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Are the Flyers the Next Philly Team to Make an Unexpected Run? Thoughts After Another Successful Weekend

Anthony SanFilippo - February 19, 2018

Sometimes there are warning signs in sports.

They aren’t always negative either. Take Jake Elliott’s 61-yard field goal. At the time, we were all talking about how lucky the Eagles were to win a game and that their coach was a buffoon.

But we should have taken it instead as a warning sign to the stars aligning for the Eagles in what will go down as the greatest season in Philadelphia sports history.

The Flyers have a little bit of that same charm going their way recently. Some of it is from good play. Some of it is pure luck. But good teams make their own luck.

So, Andrew MacDonald, Brandon Manning, and Jori Lehtera scoring goals in the same game was predicted by no one ever, yet it happened yesterday – in a game where the Flyers lost another goalie to injury and had to rely on an AHL-level backup to come in and play two great periods to earn his first NHL win.

And here are the Flyers, with points in eight straight games, just four points out of first place in the Metropolitan Division with two games in hand.

Charmed, I tell ya. Charmed.

Now, with the way the Pittsburgh Penguins are playing lately, I don’t think there’s any way the Flyers will catch them, but I’m the same guy who as recently as a couple weeks ago was arguing that the Flyers couldn’t sustain the way they were playing through the previous two months over the course of another nine weeks.

So far, they’ve proved me wrong, so what do I know.

And it’s curious how they’ve done it.

They’ve managed to somehow become the only team in the NHL with 10 guys with at least 10 goals. So much for this team not having depth, right? Remember when we were talking about how many games the Flyers had gone without getting a goal from a forward not named Claude Giroux, Sean Couturier or Jake Voracek?

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JJ Redick Addresses Allegations of Slur Usage in Video

Kevin Kinkead - February 19, 2018

If you missed it this weekend, a video was published online in which Sixers’ guard JJ Redick appears to voice an Asian racial slur.

The clip in question features NBA athletes wishing Chinese fans a happy new year, and Redick’s greeting takes place about midway through:

Redick seems to stumble a bit while speaking to the camera:

“I just wanted to wish all of the NBA ***** fans in China… (video dissolve) …a very happy Chinese new year.”

For context, this video isn’t produced by the NBA, but was commissioned by the company “Tencent,” which entered an agreement with the NBA a few years ago to share content in China. Redick’s part was edited out of an updated version of the video. And in the original version, you can see a dissolve that takes place halfway through his greeting, which means that two separate sentences were spliced together or a chunk of one sentence was removed.

JJ addressed the issue twice this weekend, first on Sunday afternoon:

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The NBA All-Star Game Went From Hot Mess to Somewhat Entertaining

Kevin Kinkead - February 19, 2018

Let’s start President’s Day the right way, with a recap of the NBA All-Star Game, a perennially useless exercise that we always try to talk ourselves into enjoying.

Last night was no different, but with a low bar to clear and a ghastly start to the broadcast, it finished with at least a modicum of entertainment.

It began with a bogus, mildly uncomfortable 30-minute introduction that invoked the Miss America pageant, with players standing atop a stage featuring curved staircases on either side, flanked by dancers and introduced by Kevin Hart.

Now, I know Hart is “one of ours,” or whatever, but I think we’re experiencing Kevin Hart overkill. Super Bowl, Philly parade, NBA games, etc. I need a Kevin Hart respite. A brief abeyance, if you will.

Anyway, the queasy introductions (the jokes weren’t landing) gave way to the Canadian national anthem, performed by… The Barenaked Ladies! I’m cool with the Barenaked Ladies, but I don’t think that selection “resonated” with the millennial NBA fan.

That was the precursor to Fergie’s best performance of all time – the sexy national anthem! Not sure if she was going for Amy Winehouse or Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to the president, but holy shit was it bad:

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LeBron to Philly (not really) Confirmed

JoyOnBroad - February 18, 2018

Stop the presses! While Sixers fans were prepping themselves for Joel Embiid’s start in tonight’s All-Star game, Ben Simmons – an All-Star in our hearts – stole some social media headlines when he took to Instagram and posted a picture of himself with LeBron James, John Wall, and Tristan Thompson.

June 30th Midnight 👀🤟🏽#KLUTCH

A post shared by Ben Simmons (@bensimmons) on

In the hours that have followed, many (or just me) have called this image of greatness the newest incarnation of the infamous Banana Boat photo of LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Dwyane Wade.

One cannot help but to think about the greatness of a potential lineup of Ben Simmons, LeBron James, John WallTristan Thompson, Joel Embiid, Robert Covington, and Markelle Fultz.

This incited a mini-riot in our Slack channel leading me to ask the question: Would you want LeBron James on this Sixers team?

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World Domination: NBA Rising Stars Challenge

JoyOnBroad - February 17, 2018

NBA All-Star Weekend got off to a great start Friday night, as the World defeated the USA 155-124 in the 2018 NBA Rising Stars Challenge. In a game that eventually devolved into an impromptu dunk contest (see videos below), the World team – led by Ben Simmons, Dario Saric, and Joel Embiid – showed out.

Let’s start with this year’s frontrunner for Rookie of the Year: Ben Simmons.

With six triple-doubles already to his credit this season, Ben Simmons is on track to eclipse Magic Johnson’s rookie record for triple-doubles in a single season (7) set in 1979-80. While he fell short in rebounds last night, Simmons put on a show and nearly notched a triple-double.

As I brought up on Friday’s Crossing Broadcast, Simmons’ omission from the All-Star game in favor of Goran Dragic is at best an oversight and at worst a criminal act perpetrated by known Sam Hinkie hater Adam Silver.

Luckily, it’s not just me beating this drum.

While national media pundits continue to push a counter-narrative that Donovan Mitchell is the more-deserving candidate for Rookie of the Year, it appears that Ben attempted to take out his competition. Poor Buddy Hield never saw it coming.

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Stefen Wisniewski Missed A $250,000 Bonus, But The Eagles Paid Him Anyway

BWanksCB - February 17, 2018

It seems almost impossible to imagine that any member of the 2017 Eagles could go overlooked in the wake of the team’s first Super Bowl win. The entire team will forever be adored, and fans are paying tribute to various players by writing sentimental tributes on social media, buying jerseys, and getting tattoos. Personally, I’m in the midst of a strategic plan to incorporate the Fatheads of the entire 53-man active roster and injured reserve throughout my house. Haha. Just kidding. Kind of.

Anyway, if there was such a thing as an unsung hero on this team, it’s no doubt left guard Stefen Wisniewski. After second-year player Isaac Seumalo struggled early in the season, it was the unheralded but steady Wisniewski who eventually emerged over Seumalo and Chance Warmack to help solidify the left side of the offensive line and ignite what would become one of the NFL’s best rushing offenses.

Unfortunately for Wisniewski, the Eagles’ early season juggling at the position caused him to just barely miss out on earning a $250,000 playing time bonus—until this week, that is, when the team re-worked his deal.

That’s doing right by your players. It’s a classy move by the Eagles and one that will no doubt be noticed and appreciated by the locker room. That’s good stuff.

Video: Nick Foles Talks Fame And The Future With Jimmy Kimmel

BWanksCB - February 16, 2018

Nick Foles continued his press tour last night, this time stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about the Super Bowl and his newfound fame. The Super Bowl MVP quarterback told Kimmel one of the biggest changes he’s experienced is that he no longer goes unrecognized at Whole Foods. He also described his recent standard interactions with Eagles fans.

It starts off as a normal conversation and then it turns into tears. And everyone asks me, well, what do you do? And I simply just say, I understand. Trust me, I’ve been in Philly. I get it. I get it. I know. And it means a lot. And the fact that the whole city, everyone cried and is so emotional, that’s what was so special to us to be a part of winning this thing and bringing it back home to where it hasn’t been.

The question is, of course, will Foles be a part of keeping the Lombardi Trophy in Philadelphia next season?

“You know, that stuff’s out of my control. My agents, they handle all that. But we love Philly, we love the situation. And we’ll worry about it when that time comes,” he said.

There’s been a lot of debate over what to do with Foles heading into the offeason, but there’s only one way to handle this situation. You simply ask him, “What do you want to do? Start elsewhere or be a backup here? Tell us and we will do right by you.” Maybe that’s not good business, but trading the Super Bowl MVP against his will no doubt brings bad karma and it would be a tough sell to the locker room. This is one of the rare times when the ball should squarely be in the player’s court.

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Mike Francesa Says Jason Kelce Should be “Cut” After Parade Speech

Kevin Kinkead - February 15, 2018

Recently retired New York blowhard Mike Francesa wasn’t a fan of Jason Kelce’s Super Bowl parade speech.

I missed it earlier this week, but apparently Francesa, with that repulsive accent of his, went on the “WOR Sports Zone” with some guy named “Sal Licata” (a real person) to discuss Kelce’s address.

Listen after the jump:

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