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“Go out there, have fun, kick someone’s ass, and just play basketball”

Kevin Kinkead - November 22, 2017

Here’s a post involving Jemele Hill that isn’t about Jemele Hill.

It’s about Joel Embiid, who appeared on SC6 last night and answered questions about his on-court behavior, specifically whether or not the histrionics might come back to bite him in the rear end at some point:

A bit of the exchange:

Hill: Are you concerned that you’re kind of poking the bear a little bit?

Embiid: Ah, no, I’m not worried about that. I mean, those guys that want to get their feelings hurt, if they’re not strong mentally, that’s not my fault. But when it comes down to it, if we all gotta square up, I mean I’m 7’2″ and I’m a big dude so I don’t think you want to try me. And I’m African, too. That’s the whole point of playing basketball, having fun. Go out there, have fun, kick someone’s ass, and just play basketball.

Embiid says it’s a two-way street. The crowd feeds off of him and he feeds off the crowd. And as long as the team keeps winning, I don’t think anybody in Philadelphia really cares how he behaves.

Career Highs and Meat Pies: Five Observations from Sixers 107, Jazz 86

Kevin Kinkead - November 21, 2017

Everything felt a little flat last night.

The shots weren’t falling for either team. The crowd seemed a bit hungover from the Eagles win. The loudest arena pops were for Alshon Jeffery, LeGarrette Blount, and the t-shirt cannon.

And then the game started to open up in the third quarter. Ben Simmons hit 6 of 8 shots en route to a career-high 27 points, shrugging off a 2-8 first half mark. He went 4-6 in the fourth quarter to finish 13-24 overall, adding 10 rebounds, 2 assists, and 4 steals in 34 minutes of play.

Despite the sluggish start, the Sixers slowly built a double-digit first half lead. Utah hit some shots in the second, but this game never felt like it was close. Brett Brown’s team wasn’t close to firing on all cylinders but comfortably dispatched a lesser squad to improve to 9-7 on the season. Continue Reading

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Joel Embiid is Truly a “Game-Time Decision” Tonight

Kevin Kinkead - November 20, 2017

Richaun Holmes and Jerryd Bayless will play tonight.

Joel Embiid, nobody knows.

Well Brett Brown probably does, but didn’t tip off the media during his pregame availability.

“Joel we’re still learning about,” the Sixers head coach said. “That will be a decision that is made.. I believe soon with Joel and medical people. I’ll learn the outcome of that, I suspect, soon.”

Never satisfied, Howard Eskin followed up, leading to a somewhat goofy exchange:

Eskin: Is there a problem? Or what is the problem? I mean…

Brown: I’m gonna leave that with those guys, Howard.

Eskin: So you have to prepare for a game.

Brown: Right.

Eskin: And you’re an hour and a half away, or whatever, and you don’t know whether you have Joel Embiid?

Brown: That’s right.

Eskin: Is that fair to you?

Brown: Yea. It’s Thanksgiving (inaudible over laughter).

Eskin: Okay. Merry Christmas, too. (more laughter)

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Trust the Processed Meat

Kevin Kinkead - November 20, 2017

Let’s give the meat pie a big Philadelphia welcome.

The Sixers’ Aussie influence is bleeding into the concession stands at Wells Fargo Center, with a new offering on the menu beginning, I think, tonight against the Jazz.

It’s exactly what it sounds like – meat and gravy inside of a flaky pot-pie looking thing. They sell these at global sporting events but it’s never been a thing in America.

Always looking for new and interesting business pursuits, the Sixers inked a partnership with Four’n Twenty, the Australian company that makes the pies. They’ll sell their “traditional beef pie” at games:

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The Warriors are who we thought they were – Four Observations from Golden State 124, Sixers 116

Kevin Kinkead - November 19, 2017

It began with the Sixers scoring 47 first quarter points and ended with David West taunting the Wells Fargo Center crowd after knocking down an 18-foot jumper.

We visited opposite ends of the spectrum on Saturday night. A “tale of two halves,” right? It’s the oldest of sporting cliches but I just have to use it here.

The Sixers lead 74 to 52 at halftime with Golden State shooting 11.1% from three and Steph Curry putting up a putrid -27. That double-digit gap quickly disappeared when the Warriors responded with their own 47-point quarter, outscoring the Sixers by 32 to start the second half. The air quickly went out of the building as the sellout crowd realized the inevitability of the result.

So what exactly happened there?

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Alshon Jeffery and JJ Redick Are Pretty Much the Same Guy

Kevin Kinkead - November 16, 2017

There’s a Philadelphia athlete who was brought in on a short-term deal to solve a specific offensive problem. The numbers aren’t amazing, but you see the occasional flash of individual brilliance while he makes the teammates around him better. Sometimes fans become frustrated when #17 fails to do the main thing he was brought here to do, but there are absolutely more positives than negatives.

That guy is actually two guys. It’s JJ Redick and Alshon Jeffery, who are both going through eerily similar seasons with the Sixers and Eagles.

Both are here on high-end, one-year contracts to improve each team’s scoring potential. For the Eagles, it was about giving Carson Wentz a bona fide WR1. For the Sixers, it was getting a knock-down shooter and veteran to boot, someone who could complement the young core of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid (and Markelle Fultz). Each deal was beneficial in a two-way sense, with both team and player testing the waters in a short-term scenario. Not the right fit? You’re a free agent next year. Underperforming? Let’s mutually part ways.

I think fans generally like what they’ve seen from each player while wanting more.

Let’s start with…

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Morning Wood: Historically Good

Kyle Scott - November 16, 2017

Welcome to the moment. That’s the Sixers’ slogan, right?

Last night was the moment we were all waiting for. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons entered the Staples Center for the second game in a row, penetrated the paint, scored at will, and didn’t even bother buying Lonzo Ball breakfast when they were done.

Let’s skip the pleasantries and get right down to the raw, hard facts: Joel Embiid put up 46 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists, 7 blocks, and shot 14-20 from the field, 2-3 from three, and 16-19 at the line. Those are transcendent numbers. What was that about his aggression and conditioning again? I couldn’t hear you through the visceral yells emanating from the courtside seats in LA.

Embiid is the first player ever to put up 46, 15, 7 and 7 in a game, and he’s the first player since Dr. J in 1982 to put up over 40 points, 7 assists and 7 blocks.

But that’s not enough. Embiid is eyeing a quadruple-double, and he knows who might be able to help him with that:

Good God the humanity.

I’m not even sure where to go next, so here are the highlights so you can get yourself lubed up for the rest:

There we go.

How good was Embiid? Apparently not as great as he can be. If you had to put a number on it…

Embiid is at 69%. More on Kevin Hart in a moment.

Are there more stats? You bet! Philly guy Kevin Negandhi has got you covered:

Are they lacking context? Sure. But who cares! Right about now you could tell me that Embiid was the first 7’0 player to score 46 and drop a 69 reference while making Lonzo Ball and the Lakers his bitch and I’d believe you. But that just sounds like a cherry-picked stat.

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The Joel Embiid Game: Five Observations from Sixers 115, Lakers 109

Kevin Kinkead - November 16, 2017

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Turns out Joel Embiid was right when he described his minutes restriction as “fucking bullshit.”

And myriad fans and media were also right when pointing out that early-season Joel just didn’t seem to be 100% fit.

So now you see what a healthy and focused Embiid can do, which is 46, 15, 7, and 7.

46, 15, 7, and 7…

The last person to do that was.. nobody! There’s no stat line on basketball reference that matches those parameters.

Now, they didn’t record blocks back in Wilt Chamberlain’s day, so I’m sure that Wilt hit those numbers at some point. And you do find lines of 46/15/7 for guys like Hakeem Olajuwon and Rick Barry, but the point stands – Joel was outrageous last night.

I always like to look for a number that nobody is really talking about, and the one that jumps out from this game is “2,” just two turnovers for Joel last night. That ties a season low, which he matched in a win against Atlanta, when he went for 21, 12, 6, and 3.

That tells me that he was locked in mentally. No forced passes, no wasted possessions at the rim, no settling for 15-foot jumpers. He just seemed so much more composed in this game, and that also improves with physical conditioning. When your body lags, your mind lags, but Jojo was dialed in entirely.

If we’re looking for a his best play from last night, take your pick. I think the two looks that he had down low, late in the fourth quarter, are the obvious choices: Continue Reading

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