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John Middleton’s Love of the Eagles Makes Me Like Him More

BWanksCB - February 12, 2018

To this point, all we truly know about John Middleton as a baseball owner is that he says he wants his team to win.

He conveys both conviction and sincerity whenever he speaks about his vision for the Phillies, but, if we’re being honest, any owner can show up at a few press conferences to offer the masses assurances that they’ll do whatever it takes.

When it comes to Middleton, though, maybe I’m too easily won. Maybe I’m a sucker, but I believe him. I’ve long thought that there is a relatable quality to Middleton—to whatever limited degree the common man can relate to a person who attended Harvard Business School and whose estimated net worth sits at $3 billion. I’ve never been able to fully explain the benefit of the doubt my often cynical and wary nature has afforded him, but perhaps it’s rooted in his local ties, or maybe it’s just that he loves the Eagles. I mean, personally, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt if this is how you react to an Eagles touchdown:

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Police Thought Corey Clement was a Barricade Jumper

Kevin Kinkead - February 12, 2018

Fresh off a 100-yard receiving performance in the Eagles’ first-ever Super Bowl win, Corey Clement was confused for an unruly fan at Thursday’s parade.

Video shot by Jon James and posted on Instagram shows police officers approaching Clement, grabbing him, and then letting him go when realizing he was actually a player:

Looks like the bike cop tells the other officers that Clement is with the motorcade. Police radio chatter was buzzing at the start of the parade, asking for their colleagues to keep the players on the buses for security reasons.

Listen, it happens. We’ve all been there before.

The Is The Must Read Doug Pederson Piece After The Super Bowl

Kyle Scott - February 12, 2018

Peter King dropped an incredible MMQB today— he spent Saturday morning at the NovaCare Complex with Doug Pederson, Frank Reich (respect), and wide receivers coach Mike Groh going over the Eagles’ game-winning touchdown pass to Zach Ertz.

There is so much good stuff in here, I’m not even sure what to excerpt. But here’s a taste:

Foles wears a wristband with the Eagles’ play sheet for the day on it. In the Super Bowl, the wristband had 194 plays in tiny agate type. Pederson scanned all his possible third-down calls and found one he’d liked for weeks … number 145, a triple-bunch formation clustered to the right, a speedy back in Star motion, and tight end Zach Ertz alone at the left of the formation.

Foles looked at the wristband and found play 145. With the play clock running, Foles said to his huddle: “Gun trey left, open buster star motion … 383 X follow Y slant.”

They broke the huddle.

Everyone is talking about Philly Special (rightfully so), and while on the surface there is nothing remarkable about the touchdown throw to Ertz, King takes us inside to learn about the genesis of the play, which the Eagles ran for the first time in this configuration with just over two minutes to go in the Super Bowl.

Few things:

  1. Pederson’s philosophy to have three variations of plays to run out of different formations is brilliant.
  2. This really makes you appreciate, and miss, Frank Reich.
  3. Wide receivers coach Mike Groh sounds like he’s going to get a long, hard look at the open offensive coordinator position.

This piece is a must-read. You can do it here.

Report: Frank Reich Has Emerged As The Favorite For The Colts Job

BWanksCB - February 11, 2018

It was probably a pipe dream to think that the Eagles would be able to retain both quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo and offensive coordinator Frank Reich after the team won its first Super Bowl last Sunday night, but it seemed equally unlikely that they would lose both. About that…

With DeFilippo already in Minnesota as the Vikings’ new offensive coordinator, Reich has now emerged as the leading candidate to become the next head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Frank Reich has emerged as the favorite to become the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, who are hoping to hire the Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator once they have negotiated a signed, sealed and delivered contract, league sources told ESPN. Colts general manager Chris Ballard finished an intensive round of interviews Saturday with Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. Reich was interviewed Friday, and New Orleans Saints assistant head coach/tight ends coach Dan Campbell was interviewed Thursday.

Well, this is not ideal. Reich’s departure would be a big blow to the Eagles, but this is what happens when a team has an MVP candidate at quarterback, goes 16-3, and wins the Super Bowl with a backup quarterback who outduels Tom Brady to do it. Still, the Eagles had to figure they would retain Reich for at least one more year. The Colts gig only became available after Josh McDaniels’ last-minute screw job of Indianapolis earlier in the week. Thanks for that, Josh. Should Reich finalize a deal with the Colts, one name that has gotten some early buzz to fill the offensive coordinator role is that of running backs coach Duce Staley. Stay tuned.

The Eagles Screwed Up The Tom Brady Documentary By Winning The Super Bowl

BWanksCB - February 11, 2018

I haven’t watched Tom vs Time, the six-part documentary that takes a closer look at Tom Brady’s life on and off the field as he chases a sixth Super Bowl title, but I hear it’s good television. The first five episodes have earned a 9.5/10 score on IMDB and have been almost unanimously well-received by both critics and the public alike. Still, any good writer knows a story is only as good as its ending. In this particular case, the show’s conclusion was set to air this weekend, but that’s not going to happen now. What could possibly be the hold up? Here’s series creator/director Gotham Chopra on the delay, via the show’s Facebook Page:

Everyone keeps asking me about Chapter 6 of ‘Tom vs Time’ and when it’s going to be ready. The truth is we had a plan, but unconsciously, it was tied to the Pats winning the Super Bowl and, when that didn’t happen (congrats, Eagles!), I felt like we needed to pause and recalibrate. While we have amazing stuff from the playoff run, Tom’s hand injury and the great comeback in the AFC Championship, once the Super Bowl played out, I started to wonder the relevance of all that other stuff and determined that we really needed one final exit interview with our guy before we could figure out what Chapter 6 was truly going to be about.

The show is delayed because he didn’t consider the possibility of the Eagles winning the game? This is too fucking perfect. This Super Bowl is the gift that keeps on giving. Every single time I pick up my phone something else emerges in the aftermath of last Sunday that warms my heart. We’ve heard of sportswriters complaining about finishing a game story only to have something crazy go down late forcing a rushed a re-write. Imagine this director watching Brandon Graham strip sack Brady after a year of meticulous planning and execution, never allowing for the possibility that the Patriots could lose. Incredible. “Well, shit. Now what?”

After recovering from what I imagine was probably a two-day meltdown, Chopra has apparently reassessed the situation and has a new plan:

I’m not gonna give anything away … but for curious minds, Tom was both reflective and upbeat, very present and disappointed in last Sunday’s loss, while also gracious toward the Eagles for their impressive victory and already unpacking everything to find the lesson in it. As a fan, I can say I got some great closure and I hope Tom did too in just talking about it. I can tell he’s burning up still on the inside. But I am also reminded why the guy is the GOAT and it’s all gonna be OK. So, Chapter 6 — ‘Coming Soon!’

Yeah, Brady was so gracious. That’s exactly why he couldn’t man up to give Nick Foles a postgame handshake. If you’ve been watching the show, I hope you enjoy whatever contrived bullshit they come up with to make Brady look more palatable, but it’s going to be a hard pass for me. I’ll just be over here replaying Jason Kelce’s speech and NFL Films game footage on loop until September.

Watch These Philadelphia Police Officers Dance With Eagles Fans

BWanksCB - February 10, 2018

Earlier today, Kevin Kinkead wrote a thoughtful and articulate piece that explored multiple aspects of Thursday’s culturally diverse, spirited, and overwhelmingly good-natured parade crowd. It was a nuanced piece, one filled with several insightful observations that captured the feel of the day.

From my perspective, save for a few who couldn’t handle the excitement and/or booze (guy in front of me on PATCO who tried to urinate into a Sprite bottle and missed, badly—I’m talking to you), the people were fantastic and the city of Philadelphia was unequivocally at its finest.

I would have thought by now, nearly two full days after the parade, that I would’ve seen everything there was to see, but every time I scroll through my Twitter feed it seems like there is something else to feel good about. The latest is this:

Delivering political commentary isn’t my game, and I go to great lengths to avoid it. I will, however, tell you about my personal philosophy, which is to be as nice as possible to others, make the best of every day, and soak in life’s special moments. People can be awesome, and the video above captured a great moment in a week filled with them. I’ve never been happier to be around this city and its (mostly) great people than I’ve been these past few weeks. It’s been better than anything I could’ve possibly imagined—and I’ve spent nearly 30 years trying to imagine it. Philly Philly!

OPINION: I Saw a Diverse and (Mostly) Well-Behaved Parade Crowd

Kevin Kinkead - February 10, 2018

I walked at least eight miles on Thursday.

My wife went down to the parkway around 7 a.m. and my dad and I got on the EL at Girard Avenue around 8:15 a.m., headed to City Hall.

We had some trouble, ironically, crossing Broad Street, so we had to get back on the Market-Frankford line and walk down from 30th Street Station.

Not totally ideal.

For some reason, the subway concourse was blocked when we tried to get through, though other people, like Russ, had no issues moving underground to the other side of City Hall. And sections of Broad that were opened earlier (like Locust Street) were completely blocked off by 9 a.m., so whatever.

Anyhow, because of that “roundabout” trip throughout Philly, I feel like I got a good, long look at what I thought was an incredibly diverse turnout.

If I had to guess, I’d say 50% of the crowd was white, 40% was black, and the other 10% was anybody and everybody who lives in Philly. I saw a decent number of Hispanic and Latino families, and some Asian families, too. Women were well-represented (40% maybe?) and I saw lot of children, too, who seemed to be doing okay in the large crowds. The area I walked was Locust up to 17th and the Parkway, on both sides of the route.

After the motorcade passed by CB headquarters at the Ritz, I saw a black guy taking pictures with his group and a makeshift Lombardi trophy. A random white guy walked by to look at the faux trophy and the first guy, Lamar, grabbed him and told him to get into this photo:

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Court Docket: Jon Ritchie Arrested for DUI and Simple Assault

Kyle Scott - February 9, 2018

According to a court docket obtained by Crossing Broad, Jon Ritchie was arrested Friday morning for DUI and simple assault.

We’re awaiting confirmation and a statement from 94 WIP, but you can view the docket below, a public record, which identifies the accused as Jon David Ritchie of Bryn Mawr:

Ritchie was not on the air Friday, replaced by Tra Thomas.