The NFL Draft Is Going To Dallas

Kyle Scott - October 18, 2017

Press release:

The 83rd NFL Draft will take place on April 26-28, 2018 at the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, marking the first time in history that it will be held at an NFL stadium. The Draft site will encompass the field, stands, and outdoor plazas, creating an all-encompassing atmosphere and enabling more fans than ever before to watch their favorite team’s selections.

NFL Commissioner ROGER GOODELL made the announcement today at the league’s annual Fall Meeting, following a review of the proposal by the Super Bowl & Major Events Advisory Committee and full ownership. This is the result of a comprehensive examination process over the past several months of plans submitted by various cities to host the 2018 NFL Draft.

“Philadelphia raised the bar by taking the Draft to another level, and this new opportunity in Dallas will enable us to continue the event’s evolution and grow it even further,” said Goodell. “We are grateful to the Dallas Cowboys, the cities of Arlington, Dallas, and Frisco, and the Dallas Sports Commission for their leadership in turning this vision into reality.”

Why mess with a good thing? There’s no way they do it better than Philly. Chicago got two years, New York got a thousand. Why not give Philly two? Because Jerry Jones is a big baby with the inferiority complex that is the size of his own state and he just had to wrangle it away, I’m sure thanks to some back room deal with Goodell where he promised to stop saying really dumb things about the anthem protests if he was awarded the draft. Fuck this. And fuck Jerry Jones.

Trust The Process

Kyle Scott - October 18, 2017

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Joel Embiid Body Bagged Hassan Whiteside on Twitter Last Night

Kyle Scott - October 14, 2017

Hooooooooooooooly shit.

Joel Embiid straight up destroyed Hassan Whitside on social media after the Sixers beat the Heat in their last preseason game.

If you’ll recall, last year, Whiteside criticized Embiid for his “gimmick” Twitter account and campaigning for All-Star Game votes. Embiid responded somewhat tongue-in-cheek by voting for both himself and Whiteside.

Last night, with both players putting up fairly pedestrian numbers in limited minutes (Embiid had 5 points and 7 rebounds in 14 minutes, Whiteside had 7 and 3 in 10), things got taken to a new level. It all started with this Tweet from Bleacher Report:

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Bird Droppings: Jump The Route

Kyle Scott - October 13, 2017

Yesssssssssssss. We have a good football team. The Eagles are now the favorite to win the division and can compete for a bye.

The win over the Panthers slots them as the fourth best team in the conference. The updated list:

  1. Packers
  2. Falcons
  3. Cowboys
  4. Eagles
  5. Panthers
  6. Seahawks
  7. Lions
  8. Redskins

Moving right on up.

I think the Eagles are better than the Cowboys, but it will be settled on the field, so there’s no reason to jump the gun. I’d rather savor the sweet taste of Dallas tears and ceremonially move the Birds up the chart. We’re going full video game style here. We’ll have to wait until the playoffs to play the top two teams, however. To me, the Packers get the number one seed solely on the merit of Aaron Rodgers, and the Falcons are so damn talented. Are the Eagles in that league yet? Maybe. Last night was damn impressive, but I think the Panthers were a touch overrated, as backed by that -3 line, which would’ve been much higher if they were legitimately a top team playing at home.

This was an excellent game all-around. The Eagles have proven themselves to be for real.

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Video: POS Panthers Fan Sucker Punches Helpless Eagles Fan

Kyle Scott - October 13, 2017

A post shared by Warren C (@odubco) on

Welcome to Carolina, where bro assholes punch old guys in the face and then scamper off like the world’s largest bitch.

From (@odubco) on Instagram:

dude bro & his chicka were standing for the entire game. words gradually got more and more escalated. there previously was a single mom and her son between us, they left halfway through the 3rd. after that, the lid was off. the dude took offense to the couple never sitting down and obstructing his view. the victim telling the dude bro how they’re being jerks and how rude they are for not sitting. the dude bro turns around and calls the victim a “geriatric fuck”, “faggot”, and “hick”. then sucker punches him right in the face. i don’t know if he got away or left in handcuffs, but i hope it’s the latter.

And the aftermath:


That’s assault, right?

UPDATE: The person who posted this edited their post to say that the guy who got punched was a Panthers fan, which somehow makes it worse.

H/T to Bleeding Green Nation

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