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With Manny Machado Heading to Los Angeles, Do the Phillies Now Have a Perception Problem?

BWanksCB - July 18, 2018

I spent the past month telling myself that it wasn’t worth thinking about the possibility of the Phillies adding Manny Machado ahead of this winter’s free agency period.

“Nope. No way they do that,” I assured myself, all cavalier and shit.

I reasoned that there was simply no way a front office that has spent recent seasons arduously rebuilding a bankrupted minor league talent pool would hastily send a package of several top-tier prospects down I-95 just because the big league team was a bit ahead of schedule. They certainly weren’t going to do it when it’s reasonable to think they will be a favorite to land him in a few months. I figured they would make a less-celebrated trade to sure up the bullpen and find an alternative way to improve a streaky, and often impotent lineup. I knew better. But then this happened:

And this:

And that’s all it took. Suddenly, the prior caution I had exercised in avoiding Machado Madness was gone. I was all in. You know, #BeBold and all of that happy horeshit. The expensive price tag for a short-term rental didn’t matter, nor did the reality that the Phillies were likely more than just the addition of Machado away from truly contending with a bullpen and bench that are each one piece short. It was easy to be seduced by the idea of adding a 26-year-old superstar with 24 homers and a .963 OPS to a first-place team in desperate need of a difference-making bat. I lost control in the heat of the moment. Did it make sense? Probably not. Was it dangerous and maybe a little bit reckless? For sure. But damn–it would have been fun.

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Aaron Nola Works a Scoreless Inning in His All-Star Game Debut

BWanksCB - July 17, 2018

Aaron Nola made his All-Star Game debut during the fifth inning of tonight’s game in Washington and did not disappoint. The 25-year-old, whose 2.30 ERA is good for second-best mark in the National League, began the inning by wiping away Salvador Perez and Mookie Betts on strikes. His lone blemish came on a two-out single by Jose Altuve before he retired future Phillies All-Star Mike Trout on an infield pop out to end the inning. Speaking of Trout:

Come home, sweet prince.

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Here is Jake Arrieta Running Beach Sprints

BWanksCB - July 17, 2018

The first-place (I’ll use this for as long as I can) Phillies are off until Friday night when they open up the second half of the season at Citizens Bank Park against the San Diego Padres. It appears after a week-long tease of Manny Machado rumors that they will do so without the All-Star shorstop in the middle of their lineup:

There are a lot of disappointed Phillies fans out there tonight, but it appears Jake Arrieta is taking the news harder than anyone:

Can’t blame him. That’s what pitching in front of the Phillies’ lineup will do to a guy. Just kidding. I’m sure the sprints were just part of his standard workout regimen. Maybe.

Meanwhile, I, too, considered going for a run to blow off some steam after today’s disappointing developments, but I decided to take a pass on that. I have instead elected to eat four slices of pizza as I sit on the couch aimlessly refreshing Twitter while I watch all of the All-Star hitters that the Phillies don’t have.

Scott Kingery Hung Out With Rhys Hoskins’ Dog During the Derby Last Night

BWanksCB - July 17, 2018

Earlier this season, Rhys Hoskins introduced us to his lovable dog named Rookie:

Unfortunately for Rookie, Hoskins was busy last night impressively mashing 37 bombs over two rounds at the Home Run Derby, so someone had to look after the little guy. Enter teammate/shortstop/third baseman/outfielder/dog-sitter Scott Kingery, who hung with Rookie while Hoskins went to work.

Apparently, Rookie wasn’t impressed with the competition:

But he was quite impressed with his guy’s 20 second round homers:

That’s…pretty damn adorable.

If Hoskins participates again next year, perhaps Major League Baseball will consider switching over to tennis balls for the Derby, so Rookie can chase them down in the outfield.

Report: Dodgers Emerge as the “Leading Contender” for Manny Machado

BWanksCB - July 17, 2018

The buzz late last night was that the Phillies, in light of reports that they were willing to include Adonis Medina in a deal for Manny Machado, were emerging as the favorite to land the Orioles superstar third baseman.

Not so fast, says Jon Heyman of FanCred sports:

But nine minutes later, Heyman seemed to back off a bit:

Gut. Punch.

Two things here:

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Crossed Up: Machado Watch

JoyOnBroad - July 17, 2018

Anthony and Bob discuss the wisdom of trading for Manny Machado, his reported price tag, Zach Britton, J.A. Happ, and Carlos Santana’s struggles. Other topics include the home run derby, the Phillies’ defensive woes, and Gabe Kapler’s approach to discipline.

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Recapping Rhys Hoskins’ Impressive Home Run Derby Performance

BWanksCB - July 17, 2018

Rhys Hoskins entered last night’s Home Run Derby without having gone deep since June 29 when he took Washington Nationals pitcher Erick Fedde out of the yard in the fifth inning of an ugly 17-7 loss. In fact, Hoskins has not homered in his last 70 plate appearances, so it was little surprise that he was an underdog in the opening round of the event to No.1 seed Jesus Aguilar of the Milwaukee Brewers. No matter:

Mike Trout, Hoskins’ future teammate, seemed impressed:

You know who else was into it? Manny Machado:

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Report: Phillies Willing to Include Adonis Medina in Machado Deal, ‘Well-Positioned’ to Land Him

BWanksCB - July 16, 2018

Some people need love to survive, some need beer, but me? I need Manny Machado rumors to sustain my being. I can’t get enough of them. I crave them. The latest from MLB Network’s Jon Morosi:

Yes. That’s the good stuff. Here’s the money excerpt from Morosi’s report:

The Phillies have indicated that they would include right-handed pitching prospect Adonis Medina in a package for Machado, one source told The Orioles are known to covet Medina in the Machado talks. Unless another suitor increases its offer, the Phillies are well-positioned to acquire Machado.

Medina is Philadelphia’s No. 2 prospect, according to MLB Pipeline, and No. 73 on the Top 100 list. Thus far, Philadelphia has resisted Baltimore’s request to part with No. 1 prospect Sixto Sanchez.

Tell me more, Jon. Tell. Me. More.

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