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The Eagles Can Do Worse Than Jordan Matthews

Kevin Kinkead - September 18, 2018

Three things immediately came into my head after hearing that Jordan Matthews was at the NovaCare Complex today:

  • He’s only 26 years old.
  • He has familiarity with Carson Wentz.
  • He caught 16 touchdowns in his first two seasons with the Eagles and was productive in the not-so-distant past.

All positive stuff there, those knee-jerk mental reactions.

However, the next things that I considered were this:

  • He’s a slot receiver and plays the same position as Nelson Agholor, who is coming off a career year.
  • He didn’t do well in Buffalo last year, dealt with a knee issue, and was released by the Patriots with an injury settlement (hamstring) this summer.
  • He’s had some drop issues in the past.

Three positives and three negatives, but when you add all of it up, it does make some sense moving forward. You plug the gap with a guy who knows your system and knows your head coach and quarterback, a guy who comes cheap and doesn’t bring baggage or bullshit with him.

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Eagles Tuesday: Jim Schwartz and Mike Groh

Kevin Kinkead - September 18, 2018

Alright I’m back, sorry about that. Spent three hours at the Sixers media lunch and hopefully can get chunks of that transcribed later tonight.

Jim Schwartz and Mike Groh spoke to the media today, their first time addressing reporters since Sunday’s 27-21 loss to Tampa Bay.

Here’s what Schwartz had to say:

  • need to be more consistent on the road, fans definitely help provide home-field advantage for the defense and the entire team
  • road travel doesn’t really affect performance, game plan doesn’t change on the road, doesn’t see any reason for the discrepancy in home/road performance in those areas
  • On giving up the 75 yard touchdowns: “…I think we’re on the wrong path if we just say it’s an aberration. The (first) one was on a blitz and (second) one was considered to be a pretty safe zone, and both of them were the same result, and it just goes to show you, you can’t let your guard down on any play. There is a risk of blitzing. I know most of the — every time I step on to the field, or come out of the tunnel, all I hear is, “Schwartz, you’ve got to blitz every play, you’ve got to bring it every play.” And I understand, they mean you have to pressure the quarterback, which we’re all for, but there is some risk inherent to that. We took a risk on the first play, we paid dearly for it. We didn’t execute very well on a 75-yarder, a lot of different layers to that. It’s never one person’s fault, but then we also didn’t tackle very well. I think that the first play is probably off of that because we never laid a glove on him, but the second play, we had chances, and we didn’t look like ourselves a lot of times. There were sometimes where running backs and wide receivers were dragging us for two and three extra yards, and you generally don’t see that from us. We need to get back on track to playing physical football and tackling well.”
  • feels like they could/should have gotten to the quarterback on the DeSean Jackson touchdown pass, feels like the defense was “sloppy across the board,” tackling wasn’t as good as it normally is
  • Andrew Luck is completing passes and remains accurate as a quarterback, not shying away from contact and still has very good mobility
  • Indy head coach Frank Reich is one of the best guys he’s ever met in the business, did a great job in Philadelphia as offensive coordinator
  • few missed assignments in the game, though they did “blow a coverage that we very rarely ever blow” on the third touchdown
  • 100% of defenses are better suited to playing with a lead, but there weren’t as many 3rd and longs in this game and the defense didn’t play as many snaps as they normally do because of time of possession – just not enough snaps to go around for everybody, which is why Michael Bennett didn’t receive as much playing time as last week
  • Colts are good on third down, haven’t turned the ball over a lot, haven’t taken a lot of sacks, showing good stuff in the red zone, big play wide receiver in T.Y. Hilton and a “very smart veteran quarterback” in Andrew Luck
  • Hilton is a threat, often catches balls in deep and mid-ranges down the field and can damage you for large chunks of yardage as a time
  • didn’t think Jalen Mills was playing too “far off” on Sunday, says he usually mixes up his coverages and that the defense just didn’t show great technique all around in the loss

And Mike Groh:

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Time for Howie Roseman to Call the Steelers

Kevin Kinkead - September 18, 2018

Josh Gordon? Nah.

Dez Bryant. Nah.

Antonio Brown? Yes.

Check out this report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette:

I can’t read the actual story because it looks like the newspaper’s website crashed or something. I’ll keep clicking on it until it loads.

Anyway, the news comes one day after Brown responded to a former Steelers PR guy who criticized the six-time Pro Bowler:

Yes, this is a good idea. Trade Antonio Brown to the Eagles and LET’S FIND OUT what kind of numbers he’d put up with Carson Wentz.

We’ll send you Nick Foles, Kamar Aiken, and a 7th rounder for AB’s services.

It’s time for the Eagles to #DoTheDeal.

FedExField: Not Exactly a Home Fortress

Kevin Kinkead - September 18, 2018

I don’t think we got around to the Redskins yesterday because, if we’re being honest, they’re pretty low on the NFL totem pole as of week three in 2018.

Most of Monday was spent on Eagles post-game stuff, the Carson Wentz-is-healthy press conference, and bitching about Josh Gordon and Dez Bryant. If you were watching other games on Sunday, you probably kept an eye on Packers/Vikings or stayed up to watch the Cowboys vs. Giants slapfight.

Washington failed to find the end zone in a 21-9 home loss against the Colts. They ran the ball 22 times for 65 yards and the team’s leading receiver was running back Chris Thompson, who snagged 13 Alex Smith dump downs and swing passes for 92 yards.

You’d think Redskin nation might be buzzing after a dominant week one road win, but that wasn’t the case at all:

FedEx holds 82,000 fans. It’s kind of a pain in the ass to get to, located 30 minutes outside of D.C. just off the hellish 495 beltway.

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Roughing the Passer? Or a Clean Hit?

Kevin Kinkead - September 17, 2018

Not sure if you caught the end of the Packers/Vikings game, but there was a horrendous penalty call on Clay Matthews that extended a Minnesota drive and ultimately brought us to overtime.

It was late in the 4th quarter, 1:45 on the clock, when a Kirk Cousins interception was overturned because Matthews was flagged for roughing the passer on what I thought was a clean hit.

Apparently the hit is not clean, and you can see it in a split screen below as NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero explains that this “scoop and pull” technique is illegal:

I honestly don’t see a lot of scooping and pulling there. It’s a pretty fluid forward motion, and Matthews isn’t exactly driving Cousins into the ground. He puts the left hand down to brace himself and try to distribute his body weight so that he’s not landing flush on top of the quarterback.

Minnesota went down the field, scored, and hit a two-point conversion to tie the game at 29.

The other play took place earlier in the game, with Eric Kendricks bringing down Aaron Rodgers at the end of the second half.

Video after the jump:

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Report: Patriots Working Deal for Josh Gordon

Kevin Kinkead - September 17, 2018

It’s Ian Rapoport citing one source, so take this for whatever it’s worth:

Good pickup for the Patriots – if they can get this done – but it’s gonna suck for them when Gordon does something stupid and gets himself suspended for another full NFL season.


Schefter says it’s a done deal –

Chip Kelly Made His Team Do Jumping Jacks in the Middle of a Loss

Kevin Kinkead - September 17, 2018

This post isn’t meant to kick a man while he’s down; it’s more of a, “hey, what’s Chip Kelly up to?” kind of thing.

Chip is back in the college ranks now and not doing so well, off to an 0-3 start with UCLA after Saturday’s 38-14 home loss to the Fresno State Bulldogs. He’s rolling out a freshman quarterback and his defense has given up 26, 49, and 38 points in the three losses. You’d expect that against Oklahoma, but not against traditional powerhouses like Cincy or Fresno.

It’s still early, of course, but it’s pretty bad and kind of weird, as Chip had his Bruins team do jumping jacks while moving in a circle during a timeout in the weekend loss:

I don’t know if it was punitive or not, but there’s no reason to do something like this for any reason, at least not that I can think of.

He’s also developing an… interesting relationship with quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson and his father.

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Eagles Monday: Doug’s Presser on Carson Wentz, Injuries, and Offensive Weapons

Kevin Kinkead - September 17, 2018

You’ve been waiting for this day forever,” Doug Pederson said with a wry smile, as he addressed the assembled media on Monday afternoon.

The Eagles head coach spent the first half of his press conference talking about the return of Carson Wentz, who will start against the Colts on Sunday afternoon. He also gave medical updates on Mike Wallace and Jason Peters and answered a few questions about the offensive talent that will be surrounding his franchise quarterback moving forward.


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