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Get Paid to Participate in a Cheesesteak Focus Group

Kevin Kinkead - September 11, 2018

Are you the most Philly person out there? Do you carry your lunch pail to the Broad Street line while wearing your Donovan McNabb jersey?

This is for you, then, a casting call that puts all others to shame.

Via press release:

House Casting is seeking participants in the Philadelphia area for a ‘Focus on Food’ focus group.

Seeking participants aged 21-40, of all ethnicities and backgrounds, who have strong Philly pride and/or who have a love and appreciation for a good Philly Cheesesteak.

Pay: The chosen participants will be paid $600+ for their participation

Date: The focus group will take place on either September 17th or September 18th in Philadelphia. Must have full day availability.

If interested, please email JULIET@NEFJONESCASTING.COM with the following information ASAP:

Name and contact #

A few candid photos (no sunglasses, must clearly see your face)

Occupation and where you are located

Quick 2-3 min selfie video answering the prompts below:

-Name, occupation and location

-How does Philly pride differ from other city pride?

-First thing that comes to mind when thinking about the Eagles?

-Let’s talk cheesesteak for a second: Who makes the best cheesesteak in all of Philly?

-What is on your perfect Philly Cheesesteak? Ingredients wise?

-What do you say to people who think the Philly cheesesteak is overrated?

-If you were dating someone, and they asked you to choose between them and the Philly cheesesteak…how would you react?”

Yes, this is real.

Russ will probably sign up for it. He’s probably working on his 2-3 minute selfie video as we speak.

Phillies Get Rained Out Without a Drop Falling

Philip Keidel - September 10, 2018

One of the worst beatings I narrowly avoided in my insufferably mouthy twenties came at a South Philadelphia bar after a Flyers playoff win when my friends and I were standing next to some of the guys who worked at the Center taking care of the ice. None of the jokes I told were especially funny, but at least they weren’t very clever, either.

“So, if you guys don’t show, does the ice just melt?”

“When you apply for that job, do you submit a resume or just a picture of your hosing down your back yard in January?”

“Have the Flyers ever ended up playing in roller blades on the hard wood because you guys messed up?”

And so on. I definitely should have lost some teeth that night.

Anyway, this story popped into my head tonight as the condition of the field mere hours from the start of tonight’s scheduled game with the Washington Nationals led to some pretty interesting scenes: Continue Reading

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Crossed Up: Door Open, Door Shut

JoyOnBroad - September 6, 2018

Anthony and Bob discuss the Phillies’ inability to take advantage of Boston’s sweep over Atlanta and the struggles of Rhys Hoskins and Cesar Hernandez. Other topics include a discussion about whether or not the Phillies’ improved record this season is misleading, Joe Jordan leaving the organization, and the regression of the starting staff.

Please subscribe to the show ([iTunes] [Google Play] [Stitcher] [RSS]), leave a 5 star review, and follow us on Twitter: @AntSanPhilly @BWCrossingBroad

Audio after the jump: Continue Reading

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Gabe Kapler Turns to Jimmy Rollins for Some Help

BWanksCB - September 4, 2018

As I’m sure you have heard, the Phillies entered tonight’s game with the Marlins in the midst of a total free fall. No series wins in a month. A 4-11 record over their past 15 games that has not happened by accident. A dismal .237 team batting average, a league-worst defense in terms of defensive runs saved, and a seemingly drained group of overachieving starting pitchers have combined to paint a bleak outlook on the team’s rapidly fading playoff hopes.

What is a manager to do? Juggling the lineup and staying positive haven’t worked. In the end, nothing may prevent the disappointing conclusion to this season that feels increasing inevitable, but I give Gabe Kapler credit. He’s still searching for a solution. His latest attempt involves turning to Jimmy Rollins, a guy who knows a thing or two about setting the tone for a late-season comeback, for help:

It should go without saying that this current Phillies team is just a bit different from that 2007 group. I don’t see a National League MVP manning shortstop, a second baseman with a .976 OPS, or a first baseman with 47 homers out there on the field tonight. Truthfully, they don’t possess a shred of the offensive firepower that team had, but, and I know nobody wants to hear this, they are also not as bad as they have played over the past month. According to FanGraphs, the Phillies entered play tonight with a 24.5% chance to win the NL East. I like the idea of bringing in a well-respected guy like Rollins to share his perspective on overcoming steep odds:

No snark. No eye roll from me on this one. Plus, at least for one night, Rollins’ presence seems to be helping. The Phillies’ offense has come alive, scoring eight runs through eight innings as I write this post. That’s more runs than they had managed in their previous four games combined, so screw it. I’m in.

Ryan Howard Announces Retirement in Players’ Tribune Article

Kevin Kinkead - September 4, 2018

Thirteen seasons, 1,475 hits, 382 home runs, 1,194 RBI, three All-Star selections, and a World Series titles.

Not a bad career for Ryan Howard, who contributed much more to the Philadelphia Phillies beyond those six things I picked out above.

The 38-year-old longtime Phil officially announced his retirement today in a Players’ Tribune article titled, “Thank You, Philly,” which is even more of a mandatory read than last week’s fantastic Joel Embiid piece. 

Howard covers a lot of topics in the article, explaining how he wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from fans on his Phillies debut:

It was basically the same advice from everyone, over and over: Philadelphia’s tough. And if you want to survive there? You have to get tough, too.

But you also have to understand: Things were a little different back then. The “drought,” man, that was real. When I came up, it had been over two decades since a Philly team had won a title in a major sport. There’d been more than a few heartbreakers over the years. And so those fans, you know…. to me, I’d always thought they were maybe a little misunderstood. Because if there’s one thing that I was always able to relate to as a player, it was hunger. From Little League, to college ball, to the Draft, to my path through the minors, and feeling like I was ready for my shot at the majors before that shot would come: I came up as a player with a sort of permanent hunger inside of me. The hunger to prove people wrong.

That fervor was nothing but positive when Howard stepped up for the plate for the first time, batting for Vicente Padilla in the 5th inning of a September game against the Atlanta Braves in 2004:

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It’s Getting Harder to Play Postseason Make Believe With the Phillies

BWanksCB - September 2, 2018

I guess you could say that today was a microcosm of the Phillies’ season. It began with so much promise, but by the end, things were a total mess.

Aaron Nola came out firing, striking out seven of the first nine batters he faced. It looked like Nola, as he has done on numerous occasions this season, was going to put the Phillies on his back. Phillie-killer Daniel Murphy had other plans:

It is at least worth mentioning that while Murphy manned second base for the Cubs this afternoon, Pedro Florimón did so for the Phillies. He probably did so, at least in part, because Cesar Hernandez entered today hitting .212 with a .604 OPS since the All-Star break. Now, I’m not saying the Phillies should have claimed Murphy last month, or implying that they would have worked out a deal with the Nationals had they done so, but again, it’s at least worth mentioning.

Nola struck out 11 Cubs hitters, but also went on to surrender solo shots to Anthony Rizzo and Javy Baez before a Kyle Schwarber RBI triple knocked him out of the game in the sixth. It was the first time that Nola surrendered more than three earned runs in a game at Citizens Bank Park this season. Not that it mattered. The Phillies’ offense failed to produce a run until it was down to its last out. Continue Reading

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A Word of Advice on Watching September Baseball

BWanksCB - September 1, 2018

Hey there, friend. I wanted to hop on here real quick with what I think are some sound words of advice:

Beer. Lots of beer. Preferably something with 6-10% ABV.

Want to survive the inevitable stress and rage that are each surely to be ignited as you watch the Phillies play meaningful September baseball? This is my recommendation, but be sure to stay away from anything stronger, unless you aspire to be fully hammered by the time Gabe Kapler calls for Adam Morgan out of the bullpen in the fourth inning in any one of, I don’t know, like, six games this month.

On second thought…

Just know that I’m here for you. We haven’t watched consequential late-season Phillies games for quite some time, and tense moments will be plentiful, so I checked out Google for some other anxiety coping mechanisms:

Laugh? Reduce caffeine intake? Not for me. Misery and coffee are key elements of my daily routine, though burning some Roman chamomile and Frankincense seems like it would be delightful.

Whatever you ultimately go with—-yoga, meditation, 30mg of Paxil 30 minutes prior to first pitch–just make sure it’s effective because the Phillies are going to drive you mad. Continue Reading

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The Phillies Move Up Aaron Nola’s Start to Sunday, Promptly Unveil a Nola Promo for Sunday

BWanksCB - August 30, 2018

Aaron Nola is 3-0 in seven starts since the All-Star break with a 1.53 ERA and 0.94 WHIP. He has a 1.06 ERA in five starts this month. By every measure, he is unquestionably one of the game’s elite starting pitchers. So when the Phillies announced before Wednesday night’s game that Nola’s next start would be moved up to Sunday afternoon at home against the Cubs, it made perfect baseball sense:

Hard to argue with Kapler there. I would do the exact same thing.

The Phillies went on to lock down an impressive win last night. They showed a pair by erasing an early 5-2 deficit to salvage a game in what had been, up until that point, a completely disastrous series with the Nationals. Carlos Santana, look at you, bringing back your team from the dead with a big-time grand slam. Jose Bautista, whose acquisition many scoffed at (myself included) reached base four times and delivered a go-ahead RBI single in the seventh. Tommy Hunter got the job done with an impressive two-inning save. It was easily one of the Phillies’ best wins of the year.

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