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Reprieve! Reprieve! Flyers Still Alive After Some Memorable Performances.

Anthony SanFilippo - April 21, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I still can’t figure out the Flyers.

How do you get embarrassed in two home playoff games (and three of the first four) and then go on the road, into the home arena of the two-time defending champions, in an elimination game, and win?

And not only that, they did it with a lopsided special teams disparity against them, and came out on the plus side of that ledger. They did it with a new starting goalie, who gave up two bad goals, but also made several big saves – including one in the final minute – to protect the win. They did it with a much-maligned depth forward being thrust into a position where he was destined to fail – and he played the game of his career. They did it with their most important player in this series, somehow playing with an injury he shouldn’t be playing with, one that noticeably limits his skating and is definitely limiting his minutes, scoring the game-winning goal.

In other words, they did it against all odds. Continue Reading

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The Not Worst of Philadelphia

Kevin Kinkead - April 20, 2018

Some schlub in the comments section didn’t like the “Worst of Philadelphia” bracket because he/she thought it was “a dumb series of posts that only enhance the negative views of the city.”

Congratulations to he/she for being the only person to take the bracket seriously, and for also lacking a sense of humor.

But I realize that a three-week competition to determine the worst things about Philly is intrinsically negative, and Crossing Broad is a website that was founded on fair and balanced journalism.

So in the interest of equilibrium, and also just to prove that I’m not a total asshole, I whipped this up:

Looks like a pretty good field to me.

I think I’d have to assign “Eagles Super Bowl champs” as the overall #1 seed. I could definitely see “it’s not New York” coming out of the bottom left region. Ron Brooks is a JUGGERNAUT on the other side of the bracket and I think “easy to walk and bike” would do some damage. Seriously, have you ever been to Atlanta or Los Angeles? You can’t walk or bike anywhere. Those cities are just big plastic suburbs.

Anyway, I think it’s important that we show positivity, objectivity, and fairness in our journalism, which I hope we’ve accomplished here.



Snow the Goalie: “We Lost to a Better Team”

JoyOnBroad - April 19, 2018

Anthony and Russ discuss:

  • Couturier’s a Selke finalist (2:00)
  • Postgame scrum (3:00)
  • “We lost to a better team” – Michael Neuvirth (4:00)
  • Flyers’ lack of competitiveness (5:00)
  • Hakstol’s lack of fire (11:00)
  • Momentum (15:00)
  • “Well we lost Coots” (20:00)
  • Where is G? (22:30)
  • Defensive Pairings (30:30)
  • The importance of playoff minutes for the young players (33:00)
  • Facebook comments (36:30)
  • The cost of tickets (43:00)

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Anthony SanFilippo - April 19, 2018

Sean Couturier has been such an integral part of the Flyers this season.

So, it’s only right that he got a little bit of love league-wide on Wednesday when he was announced as a finalist for the Selke Trophy, awarded to the best two-way forward in the NHL.

Couturier has long been just on the outskirts of this award, and has finally cracked the top three in voting, joining stalwarts in this category Patrtice Bergeron of Boston and Anze Kopitar of Los Angeles.

It’s a credit to Couturier, who had a breakout offensive season to go along with his excellent defensive play as a shutdown forward.

Wait… what’s that? There was something else that happened last night involving the Flyers? Really? Did I miss it? What was it? A playoff game? Stop. You’re pulling my leg. There was playoff hockey played in Philadelphia last night? Seriously, am I on the Carbonaro Effect? Where are the hidden cameras? I want to see a magic trick!

No, you’re not kidding? There was a game last night? What happened? Anything? Oh, I didn’t miss much. The Flyers were blown out by the Penguins again? Oh, right, right, right. That’s what that sound was. It sounded like something sucking the life out of the city was emanating from the Sports complex. I tried to stay away so I wouldn’t turn into a zombie.

Yeah people, the Flyers played another playoff game yesterday – and, as per usual, it wasn’t pretty. Continue Reading

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Radko Gudas Went Down Low on Sean Couturier in Practice

Kyle Scott - April 17, 2018

Radko Gudas, for reasons unknown to man, threw a low hip (knee?) check on Sean Couturier today in practice and it was captured by 6 ABC, which reports that Couturier limped off with a trainer:

I think the responses to this all sum it up:

We’ll update you when we know more about Couturier.

UPDATE: Upon further inspection, there were two pucks and this was two separate drills. Doesn’t look like it was an intentional hit.

A Lack of “Sticktoitiveness” – Breaking Down the Real Reason the Flyers Lost Game 3 to the Penguins.

Anthony SanFilippo - April 16, 2018

It was a common theme.

Each player in the locker room said it.

The coach reiterated it, ad nauseam, during his nearly 10-minute press conference.

The Flyers lost Game 3 to the Penguins 5-1 because of a lack of discipline.

I’m here to tell you that while giving Pittsburgh’s potent power play seven chances (of which they scored on three times) is certainly a way to lose a game, it wasn’t where the game was lost.

Nope. The game was lost in the locker room between the first and second period – before all the penalties started piling up.

The game was lost after the Flyers played perhaps their best period of the hockey season and had nothing to show for it.

A great game plan by Dave Hakstol blew up in smoke and went out the window pretty quickly in the second period when the Flyers stopped believing in the process.

A 1-0 deficit after 20 minutes – even the most energized 20-minutes of the season – wasn’t the culprit either. It was just one goal. The result of one bad decision – the only one of the first period – and the Flyers picked up where they left off immediately after it, so it wasn’t the deflating element.

No, the downfall for the Flyers was the fact that they couldn’t finish their chances – and they had a bevy of them – in the opening 20 minutes. They were in full throttle mode for 20 minutes and couldn’t crack Matt Murray and the Penguins defense – which blocked a ton of shots, yet again.

So, in the second period, the Flyers started a little more tentatively. And when you’re tentative in the playoffs, it leads to mistakes – in this case, stick infractions, that led to a parade of penalties.

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Underdog Mentality: Flyers Believed in Themselves When No One Else Would, Tie Series With 5-1 Win

Anthony SanFilippo - April 14, 2018

No one.

Let me say that again.

No one.

That’s exactly how many people outside of the Flyers locker room thought they could completely turn the tables on the Pittsburgh Penguins following the embarrassment that was a seven-goal loss in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.

Sure, the more level-headed knew the team would play better – mostly because they couldn’t play worse – but to shut down the Penguins for the first time all season? To score five goals of their own? To dictate the pace, tempo, and style? To revert back to a tried and true formula that certainly still has a place in the sport, especially in the playoffs? To get lights out goaltending?

No. None of this was expected. And yet, it happened anyway.

A mere 48 hours after being the laughing stock of the playoffs, the Flyers suddenly became the first team to draw even with their opponent in the postseason. Continue Reading

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I’m Going To Have Sexual Relations With The New Playoff Hot Dog at the Wells Fargo Center

Kyle Scott - April 13, 2018

The Wells Fargo Center sent out a press release about new food items for the playoffs, including this hot dog, which I am going to do unspeakable things to:

Wells Fargo Center and Aramark are set to offer a specialty playoff hot dog called the “Hot Streak Delco Dog.” The hot dog is a split top hot dog with house made chili, crumbled bacon, topped with American cheese sauce served on a pretzel bun. The specialty playoff hot dog can be found at Fan Favorite Stands at sections 104, 110, 122, and 212 at Wells Fargo Center. The new hot dog will be available during all home Flyers and 76ers playoff games.

Specialty Playoff Cocktails:

During all home 76ers playoff games “The Moment” Sixers signature playoff cocktail will be available for purchase. The specialty cocktail includes: Citron Vodka, Blueberry Simple Syrup, lime juice and fresh blueberries served in a souvenir mason jar.

During all home Flyers playoff games the “Earn Tomorrow” Signature Flyers playoff cocktail will be available for purchase. The specialty cocktail includes: Silver Rum, Blood Orange Liqueur, lime juice, simple syrup and club soda served in a souvenir mason jar.

The specialty cocktails will be available for purchase at the Cure Insurance Club cure club, the 204 Mezzanine Landing, the 216 Mezzanine Landing and in Tito’s Bar.

Fun fact: That Flyers cocktail also comes with a kick in the dick from Sidney Crosby. But that hot dog… yeah, it touches you in all the right places, and begs for you to reciprocate.