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Running Thread: Sixers Introduce General Manager Elton Brand

Kevin Kinkead - September 20, 2018

Elton Brand is being introduced as the Sixers’ new general manager this morning.

Joining Brand at the table is owner Joshua Harris. Head coach Brett Brown spoke to the media for two hours at his Tuesday luncheon and is not present at this presser.

I’ll continue to update the post with bullet points and quotes from today’s availability:

Opening remarks


  • Elton is smart, hard working, and everything we’re looking for
  • This is a player’s league and Elton is universally respected, he knows how players feel and react, he’s the perfect GM for today’s NBA, where relationships are paramount
  • Brand will report to Harris and make decisions off court, while Brett Brown makes decisions on court


  • Believes this team has an incredibly bright future, a dynamic young core, veterans, and a great coach in Brett Brown
  • I know how passionate the fan base is and I understand what the expectations are, the next 12 months are very important and in the near term we’re focused on advancing further into the playoffs

The organizational structure


  • Elton and Brett are partners. Both of them report to me and to ownership. We expect they will be collaborating a lot. Brett is the on- court voice and Brand is the off court voice.
  • Not going after a president of basketball operations, pretty happy with the existing structure in place and we’ll put the organizational stuff behind us as we move on
  • Via press release: Additionally, Alex Rucker has been elevated to Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations (reported by Adrian Wojnarowski Tuesday night)


  • I’ll make basketball decision recommendations to ownership, but Brett and I are aligned. When it comes to trades, draft process, I’m running that. That’s what I’ve been hired for. Brett will have a say in final decisions, as will ownership, who we report to

Here’s an exchange with Howard Eskin about who has the final say in the existing setup:

Eskin: But who has the last say?

Harris: On the court, Brett, off the court, Elton.

Eskin: Well, on the court..

Harris: So minute to minute, coaching sort of decisions will be Brett. Personnel decisions, trades, free agency, will be Elton.

Brand: First of all, thanks for the soft ball question, Howard. Basically basketball decisions, I’m going to make those. I’ll make those recommendations to ownership. Coach and I are aligned. It is a partnership. He said partnership and it is a partnership. Teams that have won in the NBA, the GM and coaches have to get along. He’s gonna have the players; when it comes to trades, draft process, I’m running that. That’s what I’ve been hired for.”

Eskin: But final say –

Brand: Final say, coach is going to have a voice in it. We’re going to discuss it. I’m going to make my recommendations to ownership, just like any other team does.

Eskin: So Josh has the final say?

Brand: On every team, ownership has a final say, especially for big, possible landscape (changes) for our organization. Every team.

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Markelle Fultz Talks About His Jump Shot and More in Players’ Tribune Video

Kevin Kinkead - September 20, 2018

The Sixers will introduce Elton Brand as their new general manager at 11 this morning. Media day is Friday and training camp begins on Saturday.

Add to that some unexpected Markelle Fultz footage this morning via a Players’ Tribune interview with Denver Nugget Isaiah Thomas.

Fultz talks about his jump shot, his rookie season, and expectations for 2018. Here’s the Twitter clip the Tribune shared:

The form looks good, I guess. I’m not a shot expert. It feels like he’s still “shot-putting the ball” a little bit, but if it goes in, it goes in. Reggie Miller had a funky form and scored something like 25,000 points. Marco Belinelli was more accurate when leaning sideways, so whatever works, works.

Fultz reiterates that he really was dealing with a shoulder injury last year and that criticism from fans and media didn’t really get to him.

The full clip is 17 minutes long and you can watch it after the jump:

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Sports Betting Updates

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BetStars NJ Launches With Insane $500 Free Bet Promo

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Snow the Goalie: Training Camp Takeaways and Looking Ahead to the Regular Season

JoyOnBroad - September 20, 2018

Anthony and Russ discuss their biggest takeaways from training camp thus far, predict the final roster, and answer Twitter questions. Plus, Anthony attempts the most obscure edition of “Who’s that Flyer?”.

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Eagles Wednesday: Breaking Down the Breakdowns in the Secondary

Kevin Kinkead - September 19, 2018

There’s no real structure to this week’s video breakdown.

I think we’re just going to go through the Tampa film and look for two things:

  1. breakdowns in the secondary
  2. how did the receivers run their routes? were they getting open? where did they line up?

Those are the two biggest concerns heading into week three against the Colts. It’s the secondary play and the offensive skill positions, – i.e., does Carson Wentz have anybody to throw to?

Obviously some of this film will be rendered obsolete with the addition of Jordan Matthews, but I think we can look for some patterns from the Tampa game to get of an idea of how they might be able to use the limited offensive pieces currently on the roster. We can look at the different sets they used and how they deployed Nelson Agholor and Zach Ertz.

I wrote about the DeSean Jackson touchdown pass in my Monday takeaways article, but we’ve got access to the coaches film now via NFL Gamepass, so I wanted to give you the play again from a wider angle where you can see exactly what’s going on:

Malcolm Jenkins took responsibility for this mistake after the game. Continue Reading

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Jordan Matthews Had Sex

Kyle Scott - September 19, 2018

Many times, it would seem.

Here’s Why the Phillies Can’t Master the Mets

BWanksCB - September 19, 2018

According to FanGraphs, the Phillies enter play today with a 4.4% chance of winning the National League East.

I think we all understand at this point that – barring a miracle – the Phillies will miss the playoffs. When that inevitability comes to fruition at some point next week, their inability to beat up on “inferior opponents” like the New York Mets will be frequently cited as a reason why. With a disappointing 7-11 mark against the Mets this season, and only tonight’s game between the two teams remaining, the Phillies have already guaranteed themselves a losing record to the LOLMets for the seventh-straight year. It might be hard to believe, but they are what feels like an impossibly bad 49-82 against this bum ass team since 2012. Obviously, the Phillies were going through a transition and the Mets briefly flourished during this period, but the story was supposed to be much different this season.

The upstart Phillies spent much of the spring and summer as a viable postseason contender, while the Mets have been a fourth-place afterthought. How could the Phillies let a team they were so comfortably ahead of in the standings own them again? We asked ourselves this question in mid-August when they lost three of five at home, last weekend when they dropped two of three at Citi Field, and again on Monday night when the bullpen imploded late to lose the series opener.

It’s time to handle business against bad teams. Lesser teams. It’s the Mets, for fuck’s sake! What gives? I mean, how many times did we ask ourselves this question after each wasted opportunity?

Well, I think I’ve finally found the answer. A troubling thought: what if the Phillies can’t beat the Mets because the Mets are (gasp!)better than the Phillies? Let the repugnant stench of that statement waft gently from your screen directly into your face. Let it plague your being.

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The Flyers are Teasing Us With Something

Kevin Kinkead - September 19, 2018

What is this? A mascot?

Are the Flyers introducing a mascot?

That seems to be the consensus from this video they posted on Twitter today:


For what it’s worth, the Flyers are the only Philadelphia sports team without a mascot. You’ve got Swoop, the Phanatic, Franklin, and now Phang representing the other four clubs. The Flyers had a mascot called “Slapshot” back in the mid-70s but he/she/it was literally the only mascot in team history.

If they do go with a mascot, he/she/it should jump into the penalty box and fight an opposing player once per game.


Carson Wentz Ready to Roll After Offseason “Grind”

Kevin Kinkead - September 19, 2018

For the first time in a long time, Carson Wentz doesn’t have to answer 500 questions about his knee.

He’s cleared to play and we’ll see him on the field Sunday against Frank Reich and the Indianapolis Colts.

Speaking to the media today, Wentz called the offseason a “grind” and said it was “a long time coming” to receive the news that he’s ready for action. He said he felt frustrated, not at anyone specifically, but just with the situation as a whole and the lengthy timeline for recovery. He didn’t really celebrate personally when he received his clearance, because there “ain’t a whole lot of time for that.”

Some things Carson was asked about today:

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