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Joe Banner Believes Kansas City Radio Host is a “Disgusting Piece of S***”

Kevin Kinkead - June 25, 2019

This morning we wrote up the story about the Kansas City radio host who drew parallels from Tyreek Hill’s child abuse investigation to Andy Reid’s family issues, explaining that Big Red is “is not good at fixing people.”

The feedback is… strong, as expected, and here’s former Eagles President Joe Banner twice referring to Kevin Kietzman as a “piece of shit” –


And from this morning, after the jump:

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Kansas City Radio Host Getting Dragged for Comments About Andy Reid’s Family

Kevin Kinkead - June 25, 2019


Not a great 24 hours for Kevin Kietzman of Sports Radio 810 in Kansas City, who drew a parallel between Tyreek Hill’s ongoing legal issues and Andy Reid’s personal family problems. Hill is currently suspended from Chiefs team activities while a child abuse investigation takes place. Andy’s son Garrett died in 2012 of a heroin overdose and Britt served prison time on drug and gun charges

Kietzman seemed to lump those scenarios together as he delivered this on the radio, explaining that Andy Reid “is not good at fixing people” –


“Andy Reid does not have a great record of fixing players. He doesn’t. Discipline is not his thing. It did not work out particularly well in his family life, and that needs to be added to this, as we’re talking about the Chiefs. He wasn’t real great at that either. He’s had a lot of things go bad on him, family and players. He is not good at fixing people, he is not good at discipline. That is not his strength. His strength is designing football plays.”

Alright, listen, I don’t think this was delivered in a horribly offensive way; I think it was rather straightforward with an appropriately serious tone. But I think we can all agree that it’s probably best to not reference the struggles that somebody has had in their immediate family, yes? Especially when that includes the death of a child, yes? Probably good to not go down that road at all.

Here’s what Kietzman said late last night, in response to the backlash, after the jump:

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Philadelphia Launches Bid to Host 2026 World Cup Games

Kevin Kinkead - June 24, 2019

The summer of 2026 should be a good one.

Yeah, it’s a long way away, but we’re talking about America’s 250th birthday. We’ve got the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in town and the PGA Championship is coming back to Aronimink. We might get a World Cup game, too.

Today Philly launched its official bid to be a host city for 2026, the World Cup tournament that will be played in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. There are 23 cities interested in hosting right now, which will be ultimately narrowed down to 16 total, including 10 in the USA, three in Canada, and three in Mexico.

Here’s our competition, with my notes in parentheses explaining why Philly is a better choice:

  • Atlanta (basically just a big suburb)
  • Baltimore (small beans town, not big enough)
  • Boston (disgusting sports fans, disgusting sports teams, losers everywhere)
  • Cincinnati (whatever city)
  • Dallas (home of the Cowboys)
  • Denver (great city, bad altitude for 90 minutes of running)
  • Houston (too hot)
  • Kansas City (too boring)
  • Los Angeles (horrible traffic)
  • Miami (people more concerned about night life)
  • Nashville (people more concerned about country music)
  • New York/New Jersey (armpit of America, home of Giants and Jets)
  • Orlando (can’t be taken seriously as a sports town)
  • Philadelphia
  • San Francisco Bay Area (too expensive)
  • Seattle (too many hippies)
  • Washington, D.C. (too many politicians)

Clearly, Philadelphia is an easy choice to host a 2026 World Cup game. If we lose out to some shit town like Cincy or Baltimore, we riot.

Some details of the bid, via the official campaign website, after the jump:

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Levante Brewing Shouts Out Philly Athletes With a New IPA

Kevin Kinkead - June 21, 2019

This is cool.

Levante Brewing out in West Chester has a new collaboration IPA called “Phrequently Phly,” and the cans feature the colors and jersey numbers of local teams and athletes:

Chase Utley, you are the man!

Here’s the description of the brew, after the jump:

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The Eagles are One of Two NFL Teams Not Offering a Free Public Training Camp Session

Kevin Kinkead - June 18, 2019


Shame on the Eagles for offering up one whole public practice session this summer while charging $10 for an event that used to be free. Shame on the organization for marginalizing the portion of the fan base that can’t afford game day ticket and parking prices, or the perks that come with being a season ticket holder.

Sure, I understand the money is going to charity, and I think everybody is cool with that, but let’s be honest:

Jeffrey Lurie is worth 2.1 billion dollars and could literally just transfer $500k to the Eagles Autism Challenge whenever necessary. It’s like you or I moving 300 bucks from our checking account into our savings account via smart phone.

But the real gripe is less about the $10 ticket price and more about the almost decade-long debasement of a once-heralded part of the NFL season. Lehigh University training camp used to be a formative moment for Eagles fans, a pilgrimage of sorts that you embarked on with friends and family. You got to meet legendary players like Reggie White, Jeremiah Trotter, and Chris Boniol. Maybe you shook their hand or got a photo or autograph. Training camp created memories that lasted a lifetime, and now that’s been pretty much reduced to nothing.

Most teams still offer free sessions to their fans. In fact, 28 of the 30 NFL teams fall into that category.

Tim McManus, who broke the training camp news this morning, says the Seattle Seahawks are the other team that doesn’t have a free public session, after the jump:

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Report: Eagles Cutting Back on Public Training Camp Sessions, Charging Admission

Kevin Kinkead - June 18, 2019

Do the Eagles hate their fans?

No, of course not, but somebody will tweet or write something of the sort after seeing this tidbit from ESPN’s Tim McManus:

The Philadelphia Eagles plan to cut the number of public training camp practices at Lincoln Financial Field from two to one this summer and will charge admission, sources said, with proceeds going to the team’s charity.

Ticket prices are expected to range from $5 to $10. The money will go to the Eagles Autism Challenge, which raises funds for autism research.

There doesn’t seem to be a specific reason for the reduction noted in T-Mac’s story, but he goes on to write this, after the jump:

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Nick Foles Was a Jeopardy Answer on Monday Night

Kevin Kinkead - June 18, 2019

The legend of Nick Foles lives on forever.

In addition to a Super Bowl ring and a statue outside of Lincoln Financial Field, the former Birds’ QB was featured on Jeopardy last night:

I imagine the exchange went something like this, after the jump:

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Giants Quarterback Daniel Jones Booed at Yankee Stadium

Kevin Kinkead - June 18, 2019

This is something you just hate to see.

Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones was apparently booed by scumbag Yankee fans last night in the Bronx:

No video yet, but I’m sure it’s out there.

If you’re reading this and you have video, do the right thing and share it. New York fans need to be exposed for the uncouth scum they are.

Case in point:

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