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Four Things that are Really Hurting the Sixers Right Now

Kevin Kinkead - December 18, 2018

With all of the Eagles and Flyers stuff going on, I felt like it made more sense to wrap the Spurs, Cavs, and Pacers games together into one article.  We don’t need a standalone post for a 27-point road loss on the second night of a back-to-back, do we?

If it feels like a blur, it probably is. This is the part of the season where the games start to bleed together. You’re likely running around trying to get holiday things done while the team slogs toward the inevitability of the buyout market as we near the halfway point of the 82-game schedule. That’s all good and well, but unfortunately the Sixers are now hitting a hellish stretch of the schedule that includes a home game with Toronto followed by five straight road games against Boston, Portland, Utah, Phoenix, and the Clippers.

Let’s reset and refocus here, because they’ve lost three of four and are now sitting in fourth place at 20-12. We’re judging the Sixers not necessarily game-by-game, but trying to identify what their post-Jimmy Butler trade strengths and weaknesses are. What does this squad need? What are they good at? Where are they lagging behind? It’s a cumulative grind towards the playoffs.

I think it’s four things: perimeter defense, depth, the power forward position, and managing Joel Embiid. If we’re justifiably looking ahead to the postseason and how this team matches up against the best squads in the east, then these things would probably go into the Sixers’ “premortem,” as Brett Brown likes to say.

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Indoor Surveillance and Temper Tantrums: Markelle Fultz’s Mom Might Be An Issue

JoyOnBroad - December 17, 2018

Picture this: you’re entering your first NBA season after being drafted first overall. You tweaked your ankle in Summer League and fans are eagerly anticipating your debut as the final piece of a young core. At the same time, your mother has had indoor security cameras installed in your home. In a sense, stepping off the court doesn’t allow you to get out from in front of the camera. Welcome to the reported life of Markelle Fultz.

Over the past two seasons, many have been focused on positing theories as to why Markelle morphed from a consensus #1 overall pick to a shell of his former self on the court. All along, I’ve been equally if not more interested in learning how the circle around Fultz may have contributed to his unprecedented fall from grace. Enter Candace Buckner of The Washington Post who shed some light on Fultz’s quasi-secretive inner circle. While she was able to get Markelle’s former trainer Keith Williams on the record, the most insightful bits in the piece were related to Fultz’s mother, Ebony, which went well past the typical AAU-helicopter parent.

Let’s go back to the indoor cameras:

During Fultz’s first season in Philadelphia, Ebony had cameras installed inside his New Jersey home, according to several people familiar with the setup who described the indoor surveillance as unusual. The cameras have since been removed.

Well thank God for that. Per Buckner’s sources, Ebony has also requested that people involved with her son sign non-disclosure agreements for reasons unbeknownst to the referred parties.

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Sports Betting Updates

fanduel sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook Review

Things have picked up for NJ online sports betting. FanDuel Sportsbook launched their sports betting app in September and they, along with DraftKings, have quickly become the leaders in the space. If you want to know how the sites compare to each other, read our DraftKings Sportsbook vs. FanDuel Sportsbook post. Otherwise, keep reading to get our review of FanDuel and their current bonus offers. Bonus: First deposit matched up to $100 Minimum Deposit: $10 FanDuel

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draftkings eagles bet

After an Unprofitable Season, Bettors Finally Win Big With Eagles

There’s really no way to sugarcoat it, the Eagles have been a bad bet this season. With a 5-9 overall record against the spread, the defending Super Bowl champs have been one of the NFL’s least profitable teams. Think they’ve been tough to root for this season? Try betting on them. The Eagles have disappointed in all situations: both on home and on the road, as a small and big favorite, and even as underdogs,

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The Best New Jersey Online Sports Betting Offers This Weekend

Christmas is just a little more than a week away, so if you still haven’t gotten in on New Jersey’s legal sports betting action, now seems like the right time give yourself the gift of great promos and generous signup bonuses being offered by the best betting apps.  And who knows, maybe you’ll make a little extra spending money to finish up your holiday shopping, or, you know, pay for a round at the bar. Either

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Brett Brown Was With Joel Embiid For “Probably Four Hours” After the Pompey Article Dropped

Kevin Kinkead - December 14, 2018

Sixers head coach Brett Brown was on the 97.5 the Fanatic morning show today with Marc Farzetta, Tra Thomas, Bob Cooney, and Jamie Lynch.

Not surprisingly, the discussion began with a couple of questions about Joel Embiid’s post-Toronto comments, those fleeting couple of hours where he expressed discomfort with his role via an article from the Inquirer’s Keith Pompey. All of that was squashed rather quickly, but Brown shed a bit more light on the situation today.


Farzetta: We haven’t talked to you since it came out, but it feels like it was one of those stories that could have caught wildfire, Joel Embiid voicing his frustration then quickly shifting to ‘he loves everybody,’ – it seems like that story more or less blew over.

Brown: Yeah and I think that it should have. I think when people read into it , we all sort of get the passion Joel has. I think a lot of it was a reaction to us not wanting him to play and trying to force-feed a rest. It’s a snap shot of him wanting to play. We move on. I do not believe the story had the legs it needed to continue.

Farzetta: Did you have any takeaway from the story, of Joel being a perfectionist at least?

Brown: There’s always lots to take away from a story, and the following day I was with him for probably four hours on an off day. It’s just a constant reminder how you have to stay on top of things with the coach. You daily sort of fight for the soul and spirit of the team and try to keep our ecosystem balanced. There’s some subtle truth to using Joel, and part of his challenge, which is a strength and a curse, is he can score and he can be used in so many ways. He’s not Shaquille O’Neal. He can be, but he’s also able to step out and do some things. His versatility at times makes his life a little conflicted in a positive way. He’s that skilled. The point is that we all bunker in and get back on track as a team.

More after the jump:

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Does Philadelphia Arena Food Pass the Test?

Kevin Kinkead - December 13, 2018

Really cool article over at ESPN.

They did an investigation into the quality of stadium and arena food by collecting “more than 16,000 food-safety inspection reports from health departments that monitor the 111 professional football, baseball, basketball, and hockey facilities across North America.”

In that data, they found that 28 percent of those venues incurred some kind of “high-level violation,” which doesn’t surprise me as somebody who used to work in the food service industry.

Researchers parsed all of this to come up with a nationwide ranking, and all three of the venues in South Philadelphia fell somewhere in the middle of the list, after the jump:

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Making Their Guards “Look Like Hall of Famers” – Observations from Nets 127, Sixers 124

Kevin Kinkead - December 13, 2018

I wouldn’t pin last night’s loss on any one thing specifically.

Start with the fact that the absences of Jimmy Butler and Mike Muscala forced Brett Brown into playing what essentially amounted to a seven-man rotation, with T.J. McConnell and Landry Shamet receiving 29 and 20 minutes, respectively.

That’s one thing.

Then you could go free-throw shooting, where the Sixers only hit at 75% on 16 trips to the line while Brooklyn shot 86% on 43 attempts. You can say that number might be bloated due to the late 4th quarter scramble, but it was lopsided well before then, with the Sixers still in single digit free throw attempts midway through the final period.

After that, you can look at Joel Embiid, who had 23 points on 10-15 shooting going into halftime, but put up only three more field goals in the second half.

You could make a note of JJ Redick’s 1-7 mark from three point range. Maybe jot down 17 turnovers in your notebook.

You could also spend some time talking about Brooklyn’s efficiency from the perimeter and about the constant struggles the Sixers have with this team.

Brown and his players touched on almost all of those subjects after the game, but before I go quote-heavy, I want to start with the two fourth quarter sequences that essentially put this one to bed.

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Jimmy Butler Dished on “The Practice” and the Sixers on JJ Redick’s Podcast

JoyOnBroad - December 12, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered how interested Jimmy Butler was in joining the Sixers, what really happened at the now-infamous Minnesota Timberwolves practice, and what he thinks of Philadelphia now, you got your wish on the most recent episode of The JJ Redick Podcast.

Redick asked Butler if the Sixers were a team on his radar when he first requested a trade out of Minnesota.

Butler said:

When they were talking, Minnesota and Philly, they liked the deal that they were starting to get and then put together. So that’s when I became kinda aware that I could end up in Philly. Did I think this was gonna be where I ended up? I didn’t think so. And the only reason I didn’t think so was because it’s like, Philly is already a really, really good team. If you put me on there, I would like to think I’m a good enough player to add a little something and maybe get us to the hump of Eastern Conference finals, maybe even Finals.

At one point, Butler channeled his inner Allen Iverson when talking about the buildup to “The Practice”:

I would keep going into the office talking with management, talking with Thibs, and they would be like, “Hey, you need to come in and practice.” I was like, “Thibs, what I need to come in and practice for? Y’all gonna trade me.” What’s the point of practicing—going in there, getting up and down—and then I’m gonna be gone in a day. ’Cause it was always like: We almost got a deal, we almost got a deal, we almost got a deal.

Butler’s Sixers teammate drilled down on the reported details of the practice and how much of it was reported accurately, after the jump: Continue Reading

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Check out the Sixers’ Christmas Day Jerseys

Kevin Kinkead - December 12, 2018

Via team President Chris Heck:

Looks like a white version of the Rocky-inspired City Edition uniform. They’ll wear these on Christmas Day and a few more times during the regular season.


“For the Record,” a New Show Featuring Eytan Shander, Brian Westbrook, Krystle Rich, and Geoff Mosher

Kevin Kinkead - December 12, 2018

Programming alert.

We’ve got a new show hosted by:

  • beloved ex-Eagle Brian Westbrook
  • former 97.5 the Fanatic host Eytan Shander
  • former 97.5 the Fanatic host and longtime Eagles writer Geoff Mosher
  • Sixers Outsiders co-host Krystle Rich

It’s a web series and podcast called For the Record and it’s pretty straightforward – just four hosts sitting around and talking about sports and culture for a full hour without commercial breaks or useless phone calls via “Bob from South Philly.”

Phone calls like this:

Host: Bob from South Philly, you’re up.

Bob: Yeah? Hello?

Host: You’re up.

Bob: Oh okay, let me take you off bluetooth.

Host: Okay.

Bob: Yeah, hi? Can you hear me?

Host: I can hear you.

Bob: I want to talk about the Eagles. I think they should bring back John DeFilippo.

None of that on this show.

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