lot of Crumbl Cookies.

Lets play it one more time for the road. $48 for a 12-pack. Everywhere this guy goes, bad deals follow him:

I know it’s Detroit and they have to spend that money somewhere, but $26 million for Tobias Harris? Who were they negotiating against? He’ll be making more than Mikal Bridges, Jalen Brunson, and Aaron Gordon this season.

Tobi’s dad might be the greatest agent of all time if he didn’t decide to only rep only his son. Then again, when you only have one client to dedicate all your resources to, you should be able to trick teams into overpaying. And you know what? We all know Tobi is probably going to have a career year on a team that will win 30 games. No pressure. No expectations. He’ll probably shoot lights out from the corner and finish at the rim at the highest clip of his career. There’s no doubt in my mind that happens. Everything we asked him to be in Philly will come true in Detroit.

I need Kendrick Perkins’ immediate thoughts on the new Tobi deal. Big Perk made $56 mil in his career and Tobi is about to make that in 750 days:

I love this blurb on Torrel’s profile, via his agency site:

Torrel Harris, negotiated the most significant contract in Philadelphia 76ers history and the 5th highest contract in the history of the NBA with Tobias Harris signing a max contract for $180 million this past free agency period.

Can’t deny it was the most significant in franchise history. Sixers fans will never forget it.

Goodbye Tobi: