The 2019 Phillies Special Event Hat and Jersey Roundup

Dan Fuller - May 25, 2019

And they could all be a lot worse! For the last few years, it hasn’t been worth giving any grand pronouncements about the state of sport vs. merchandising (which was originally a discussion of sport and patriotism). These products come out every year, and I’m just an old man yelling at a cloud at this point. And new hats are always fun.

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Phillies 2018 Hat and Jersey Overload has Arrived

Dan Fuller - March 20, 2018

It’s that magical time of the year again… new Phillies Special Event Jersey and Hat Dump Day! BUT, it’s actually not as bad as it has been in years past.

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Reviewing The Sixers’ Excellent New Red Uniforms

Dan Fuller - September 14, 2017

They’ve done it again. The Sixers have taken a design, which maybe wasn’t perfect but didn’t need any tweaking, and have made it better. Truly, addition by addition. Simply re-rendering the 2017 updated uniforms on a red base would have been the easy thing to do. Rather, the Sixers utilized the successful 7+6 star design and added a new, tasteful script version of the “Sixers” wordmark. It is similar to the (never worn) Sixers Christmas jersey of 2016, but that was a league-wide design template, and the 2017 typeface is unique to this application.

The subtle blue drop-shadow gives just enough pop to make the design stand-out. Prior to the 2017 drop-shadows, the numbers and text on the recent uniforms had contributed to the general “retro=dull… but they’re still nice!” feel of the jerseys. This little addition gives the entire set released so far just enough more visual impact to not look like a copy of an “old school” design, but something actually inspired by those designs. Simply executing the 2017 version of the white and blue uniforms in red would have still resulted in a “nice” uniform (maybe not the “fire in the desert” Kyle mentioned, but still a noticeable upgrade from the pre-2017 set). The Sixers, however, took a calculated risk, and it paid off. Continue Reading

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Phillies 2017 Hat and Jersey Onslaught Revealed

Dan Fuller - April 14, 2017


Just like last year, MLB and the Phillies have special uniforms and hats for Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, and the All-Star Game. One change this year is that the special uniforms will be worn the entire holiday weekends instead of just the namesake days. Also, due to the “official sock of…” sponsorship, Stance has provided custom socks for each of the holidays which you can see on the writeup.

Other than pointing out that the Mother’s and Father’s Day designs are generally the same as last year, and that I continue to be amazed at the different ways they churn out different flag- and camouflage-inspired hats, I’ll generally let the designs speak for themselves. Speaking of things that speak for the quality of some of the designs: you can still buy the 2010 ice cream man hat on MLBShop (but only in 7 7/8… ladies).


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An In-Depth Review of the Flyers’ 50th Anniversary Jerseys

Dan Fuller - September 1, 2016

The Flyers’ 50th Anniversary Jersey landed with a thud. They got buried online (by Kyle, the “online uniform community,” and many, many people on Twitter). Let’s take a look at why the Flyers have a swing and a miss on their hands.

* I won’t call it a “sweater” the same way that I won’t call a soccer field a “pitch.” We’re 2-0 against the Commonwealth and Kingdom, and I’m not going to give up now.

First, it’s lazy. It’s kind of their current white jersey with gold swapped in strategically. The orange yoke stops at the shoulder instead of continuing to the sleeve. Outline the logo and fill the numbers and Captain’s “C” with gold, and that’s about it. I actually don’t hate the use of gold, but it’s being wasted on accents on what amounts to the current uniform.

Second, the addition of gold makes it look just like a hypothetical white Anaheim Ducks jersey. (for reference, the Ducks actual orange alternate jersey): Continue Reading

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Spring 2016 Uniform Round-Up: Phillies Go Overboard; Eagles Go Grey(?!?)

Dan Fuller - April 18, 2016

2016-spring uniform update - all

Wow, that was quite an unexpectedly busy week in terms of uniform news. MLB and the Phillies released images of all of their league-wide special event hats and jerseys in one dump instead of the usual press release and ad blitz 3-4 weeks before the on-field date. And the supposed Eagles 2016 Color Rush featured color – for Thursday Night Football – was leaked on Twitter by @nflleaks. [Hint:Whether it ends up being grey or silver is yet to be determined. Nike’s Elite 51 template fabrics from 2012-2015 couldn’t render metallic shades. Hopefully, 2016’s Vapor Untouchable template can, because grey is boring, and all-grey is a distinctive look of the Seahawks. ALSO, this is just a rumor at this point, but it smells legit.]

For the Eagles, there likely won’t be any surprises. Last season’s Color Rush uniforms were just re-colored versions of the team’s existing template (though the Cowboys’ was a throwback design). Long story short, look for an all-grey version of the blackout set that’s been worn the last two years. MisterrAlex on the Eagles subreddit did a few mockups of the all-grey/silver combination with variations of the number fills and strokes. It doesn’t look bad, but the one issue that it has, just like the rest of the Eagles current set, it’s not Kelly Green. So, we’re likely still stuck with what seems to be Lurie’s continued disinterest in moving the green back to where it should be.

by Reddit User MisterrAlex

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A Needlessly Deep Dive Into the Phillies’ New Spring Training Uniforms (UPDATE: And Alternate Jerseys)

Dan Fuller - January 28, 2016

UPDATE: The jerseys will now be their new alternates as well.

It’s been three years! Time to update the batting practice jerseys and hats! Really, it is! Time flies, and this is the second Batting Practice gear refresh we’ve covered. Merchandise! And, hey, they might be the nicest batting practice set the Phillies have ever had. Oh wait, these are just for spring training? Huh?

The hat: Sure, it’s super-similar to the current batting practice hat (the sidepanel logos are new, and the main logo is executed differently, but it’s still within “that’s definitely a Phillies hat territory.”) Other teams went a little crazier (namely, the White Sox and Dodgers), but the Phillies don’t (yet?) have a novelty secondary logo. Maybe there’s a Phanatic or a Liberty Bell in their future? Mr. Met is on the Mets hat, so this isn’t out of the question…

I had previously thought that the Phillies had exhausted all of the red/white/blue combinations for their hats, but, lo-and-behold, I hadn’t thought of making the “P” logo only outlines, instead of a white outline around a solid blue “P” as had been on the batting practice hat since the dawn of time (note: the dawn of time dates to around 1999). Continue Reading

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Unidiction: Reviewing The New Sixers Jerseys

Dan Fuller - June 19, 2015

from the


Jim was there, Kyle added another item to his list of things he loves about the Sixers ownership group, so what’s left? Lots! And in Question/Answer Format!

Are they nice?

Yes, they’re nice. That’s about it, though. Definitely not “great,” but they’re a very nice logical extension of the current uniform design.

Just “nice?” There are so many glowing comments about them!

Well, for one, they’re not the monstrosities that the Clippers unveiled the same day. For two, they succeeded in the very difficult “it ain’t broke, but we fixed it anyway, yet it came out better than when we started” design challenge. Really, though, they’re nice, and that’s kind of a win. Kind of. In the vein of wins that aren’t wins. Like managing to somehow not have the worst record of the 2014-15 season. But for those acting like these uniforms are the direct replacement for something as bad as the early 90s clownsuits, take a deep breath. They’re not even replacing something like the generally acceptable but forgotten mid-90s uniforms. The existing uniforms were also nice, but I wouldn’t argue too strenuously if someone told me they were boring. The new uniforms are not boring.

These new uniforms look a lot like the most recent jerseys, right? Everyone is talking like these are some giant step forward for the team.


from the

2014, top. New, bottom.

You’re right. These are remarkably similar to the uniforms worn since 2009. Non-fussy, old-timey gym class typeface on the front, base material one of red, white, or blue, numbers horizontally centered below the wordmark… you know, the Sixers retro-ish look they’ve worn for six years. BUT, they’ve emphasized “PHILA” text, with “SIXERS” relegated to the alternate, and added some pretty nice details to the side panels of both the jerseys and and the shorts. Again, they’re a nice destination from the starting point of the current uniform. They definitely have more flavor than what they replaced.

So, the city name will be on the primary home jerseys, not the team name?

Yep. Call me old, but I prefer the baseball (almost-)standard of team name on home jerseys, city name on aways, but this is not a hill on which I need to die. It’s fine. There’s plenty of history of the Sixers wearing “Phila,” and in the right circumstances, I’ll even accept nostalgia without qualification.


So, these snazzy, starry side panels– they look familiar.

You’re right; they do. But they didn’t think of using a different number of stars on each side back then.


Wait, what’s this about mismatched stars?

Well, the fault in their stars is intentional. A total of seven on the player’s right side, six on his left side. 76(ers). Or 7+6 = 13, the number of wins they’ll have next season. What? Everyone at Crossing Broad is supposed to be on-board with “the plan?” Fine. 7-6 = only 1 Sixers. Together We Build.

Kyle would probably prefer I use the “7 stars, 6 stars ” joke to reference “no better than 7th seed, 6 years in a row” if they don’t rebuild.

But the hidden PHILA TOUGH tag along the hem is pretty neat. It makes me feel like I’m [rebuilding] with the team. Continue Reading

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