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Carson Wentz Will Ring The Bell At The Sixers Game Tomorrow Night

BWanksCB - February 23, 2018

The Sixers are 31-25, in the midst of their longest winning streak since January of 2012, and haven’t lost at the Wells Fargo Center in over two months. In fact, Philly sports teams are straight up kicking ass right now. Check out this neat little factoid, courtesy of Crossing Broad’s own Anthony SanFilippo:

If all of that wasn’t reason enough to make you feel, uh, firm—there’s now also this:

Carson Wentz to ring the bell?! Let freedom ring, indeed. It should make for yet another awesome night in the midst of what is, by far, the greatest month in the history of Philly sports. Good luck, Orlando.

I imagine when the lights drop and Wentz walks onto the court tomorrow night that the noise generated by what should be a boisterous and eager crowd might blow the top off the Wells Fargo Center, but what the hell do I know? That’s why I asked 76ers game day presentation crew member Dan Sieck–the guy who actually rolls the bell onto the floor–what he expects.

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Revisiting the Antiquated/Wrong/Dumb Things I Wrote About the Eagles in the Fall

Kevin Kinkead - February 22, 2018

It’s so fashionable in 2018 to say “I told you so!”

There’s always some creep on Twitter, lurking in the shadows, waiting for you to be wrong about something, just so they can flag down the “old takes exposed” guy and let you know just how big of an idiot you really are.

I’m not sure when it happened, but it seems like every opinion or every paragraph is viewed as a “hot take” these days. Maybe it’s because the idiocy of FOX News/CNN/MSNBC makes it really trendy to dislike the media in general, so when that “gotcha!” moment presents itself, you just have to go for it.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to take a look back at some of the stuff I wrote about the Eagles earlier this season to see, number one, if I was off-base or dumb, and number two, to look at how far they came in fixing some of their issues en route to the first Super Bowl in franchise history.

Think about some of the things we were talking about back then. Remember the story about Jim Schwartz trying to usurp control of the NovaCare Complex? Remember the hand-wringing over 4th and 8 and Doug Pederson’s sketchy play calling? That all seems like ancient history.

I will say that I actively tried to stay away from dropping super hot opinions on Crossing Broad dot com. I didn’t want to go down the rabbit hole of “Doug Pederson is a moron,” or “Alshon Jeffery is overrated” or whatever. But I did come across some things that seem wildly dated now, probably good for some laughs after the Birds lifted the Lombardi trophy.

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Lane Johnson Isn’t Having Any Of The Yankees’ Underdog Talk

BWanksCB - February 22, 2018

The New York Yankees have already won 27 World Series, sport a payroll that sits just north of $160 million, will pay four players more than $20 million each this season, and recently added a bat that mashed 59 homers in 2017 to an already potent lineup. They are the odds-on favorite in Las Vegas to win the AL East for the first time since the – gasp – 2012 season.

The Yankees are the antithesis of the underdog. There is no characteristic that even remotely qualifies them to adopt such a mentality. They are the upper-crust of baseball society, long usurping the best and most talented players that outgrow the financial limitations of their previous teams. They are bullies that stand diametrically opposed to the little guy. I’ve never heard the story told where Goliath was the dark horse. That didn’t stop general manager Brian Cashman from playing the underdog card as a guest on ESPN’s The Michael Kay Show. And why not? I mean, after all, why let reality stand in the way of a good story?

They (Boston) are the American League East champs so we are not on equal footing. We were a wild card. They are the American League East champs and we are not. We are not on equal footing until we take it away from them.

Cashman’s interview prompted this preposterous back page of today’s New York Daily News:

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A New Set Of Challenges Is Rapidly Developing For The Eagles

BWanksCB - February 22, 2018

As most of us continue to revel in the afterglow of the Eagles’ first Super Bowl victory (I tingle every time I write that), relentlessly watching full-game replays and eagerly throwing all of our money towards championship gear, the NFL calendar moves forward and the turbulence of a new season draws near.

As we let linger that triumph and still marvel at the Eagles’ remarkable ability to overcome perceived limitations and outside doubt caused by a litany of what could have been catastrophic injuries to key players, soon the angst prompted by an entirely new set of obstacles and challenges will set in. And make no mistake—those obstacles and challenges are piling up—and fast.

We learned yesterday that wide receiver Alshon Jeffery underwent surgery to repair a fully torn rotator cuff, an injury that he somehow productively played through in 2017. Looking back at it, that’s pretty bad ass. Looking forward, it’s a concern. According to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, Jeffery, who hauled in 12 passes for 219 yards and three touchdowns in the postseason, will be sidelined for at least six months:

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Mike Francesa went on 94 WIP to Address his Jason Kelce Comments

Kevin Kinkead - February 22, 2018

Retired New York radio host Mike Francesa course corrected on Thursday morning during an appearance on the 94 WIP morning show.

You might recall the longtime WFAN host calling Jason Kelce a “moron” for his “profanity-laced” diatribe at the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade. Francesa said he’d cut Kelce from the team if he was Jeffrey Lurie.

He talked about that and more in a 15 minute interview with Angelo Cataldi. The Kelce part begins around the eight minute mark:

The interview was… pretty good?

They spent the first seven or eight minutes talking about the Super Bowl and New York and Philly sports before getting into the Kelce thing, which I transcribed a section of below:

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Report: Alshon Jeffery Played the Entire Season With a Torn Rotator Cuff

Kevin Kinkead - February 21, 2018

Remember how Alshon Jeffery wasn’t really making a ton of contested catches at the beginning of the season?

“That’s what he was brought here to do!” everyone shouted in unison.

Opinions varied. Was he not that great? Was he not on the same page as Carson Wentz? Was he not a bona fide WR1?

Well, Jeffery apparently played hurt all year long, according to Ian Rapopopoport:

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The Minnesota Vikings Foundation Sent Eagle Fans a Gift

Kevin Kinkead - February 21, 2018

Looks like the bad blood between Minnesota and Philadelphia is starting to subside.

Over on Eagles Reddit, there’s a post from a fan named ‘EYEsoar’ who says he/she received this in the mail from the Vikings Foundation:

The message reads:

Congratulations on your Super Bowl win Eagles fans!

To show our appreciation of your donation to the Minnesota Vikings Foundation we are excited to present you with this jar of authentic Eagle’s (sic) confetti from Super Bowl 52. Your positive attitude and great sportsmanship toward the Minnesota Vikings did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Thank you and SKOL!

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Crossing Broadcasts – Everything You Might Have Missed

Kevin Kinkead - February 21, 2018

It’s been a somewhat hectic week as Kyle tries to get shirt orders in the mail and Russ assumes lead podcast duties.

We did three of ’em in the past few days, but didn’t get them up on the website until… right now.



February 21st – ACLs, Bucher the Butcher, Flyers Win (Russ)

February 20th – All-Stars, Tongue-Twisters, Flyin’ & Fightin’ (Russ/Kevin/Bwanks/Anthony)

February 16th – Crossovers and He’s Only 19 (Russ/Kevin)

(all of the links on iTunes and the other platforms should be working as intended)