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Golden Tate Only Played 18 Snaps Against the Cowboys

Kevin Kinkead - November 14, 2018

When you get a shiny new toy, don’t you use it right away?

You take the Porsche out to the highway and put the pedal to the metal, unless you’re driving Interstate 95 near Cottman Avenue, in which case you sit in construction traffic.

The Eagles drove once around the block then put Golden Tate back in the garage on Sunday night, using their newest receiver on only 29% of snaps in the seven-point loss to the Dallas Cowboys. He caught two passes on four targets for 19 yards and returned two punts for 11 yards.

Mind you, they sent a third-round draft pick to Detroit for Tate, who only had eight games remaining on his contract. Now he’s got seven before he comes an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year.

Doug Pederson and offensive coordinator Mike Groh were both asked about Tate’s usage this week, and here’s what Doug said on Monday:

“We had a nice, little plan for him going into this game. And it was all huddle calls. And, in fairness to Golden, the third series of the game I went straight up-tempo to try to generate some spark. It’s all code words and different things, and moving guys around a little bit. So in fairness, I didn’t want to put him in a situation where he felt uncomfortable. Going forward, as we go, that will increase for him. You’ll see him in there a little bit more.”

Understandable. Guy can’t just magically absorb the entire playbook into his brain.

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Ronald Darby Tore his ACL

Kevin Kinkead - November 12, 2018

Per Doug Pederson at today’s press conference.

It’s brutal man. Just brutal.

Video if you don’t believe me:

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Was Chelsea Handler “Baiting” Eagles Fans?

Kevin Kinkead - November 12, 2018

Did anybody see comedienne Chelsea Handler in the parking lots before last night’s game?

Apparently she was there with a camera crew setting up interviews with Eagles fans.

From a tipster:

“Chelsea Handler was at the eagles game tailgate yesterday. No one knew it was her at the time. She was baiting fans into interviews. For example her video crew claimed they wanted to interview people about the super bowl win and the food that they were cooking. They did multiple shots of the grills and tailgate buses. Then proceeded to interview people about the Super Bowl and general eagles questions. Out of nowhere during this interview she turned the questions into our thoughts on Malcolm Jenkins protests, Kap kneeling and Black Lives Matter propaganda. The questions were purposely asked in a way that no answer would be correct. Her producer set up people to get a reaction. For the interview I was witnessing the guys being interviewed declined to answer the questions after they realized they were being set up. Some signed a waiver before this interview as they were told this was an “eagles fan documentary”. We watched her do this to multiple people yesterday in the tailgate lot. I don’t keep up with her but this 100% will be used in whatever she does these days. Just a heads up to give you guys a chance to tell the real narrative of what really happened when this bullshit comes out and eagles fans are trashed by national media per usual.”


At least one other person saw her hanging around:

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The New Norm – Ten Takeaways from Cowboys 27, Eagles 20

Kevin Kinkead - November 12, 2018

I’d like to begin this morning with an Eagles haiku:

Offense was dog shit

Defense was also dog shit

Please claw out my eyes

What a diabolical performance. It was a travesty of a mockery of a sham – as Woody Allen once said – and a waste of three hours to boot. You’re gonna come out of the bye week, playing a division rival at home, and put THAT on display? You’re going to give us a first quarter interception, a dropped pick-six, a stuffed 4th down attempt, and a 3rd and 2 screen pass with the game on the line?

Those were just the atrocities I could think of off the top of my head. There were a lot more than that.

This was, by far, the worst loss of the Doug Pederson era, which I think I’ve written twice already this season. It was worse than the Carolina loss a few weeks ago, which was worse than the Tennessee loss a few weeks before that. We’ve watched the three worst losses of the Doug Pederson era in something like a six week period. I don’t even think I’ve enjoyed a single quarter of Eagles football this year, not as a neutral and jaded blogger OR a local kid who grew up a fan of the team. It’s just been disjointed, mediocre, inconsistent football all season long.

At halftime I called the 97.5 the Fanatic “Riled Up” line and made one long fart noise before hanging up, so we’ll see if they play that on Gargano’s show this afternoon.

For now, I’ll keep it relatively short, since the only real takeaway from Sunday night is that the Eagles are done. They’re cooked. This team is ravaged by injuries and they aren’t coming back to win the division. They’re gonna get annihilated by the Saints next weekend, so start drinking now.

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Peter King Names Eagles Fans His ‘Goat of the Week’

BWanksCB - November 12, 2018

The Eagles had two weeks to devise a master plan that would solve the mediocre Cowboys, but were instead pantsed last night in front of a national audience at Lincoln Financial Field despite being a heavy favorite that was effectively playing to save its season.

By a team that entered the night with an 0-4 road record. That was quarterbacked by this guy:

After a disastrous first half that was littered with mistakes, Eagles fans did what they are built to do:

And that’s exactly what they should have done after the offense managed only three points and the defense was worked on an inexcusable eight-play touchdown drive that spanned 75 yards in just 74 seconds near the end of the first half. 

Not so, says Peter King, who named Eagles fans his “Goat of the Week” in his Week 10 edition of Football Morning in America:

Eagles fans, Philadelphia. For booing the Eagles off the field at halftime in Week 10. It hasn’t been the season you’d want in Philly. And you’re losing to the Cowboys, toothlessly, 13-3. But booing the crap out of the team that delivered a stirring Super Bowl win nine months ago? Totally bush league.

Bush league?

I suppose King wanted a polite golf clap from the fans after watching their team’s offense fail to score in the opening quarter for the fourth time in five home games. Perhaps he felt last year’s champs were worthy of resounding cheers moments after watching Jim Schwartz’s defense concede a key 3rd and 15 (surprise!).

Clap your hands, everybody!

Last year was great and fans in this city should be forever grateful for it, but the reality is that 10 games into this season the 2018 Eagles are a team that’s best day thus far came during the bye week. There was a laundry list of goats on the Eagles side of things last night, none of which needed a ticket for entry, so get the hell out of here with that, man.

Report: Dez Bryant May Have Torn his Achilles

Kevin Kinkead - November 9, 2018


Eagles play the Saints next weekend.

Eagles Friday: Hamstrings, Soft Tissue, and Punt Returners

Kevin Kinkead - November 9, 2018

Injury questions for Doug Pederson today, so his Friday presser was a bit testy.

The discussion really centered around Darren Sproles’ hamstring injury and setback, plus the decision to waive DeAndre Carter without having another clear cut punt returner on the roster.

Here are the first few questions and answers in their entirety:

In RB Darren Sproles’ case, why has there been so much mystery surrounding his injury and his status?(Zach Berman)

Pederson: Mystery. Has there been mystery?

Q. I guess in terms of how long it would be for him to be out.(Zach Berman)

Pederson: We want to make sure the player is a hundred percent and then we feel good to put him back out there. That’s the thing that we have to decide. A lot of communication even with the player, and to make sure that we’re doing our due diligence by the players, no matter who they are, that they’re healthy before we put them back out there.

Q. Why isn’t Sproles a hundred percent? (Jeff McLane)

Pederson: Why isn’t he? Well, he had a setback this week, but going into this week he was.

Q. For a hamstring strain typically, it’s only a few-week injury. Why is this one taking so long? (Jeff McLane)

Pederson: People heal differently, Jeff. Everybody is different. I’m not a doctor, so I know we’re going to go down this path today, and you’re not going to get a ton from me. I’m just telling you people heal differently. I’ve got an Achilles problem right now, and I’m healing it differently.. (inaudible question). It kind of puts me in a bad mood when I come in here.

Q. Are you optimistic that Sproles will play this year?(Nick Fierro)

Pederson: I am optimistic that he can play, yes, I am. That’s the God’s honest truth.

Q. What kind of information are you getting from the medical staff though, because on Monday you guys released WR DeAndre Carter and thinking, I guess, Sproles is going to return, and now you don’t have a punt returner. Are you getting the information from the medical staff that you hoped to?(Jeff McLane)

Pederson: I’m getting information from our medical staff, I’m getting it from our doctors and I’m getting it from the player. And quite frankly, the bottom line is how the player feels, where is he at in his return to play, and we felt very, very comfortable moving forward to make that decision.

Q. So what happened on the practice field where he had a setback?(Tim McManus)

Pederson: He just had a setback.

Q. Who’s the punt returner going to be? (Jimmy Kempski)

Pederson: I’m not going to disclose that.


Moving on with some other notes:

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On Eric Reid, NFL Officiating, and Double Standards

Kevin Kinkead - November 9, 2018

Eric Reid made headlines again this morning, not because of anything flag or cartoon related, but because of something that happened on the field.

He was ejected last night for laying this hit on Ben Roethlisberger during the Panthers’ 52-21 loss in Pittsburgh:

Gotta agree; it’s a bullshit move, and Roethlisberger’s teammates obviously felt that way. Five of them went over to confront Reid after the play. You can’t launch yourself at a sliding quarterback, and even though Reid didn’t make helmet-to-helmet contact, Ben’s head snaps back as he takes a shoulder to the dome while going to ground.

After the scuffle, Reid gave Roethlisberger a fist bump before leaving the field, so it didn’t seem like there was any lingering animosity between the QB and safety.

For context, Carolina was down 38 to 14 at the time. They had given up touchdown passes of 75 and 53 yards and the game was pretty much out of reach. That hit from Reid was a frustration play.

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