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Report: Philly Will Shut Down All Non Essential Businesses Today

Kyle Scott - March 16, 2020

Can’t wait to see what Kenney’s definition of essential is. Would hate to own a soda fountain right now.

What The Hell Is Mayor Kenney Doing?

Kyle Scott - March 16, 2020

This weekend Governor Tom Wolf ordered the closure of restaurants and bars in all of Philly’s surrounding PA suburbs– a wise and necessary move in the face of a global pandemic that will be amplified by idiots going to bars and bro-hugging each other to (their Nonna’s) death.

Curiously absent was Philly itself.

At that moment, we learned who was on top:

What’s the hold up? Well, Mayor Kenney explained on Saturday:


“I would recommend you wash your hands, you stay out from within three feet of people, and go out and have dinner — and tip your waitstaff because they’re struggling right now,” Kenney said at a news conference Saturday. “We have to figure out a way that we can continue moving forward without panicking to the point that everything shuts down. We may be healthier but the economy will be in the tank, and we can’t have that.”

Kenney later clarified that comment, emphasizing the importance of social distancing while in public spaces. But many Philadelphia bars and restaurants were crowded Saturday night, a potentially critical moment in the local spread of the virus.

No doubt that closing bars, restaurants and small businesses inflicts a world of pain on citizens and the economy. But if it’s not done now, it will happen eventually anyway. And the alternative will not only hurt workers, but it will also make many of them sick. This is where the federal government needs to step in and make whole hourly and part-time workers, and small business owners impacted by any of this. There are two options, both bad, but only one right decision.

I’ll try to be succinct and without hyperbole here: If Mayor Kenney doesn’t shut down restaurants and bars and keeps this stance up, he is going to kill thousands of people.

And yes, there is a petition for this.


50 Things For You To Do While Sporting Events are Suspended

Kevin Kinkead - March 13, 2020

Lock it down.

We’re going nowhere and doing nothing for the foreseeable future. No sports, no school, no concerts, but a lot of free time around the house and in our neighborhoods, so long as we practice appropriate social distancing and wash our hands.

If you’re at a loss and wondering what to do with your free time, I’ve compiled a list of 50 ideas that can hopefully help:

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The Major League Baseball Season Will Be Pushed Back At Least Two Weeks

Kevin Kinkead - March 12, 2020

Here’s the official word from Rob Manfred and company:

The Phillies’ opener was scheduled for March 26th, so two weeks would push us back to April 9th, when they’re slated to start a four game road series in Cincinnati. We’ll see if they move the entire slate or simply just pick up with the schedule from that point. Baseball doesn’t have as much flex as other sports since the schedule is so crammed (unless they wanted to load us up with doubleheaders).

Inevitable: Major League Baseball Will Be Suspending Operations

Kevin Kinkead - March 12, 2020

Everybody saw this coming from a mile away:

At least this gives Seranthony Dominguez and Andrew McCutchen more recovery time. That’s literally the only positive I can come up with right now.

This sucks.

Aaron Nola’s “Flu” Turned Out to be a Stomach Bug

Kevin Kinkead - March 12, 2020

Anybody else panic when Aaron Nola was scratched from his spring training start on Wednesday due to illness?

The baseball beats are down in Florida with the team right now, and Scott Lauber at the Inquirer has an update:

Nothing official from MLB yet on the start of their season. The Phillies open two weeks from today, March 26th, in Miami. Every team will play on that same day, so Major League Baseball really only has 14 days of wiggle room here. Maybe they shouldn’t even be playing these spring training games. You’ll probably see an official statement today or tomorrow.

25 Topics for Philly Sports Writers and Radio Hosts to Talk About During Coronavirus Lockdown

Kevin Kinkead - March 12, 2020

No sports?

What the hell are we supposed to talk about?

I saw some people grouse about this last night after the NBA season was suspended. We all need material to work with, whether we’re sports writers, radio hosts, podcasters, or lazy bloggers. A lack of action means the well is going to dry up, right? We’re screwed!

“Not so fast my friends,” as Lee Corso would say. I’m here to assist my colleagues with 25 recommendations to get us through this difficult time.

We can discuss:

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Seranthony Dominguez Reportedly Had a Setback

Kevin Kinkead - March 11, 2020

Shit news on a Wednesday afternoon.

Jim Salisbury at NBC Sports Philadelphia is reporting that Phillies reliever Seranthony Dominguez suffered a setback in his recovery from an elbow strain.


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