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Tyrone Garland’s Mom Won’t Do Her Son’s Braids Again Until After the Tournament, Says Cousin Bern

Kyle Scott - March 25, 2013

Cousin Bern – who clarified that he would, in fact, prefer to be called Cousin Bern – was on 97.5 The Fanatic with Mike Missanelli today (audio here). Among other tidbits, Cousin Bern told Missanelli that that Tyrone Garland’s family has been staying at home to watch the games, partly because they’re all quite stitious. Superstitious:

“Same sneakers. [His mom] won’t do his hair until they lose.”

She won’t do his hair?

“His braids– he won’t get them done over until they lose now.”

How much maintenance do they need?

“She spends hours on them as individuals.”

They’re all good right now. So what happens, are they gonna get loose?

“Well no, actually they’re not that good right now if you really take a look. She hasn’t done it in a while. He hasn’t wanted her to do them. He’s been playing well.”


Looked good to me, and Missanelli, but we're probably not in the right demo to critique Garland's braids.

On the shot?

“I had him shootin’ that shot hundreds of times. And there are certain things where you’re working out and just think, “Why am I doing this? I’m never going to use this.” And for him to get the opportunity to actually take the shot that we worked on, that’s what that was about. And I had just told him about the shot right before the game.”


Meanwhile, Garland told Anthony Gargano on 94.1 WIP that he wants to get his Twitter followers into the Ks: [CBS Philly]

“I was like at one thousand, now I’m at like three thousand [Twitter followers],” Garland told 94WIP’s Anthony Gargano on Monday. “Hopefully I can get in the K’s, I think that would be great. I got a lot of Instagram followers as well. I had like 511 after the game. That’s just great and it just goes to show how people are showing love. It’s great for Philly basketball man.”

Getting in the K’s means over 10,000. Twitter just uses “10k, 11k, etc …” instead of specific numbers. Garland’s handle is @tygarland.


He’s still got a ways to go (currently around 3,500), but that number is quickly growing… though he may want to cool it with the pictures of himself wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat.

Shout-Out to John Clark for Finding Cousin Bern

Kyle Scott - March 25, 2013

This is why John Clark is the best– airport stalking, spring training photosshout-outs to cousin Bern!

How long until Cousin Bern (at some point between the last paragraph and this one, Bern’s people requested that Cousin be capitalized) has his own apparel line and rap album? Two weeks? Tomorrow? ALREADY AT MODELL’S THIS MORNING?! He’s gotta get on that ish.

But yeah, tune into NBC 10 tonight, where you can see Cousin Bern, Tyrone Garland’s mom… and hear about THE STORM OF THE CENTURY, WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE AND WE TOTALLY DON'T OVERHYPE STORMS!

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La Salle TV and Student Newspaper Reporters Need Your Help Getting to the Sweet 16

Kyle Scott - March 25, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 11.54.25 AM

For a few years now, Dave Grzybowski, a La Salle senior, and his crew over at La Salle TV have made themselves known to myself and many other Philly sports bloggers, writers and outlets with their quality work and SportsTalk Philadelphia show. I’ve been a guest on it, and so, too, has just about every Philly sports personality you could think of– Howard Eskin, Tom McCarthy, Tony Bruno and Scott Franzke among them. 

I first met Dave at two years ago at Wing Bowl when he and his buddy, Andrew Groy, were interviewing Ron Jeremy. I would later bump into them at Chase Utley charity events… talking to Hunter Pence. Dave and his cohorts have also interviewed Scott Hartnell, Mac Miller, Kenny Albert, Jerry Crasnick and many others, and have passed along countless links and tips to this site.

Basically, you could argue that, given their resources, La Salle TV puts forth more effort and does a better job covering Philly sports than certain local news stations. And now they’re getting to cover their own major sports story. 


But La Salle plays Wichita State in Los Angeles on Thursday. Dayton and Kansas City, the sites for La Salle’s first three games, were easy drives drivable. LA isn’t. So, together with the Collegian, La Salle's student newspaper, the La Salle TV folks have started a Go Fund Me campaign to get themselves to the left coast. They’ve raised almost $2,000 overnight (as of writing this), but need more help:

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 11.54.39 AM

I'd urge you to give what you can. The La Salle TV folks have stood out for a few years. They deserve a chance to cover their team in the Sweet 16. And if they do, we'll be sure to feature some of their work here.

Donate here

UPDATE: Goal, reached:

Ramon Galloway’s Mom Celebrated at 20th and Olney, Too

Kyle Scott - March 25, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.50.30 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.52.03 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.52.03 AM

Perhaps the only La Salle basketball player relative who had a better night than Tyrone Garland’s cousin Bern was Ramon Galloway’s mom, Karen, who joined in the celebration at 20th and Olney.

And good for her. Galloway’s story is a crazy one. Amy Fadool, January, 2012:

But good things are few and far between right now for Ramon’s family. His grandfather, who Ramon credits with his ability to adapt so easily, has cancer and was given six months to live this summer. His mother has to take care of her father and cannot regularly work. Galloway’s father is blind, shot in the head 18 years ago when Ramon was just two-years old. Galloway has nine siblings, and his older brother, closest in age to him, is in jail. But Galloway smiles, still, with all of that going on behind the scenes. He’s a remarkable young man.


Good stuff.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.47.51 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.47.51 AM

La Salle Students Celebrated at 20th and Olney Last Night

Kyle Scott - March 25, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 8.24.28 AM

I love this girl who mocked Ole Miss criminal Marshall Henderon’s annoying shark-head thing. 80 bucks says that kid’s in jail again within the next five years.

La Salle students took to the streets after Tyrone Garland’s Southwest Philly Floater™ (shout-out to Ty’s cousin Bern, and his mom, too!) sent the Explorers into new territory known as the Sweet 16 last night. Judging by the pictures and videos, the party seemed mostly tame– more drunken celebration than riot

Plenty of pictures and videos, of both La Salle students and the team, are after the jump. This is easily the greatest thing to happen to 20th and Olney since David Murphy graced La Salle with his presence and tuition dollars. But somewhere, Penn State students feel that not enough buses were overturned.

Float yourself over the jump, will you.

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Videos: La Salle’s Game-Winner From the Stands

Kyle Scott - March 25, 2013

Surprised there aren’t more of these yet. The first video is courtesy of Mike McCoy of La Salle’s SportsTalk Philadelphia, from press row.

The second video, from YouTube.

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