So you think you like Wawa? Do you like it more than the final boss, who took three years to get every Wawa slip from 0-999 to complete his collection? Bet you don’t:

Bro is the CEO Hoagiefest.

Is this the guy singlehandedly keeping the pizza on the menu? And don’t tell me the pizza is good. I’m not even a pizza snob, but Wawa should set up a breathalyzer at the counter before people are allowed to order it. If you blow less than a .16 you’re not drunk enough to order the pizza and have to get something else. There are so many great options people at the corporate offices pore entire days over. Why ruin it by ordering pizza?

A lot of people when they see this are immediately asking one question: “Why?” What, men can’t have hobbies? Fox29 found him and it turns out he’s just a super fan:

For fun, the mac & cheese, and the fact he likes to collect things. Simple.

Tyler is actually the most normal out of all of us. We get up at the crack of dawn to go sit on a piss and beer soaked blacktop eight times a year dressed alike with another man’s name on our backs. Why? For the love of the game. Some people love the Birds. Some people love Wawa 1,400 times a year.

Now he’s got his sights set on a new achievement. Getting a picture in front of every Wawa in the country. All 1,032 of them across nine different states:

Well…1,031. Another one bites the dust in Philadelphia: