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The Phillies’ Indecision on Gabe Kapler is Getting Stranger by the Day

Bob Wankel - October 8, 2019

Today could be the day that we finally learn the fate of Phillies manager Gabe Kapler.

Then again, today could also not be the day.

Whatever the case, we have some updates on #GabeWatch this morning, and it seems that John Middleton is wasting no time burning up the jet fuel this offseason:

Three immediate reactions:

  • Middleton is much more successful than I ever will be, so I’m willing to concede that there may be a method to his madness here that a lowly person such as myself is simply unable to comprehend, but the logistics and sequencing of this entire process is baffling. I have questions, many of them. Why hop on a plane to solicit player opinions following the season when he had convenient access to the entire clubhouse in the final days of the regular season? Certainly, he’s been mulling this decision for weeks, so what information did he need to obtain before spending recent days soliciting player opinions? I’m all for careful consideration and due diligence, but the optics of this process have not created a good look for an organization that needs to generate some good buzz with an exasperated fan base.
  • I’ll stop banging this drum in the near future, but I can’t help but wonder why Middleton and his ownership group are taking such a meticulous approach to a decision on the manager’s fate, yet didn’t think twice about running it back with a front office that built the team he’s so unhappy with.
  • Personally, I’m rooting for Gabe to come back just for the Keeping Kapler rain delay theater on NBC Sports Philly next season.

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Crossed Up Radio: Oct. 7, 2019

Russ Joy - October 7, 2019

This episode of Crossed Up aired Monday, October 7, 2019 on 610 ESPN Philadelphia.

Anthony and Bob discuss Gabe Kapler Watch, react to local reports about the manager’s future, and assess what it will take to make fans believe in the Phillies going into the 2020 season.

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Audio after the jump:

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Gabe Kapler Job Status Update: It’s Really Quiet Out There..

Kevin Kinkead - October 7, 2019

What’s up with the Phils?

Anybody doing anything over there?

NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Jim Salisbury dropped a new Phillies column this afternoon titled “Phillies owner John Middleton’s inquisition almost complete — will he sack Gabe Kapler or will Phillies skipper break free?”

There aren’t a lot of hard statements in the story, but Salisbury is more plugged in than most people down at Citizens Bank Park, so his stuff is always worth parsing to see what we can find.

Salisbury reports that John Middleton has yet to “render a verdict” on the future of manager Gabe Kapler.

He writes:

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Chris Young Out as Phillies Pitching Coach

Bob Wankel - October 4, 2019

We still don’t know the fate of Phillies manager Gabe Kapler, but we do know the fate of Chris Young, who will not return as the team’s pitching coach next season:

The decision to move on from Young hardly comes as a surprise after former hitting coach John Mallee was dismissed back in August. It has been speculated that move came at the behest of frustrated owner John Middleton.

One could argue that the team’s pitching staff was an even bigger disappointment than the offense in Young’s first season in the position as several of the Phillies’ young arms failed to progress the way the team hoped.

In fact, if one did argue that, one would win. The pitching was abysmal.

While the team dealt with injuries to Jake Arrieta and multiple key bullpen pieces, Zach Eflin, Nick Pivetta, and Vince Velasquez were each bumped from the rotation at different points throughout the season, while staff ace Aaron Nola also took a step backward.

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Carlos Santana Shades Jake Arrieta in Response to “Culture” Comments

Kevin Kinkead - October 4, 2019

Didn’t expect Jake Arrieta vs. Carlos Santana to be a thing in 2019, but here we are.

Last night, Santana, who was traded this summer after just one season in Philadelphia, took to Twitter to address recent Arrieta comments claiming the Phillies’ clubhouse was a better place without him:

Here’s what Arrieta said to annoy Santana, via a Matt Breen newsletter at the Inquirer:

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Matt Klentak and Andy MacPhail Cannot Expect Gabe Kapler to Fall on the Sword

Coggin Toboggan - October 3, 2019

When the Phillies finally announce their decision on Gabe Kapler (most likely at 1:05 p.m. on Sunday afternoon in the most Phillies way possible) it could mean the end of a grand experiment. Kapler, the GM hand-picked new age manager who was destined to lead a squad of talented athletes to the promised land on the back of analytic strength and old-school managerial hunches, could be out of a job if Phillies Managing Partner and Principal Owner John Middleton tires of yet another year of deluded expectations and pulls the plug on the controversial manager.

If he does relieve Kapler of his duties he then should take a long, hard look at his front office and yank the cord out of that life-support system as well.

If Kapler is canned there is no way Phillies President Andy MacPhail and GM Matt Klentak should expect to keep their jobs either.

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Reminder: John Middleton Called Matt Klentak an “Elite GM” Seven Months Ago

Kevin Kinkead - October 3, 2019

Jayson Stark says that we shouldn’t expect any Philadelphia Phillies front office and/or coaching news until perhaps next week.

What does that mean?

Does it mean John Middleton is thinking about canning Matt Klentak and Andy MacPhail? Does it mean that nothing will happen it all? Did a preconceived plan to replace Gabe Kapler with somebody else hit a snag?

We don’t know, at least not right now, so we read between the lines and look for clues.

One of those clues jumps right off the page and slaps you across the face, and it’s the set of quotes Middleton dropped on 94 WIP back in March, after the Phillies completed the Bryce Harper signing and wrapped up an offseason that also included the additions of J.T. Realmuto, Andrew McCutchen, Jean Segura, and David Robertson.

Said Middleton of Klentak:

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Report: No Gabe Kapler News Until Next Week

Kevin Kinkead - October 2, 2019

So Jim Salisbury reported about 20 minutes ago that we weren’t gonna get any Phillies news today.

Now Jayson Stark says don’t expect anything until NEXT WEEK:


Well it could mean that, that more is at stake here than just the manager’s job. But could it also mean that they are simply satisfied with what they have and don’t plan to make any changes?

The saga continues, Wu Tang, Wu Tang.