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Bryce Harper Commenting On Rhys Hoskins’ Instagram Photo Sustains Me

BWanksCB - February 15, 2019

Suhhhhh kiiiiid.

And with that, I’m back in.

I SWORE to myself that I wouldn’t get all worked up over Bryce Harper’s social media follows or likes anymore. Swore to it. I’ve been down that road many times this winter, and it has been a dead end every single time.

But then he had to go and do this…

A follow or a like is one thing, but a comment? Totally different story. You don’t just drop a “suhhhh kid” on Rhys Hoskins’ absolute FIRE Instagram post in which he looks like a god damn BOSS and then turn around and sign with the Giants or Padres. Doesn’t work that way. That’s not proper social media code in 2019.

Phillies, he wants it. You want it. Give it to him.

Jake Arrieta Says He Pitched With a Torn Meniscus

Kevin Kinkead - February 14, 2019

Jake Arrieta started strong last season, then fell off.

Apparently that’s because he had a torn meniscus, according to him. He spoke with reporters about it at Spring Training today:

That doesn’t match up with what Gabe Kapler said yesterday, that Arrieta hurt his knee during an offseason weight-lifting program.

Conflicting timelines here:

For context, here’s how Arrieta began the season vs. how he ended the season, courtesy of BWanks:

  • April and May: 58.1 innings pitched, 2.16 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, .224 BAA, allowed a .601 OPS
  • June onward: 114.1 innings pitched, 4.88 ERA, 1.36 WHIP, .263 BAA, allowed a .783 OPS

Arrieta had a rough June, then rebounded in July, but ultimately his post 6/1 numbers were much different than what he was doing in April and May.

More from Matt Gelb, after the jump:

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Crossing Broadcast: Sixers/Celtics, Nola Extended, Stadium Series, The Market for Foles

JoyOnBroad - February 14, 2019

Kevin and Russ break down the Sixers loss to the Celtics, the positives from the Nuggets and Lakers games, the Brett Brown debate, Aaron Nola’s extension, prepping for the Stadium Series Flyers v. Penguins, what the Joe Flacco trade means for the Nick Foles market, and plenty more!

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Audio after the jump:
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The Associated Press is Expanding its Use of Artificial Intelligence

Kevin Kinkead - February 13, 2019

At some point in the not-so-distant future, all of us will be replaced by robots.

Some already have, like camera operators and master control technicians who work in television news. Now the cameras are controlled via joystick and everything else is automated, so why would you pay a human being a fair wage to do the job when you can just use machines instead? It’s like “Skynet” from the Terminator movies, only without the nuclear holocaust.

In 2019 we’re taking it a step further. We’re looking at automated WRITING, which seems crazy to me, but apparently the Associated Press is taking a dip in that pool, according to Sport Techie:

The Associated Press is automating all previews for NCAA Division I men’s basketball games following successful tests of the technology for MLB-affiliated minor league baseball games.

The news platform is deploying natural language generation from Automated Insights to automatically turn data from STATS into narratives, eventually without human input. While the AP has typically provided previews for all NCAA Tournament games, this marks the first time it will offer previews for over 5,000 regular-season games. Automated stories previewing the matchups will begin appearing on the wire the week of Feb. 11.

“We’re pleased to deliver significantly more content of value to our customers,” said Barry Bedlan, AP’s director of sports products. “Given the large number of college games played each season, using automation as a tool to more thoroughly cover this sport makes sense.”

The AP has been experimenting with artificial intelligence for its news coverage since 2012. In 2016, it deployed Automated Insights’ technology to expand its coverage of Minor League Baseball via automated recap stories on games not previously covered by the news organization using MLBAM data.

If the automation is for “expanded coverage” and human beings are actually still employable and/or necessary, then I guess this makes a lot of sense.

But let’s not beat around the bush. You know as well as I do that this is a slippery slope, and eventually the mechanical scribes will develop a mind of their own and break free of their bonds. There will be no override code. They will be out of control and they will begin writing their own previews and recaps of Eagles and Sixers games.

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The Phillies’ Best Path Forward Seems Obvious, But Will They Take It?

BWanksCB - February 13, 2019

I want to take a break from the Bryce Harper/Manny Machado rumor mill madness for a moment and offer some thoughts on where I’m at with this process as spring training gets underway. So indulge me.

With sports, with life, really, it’s often easy to get swept away by a moment. It’s easy to make a situation into more than it really is, or assign it more worth and importance than it actually holds. I write this to acknowledge that I’m perhaps knowingly about to commit this very mistake, but I don’t think I am.

After all, Matt Klentak has to know. John Middleton must know, too. Both men must realize that they currently exist only one move away from completing with authority the final touch of an epic offseason that could:

  • pay off with the much-anticipated return of championship-caliber baseball to this city
  • alter their legacies and raise their own profiles as two of the shrewdest and calculated negotiators in the sport

After last season’s September of baseball that looked like the game’s reenactment of Weekend at Bernie’s, the Phillies’ additions of veteran players Jean Segura and Andrew McCutchen made for good first attempts to ensure there will be no sequel. Adding reliever David Robertson was a big boost to the bullpen. The deal to acquire J.T. Realmuto last week signaled, in earnest, that the front office is aggressively looking to end the team’s seven-season playoff drought. Aaron Nola’s arbitration-avoiding four-year contract extension gives the budding ace some stability, but it’s team-friendly nonetheless. Yet another good deal.

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Report: Phillies Signing Aaron Nola to Four-Year Extension

Kevin Kinkead - February 13, 2019

Hey, here’s some baseball news not involving Bryce Harper or Manny Machado:

So Nola was under contract already, but this ensures they don’t have to deal with arbitration. Matt Breen at the Inquirer says Nola’s arbitration hearing was scheduled for tomorrow and notes that the club hasn’t gone to arbitration since Ryan Howard back in 2008.

It’s a raise and security for Nola, plus a bargain for the Phillies.

Next up: Bryce Harper!

Let’s get Bryce locked up.

Edit –

Here are the yearly numbers from Jeff Passan:

Play ball!


Notes and Quotes from the J.T. Realmuto Introductory Press Conference

JoyOnBroad - February 12, 2019

What a day it’s been. While most of us were slipping and sliding on icy roads, Matt Klentak and Gabe Kapler were introducing their newest acquisition, catcher J.T. Realmuto.

Some notes and reaction from the press conference, beginning with GM Klentak:

“In acquiring JT, we’ve acquired best catcher in baseball. Our organization is excited. Top to bottom thrilled to add JT. Not just on field, but as teammate & leader. Thrilled to have him…”


  • Realmuto was asked about what he knew about the Phillies organization, to which he responded by talking about it being a storied franchise and that past players had nothing but good things to say about the organization.
  • He was then asked about why he chose the #10 jersey. He said his options were 10, 38, and 39. He did not cite any past players to wear the number for the team, but said he liked the #10 more than 38 and 39.

When asked about whether this season was different considering the trade rumors, he said:

“It was a different offseason for me and my wife. We spent more time on social media than normal, looking for scoops… I’m happy with the outcome.”

The next couple of questions were related to the difficulty of hitting at Marlins Park, his .300+ average on the road, and how he thinks he’ll do hitting at Citizens Bank Park. Realmuto said it’s tough to hit at Marlins Park, he’s glad to no longer have to crush a ball into the outfield, only to get robbed by Odubel Herrera, and that he thinks he’ll do well in Philly. He also admitted to putting too much pressure on himself:

“I tried to do too much in Marlins Park, which over time can cause problems. Playing in a more hitter-friendly park will help.”

On the Phillies pitching staff, after the jump:

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Former MLB GM Jim Bowden Believes Phillies Will Sign Bryce Harper

BWanksCB - February 12, 2019

Hey, guys. It’s me. It’s been two hours since we last had some Bryce Harper speculation, but the long wait is finally over.

No, silly goose, Bryce Harper didn’t sign anywhere, we just have some more speculation!

I know, I know. “Just make it stop,” you say. Sorry, but I can’t.

Former MLB general manager and current analyst Jim Bowden appeared on… honestly, I don’t even know what this show is, and if we’re being completely honest, it doesn’t actually matter. Anyway, he appeared on this CBS Sports platform and was asked if San Francisco was now the likely landing spot for Harper. Bowden, who says he has been in touch with the star outfielder’s camp as recently as this morning (an actually relevant detail), had this to say:


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