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Phillies Reportedly Interested in Craig Kimbrel, But Should Proceed With Caution

BWanksCB - November 7, 2018

Bryce Harper, Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, starting pitching, and repeat.

It has been a narrow focus for Phillies fans in the early days of the offseason as the hot stove slowly begins to heat, but there’s a new big-name free agent now linked to the team:

How strong is that interest? We’ll see. The Phillies have money to spend and multiple spots to upgrade, so it’s really no surprise they are connected to Kimbrel, or any other free agent, for that matter.

Kimbrel converted 42 of 47 save opportunities this past season with the World Champion Red Sox. In 63 appearances, the 7x all-star posted a 2.74 ERA, 13.9 K/9, and .995 WHIP.

Despite those solid regular season numbers, the 30-year-old struggled in his nine postseason appearances, allowing seven earned runs in 10.2 innings of work.

I’m a bit conflicted over this news. On the positive side, I could watch Phillies fans do this 45 times a year:

While that would be fun, going all-in on what is expected to be one of the market’s costliest relievers is a questionable move. I think we all remember what happened the last time the Phillies signed a high-profile reliever from the Red Sox:
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Crossed Up: Hey, Big Spender?

JoyOnBroad - November 7, 2018

Anthony and Bob discuss the Phils’ great offseason expectations, Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and the rest of the free agent and trade markets. Other topics covered include some brief thoughts on the World Series and Charlie Manuel’s Cooperstown candidacy.

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Your Complete Eagles and Saints Betting Guide

In many ways, the Philadelphia Eagles enter their matchup with the New Orleans Saints this weekend in a similar spot to what their previous opponent, the Dallas Cowboys, found themselves in a week ago. More than a touchdown underdog on the road against what’s believed to be a far superior team, the Eagles appear outclassed and overmatched. Most people figured they were tuning into the Cowboys’ funeral a week ago, and just as many, if

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Ruben Amaro Jr. Gets a New Gig

Kevin Kinkead - November 6, 2018

Ruben is moving on up, according to Jayson Stark:

Van Wagenen was recently hired to replace Sandy Alderson, who had been the Mets’ GM since 2010 but took a leave of absence in the summer to address a recurrence of cancer.

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Report: Phillies Could Be Players for Both Harper and Machado

BWanksCB - November 5, 2018

We’re only a couple days into baseball’s free agency period, but unless you care about who Bryce Harper is following on Twitter, there hasn’t been much to digest to this point.

Enter Jon Heyman with this tasty morsel:

Everything is on the table? Harper AND Machado?

My heart, it flutters in anticipation. Come gentle princes and lead us forth.

I don’t think it’s going to happen. Actually, I have no idea, but I’m conditioned for sadness and disappointment, so let’s
go with that.

I’m also pretty sure dumping a combined $75 million a year for the next decade into two players isn’t the best path to a title, but I would absolutely do it because I thrive off instant gratification, and I like shiny new things.

To that end, I’m encouraged by this news because it appears increasingly likely the Phillies are going to spend money. They have to. And not that pacifying a hungry fan base should necessitate handing out $350-$400 million contracts, but the Phillies will have a major perception problem on their hands if they don’t seal the deal on some primo talent this winter.

Do it, Middleton. Do it.

Mike Missanelli Trades Twitter Barbs with “Chicken Man” Curt Schilling

JoyOnBroad - November 5, 2018

So there I was just minding my business when I stumbled across Mike “The outright leader in Philadelphia sports talk” Missanelli engaging in some well-done Twitter beef with Curt Schilling.

Why? Politics, because of course.

It all started when Schilling took Missanelli to task over a Breitbart article about an accuser of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh recanting what she had claimed during his pre-appointment hearing:

So, yeah. Does Missanelli strike you as someone who would get involved in a petty back-and-forth?

Oh boy. It got worse.

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Carson Wentz and Mike Trout Went Hunting Together

BWanksCB - November 3, 2018

The Eagles are on the bye week, so quarterback Carson Wentz is enjoying some down time back west in North Dakota with his bros. You know, just hunting birds and doing some manly shit. The way things oughtta be. Wentz tweeted some pretty cool pictures of the trip because if you kill a bunch of birds and don’t post it to social media, did it even happen?

Say, is that…is that Mike Trout in those pictures?


Listen. Do I want the Phillies to sign Bryce Harper for 10 years and $400 million? I do. Would I be cool with Manny Machado? I would. But would I trade any 5-8 players in the Phillies’ organization not named Rhys Hoskins or Aaron Nola to get Trout in Philly? Hell yes.

Now, just because Trout is from Jersey, likes the Eagles, and is boys with Wentz doesn’t necessarily mean he’s ever going to play an inning for the Philies, but it’s like they say–where there’s (gun)smoke, there’s fire.*

*Denotes wishful thinking

Klentak Talks Machado, Free Agency Plans on WIP’s Midday Show

BWanksCB - November 1, 2018

As we enter the early stages of HARPERWATCH™ and MANNYWATCH™, Phillies GM Matt Klentak hopped on the 94WIP Midday Show with Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie to discuss the team’s plans ahead of a pivotal offseason. The insightful 23-minute interview spanned a wide-range of topics, but Klentak’s comments regarding free agent Manny Machado were particularly interesting. Here’s what he had to say when Ritchie brought up Machado’s much-maligned “Johnny Hustle” line:

It got my attention. There was a bright spotlight on Manny this postseason. One thing we can’t lose sight of is this guy is really good, and he had some big hits, and made some big plays in the offseason (sic), too, but that stuff matters…Perception does matter and we want to make sure that we put a team on the field that our fans can relate to and our fans are proud of.

I’m not going to get into too much talking about Manny or any other player in free agency, for that matter, that’s not fair to the players, but it is something that we will consider. And for every player that’s available, we have an evaluation of them, and there’s a lot of factors that play into that. Age, cost, offensive production, defensive production, versatility, and, obviously, the style of play is another factor.

Two things:

1) Klentak, as he showed with this response, is a master of saying a lot to dilute his actual answer, which is often a total non-answer.

2) This certainly wasn’t a ringing endorsement of Machado, and while it wasn’t a complete condemnation, his view of Machado came across as tepid. He seemed to imply that Phillies fans won’t relate to Machado, which is rich, given he later said that Carlos Santana was “great” last year and also a really good player for this town. He wasn’t on Twitter this past season, I guess.

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Red Sox Fans Can’t Aim, Hit Their Manager and World Series Trophy With Beers

Kevin Kinkead - November 1, 2018

When the Eagles paraded down Broad Street after winning the Super Bowl, head coach Doug Pederson caught a beer can thrown to him for drinking purposes. It was an accurate throw from an athletic and coordinated Philadelphia sports fan.

During the this week’s Red Sox parade, slovenly and unathletic Bostonians did the same thing but displayed incredibly shitty aim, hitting their manager and damaging the World Series trophy in the process.

See for yourself:

I agree with “Bo Tilly.”

Whoever threw a beer on Alex Cora is a POS and their mom is a hoe.

Here’s the thing- you don’t OPEN THE BEER before throwing it. You toss it to the player or coach, then they open it, as demonstrated after the jump:

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