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NBA General Managers Like the Bucks Better Than the Sixers

Kevin Kinkead - October 17, 2019

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Each year, polls the league’s 30 general managers on a wide-ranging variety of topics.

The Sixers come into the 2019-2020 campaign with championship aspirations, but the GMs don’t seem to share the same enthusiasm as fans and media.

When asked to rank the top four teams in the Eastern Conference, 76% placed Milwaukee at the top while the Sixers only garnered 24% first place votes. In a question of which team will win the NBA finals, the rankings went like this:

  1. LA Clippers — 46%
  2. Milwaukee Bucks — 36%
  3. Los Angeles Lakers — 11%

Some more items of note:

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Sixers Fans Should Feel Good About This Ben Simmons Quote

Kevin Kinkead - October 16, 2019

Ben Simmons didn’t play last night, so he didn’t shoot a jump shot.

But he was still asked about the shot today, for the 500th time, during practice over in Camden.

Difference this time is that he gave a rather thoughtful response instead of just brushing the question off and calling it dumb:

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Block Party – Observations from Sixers 106, Pistons 86

Kevin Kinkead - October 16, 2019

No Ben Simmons, so no jump shot storyline last night in the Sixers’ 20-point win against the Detroit Pistons.

Al Horford did not play either, so we got a starting lineup that looked like this:

  1. Josh Richardson
  2. Matisse Thybulle
  3. Furkan Korkmaz
  4. Tobias Harris
  5. Joel Embiid

That gave us a bit of an extended look at Richardson in a ball handling role, Harris bumped down to power forward, and Korkmaz in a starting role, playing alongside more talented guys.

Since the game didn’t feature one specific takeaway or theme, outside of the 15 blocks the Sixers posted, I decided to do it differently this morning, and we’ll go player by player with some notes on each guy:

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Sixers and Budweiser Collaborate on Co-Branded Beer Cans

Kevin Kinkead - October 15, 2019

Dilly Dilly.

The Sixers and Budweiser collaborated to create branded beer cans for all of y’all to enjoy this year.

Philly is one of just nine teams to feature their branding on the cans. The design includes a 76ers court outline with the script “The City of Brotherly Love” and “Philadelphia 76ers.” There are also designations for each year the Sixers won the NBA championship.

Later in the season, there will be a special 24 ounce release of these cans that will be served during games, as well as anywhere 24 ounce Bud cans are sold.

Some more images, after the jump:

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LeBron James is Getting Crushed for Comments About the Daryl Morey Situation

Kevin Kinkead - October 15, 2019

LeBron James is back on U.S. soil, which means he’s free to speak his mind.

That’s different from China, where you’re not allowed to do that.

So naturally, LeBron was asked about the Daryl Morey tweet that set off a public relations shitstorm of epic proportions, the pro Hong Kong message that even affected a Philly exhibition game and saw two fans kicked out of the Wells Fargo Center. James was in China with the Lakers while most of the nonsense was unfolding, and he was asked about that crapola before last night’s Lakers/Warriors preseason game.

Here are two of the quotes he gave, via ESPN:

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Zach Lowe Names Sixers “Top NBA League Pass Team” for Second Consecutive Year

Russ Joy - October 12, 2019

It’s become part of the modern NBA lexicon. Listen to enough basketball podcasts, and you’ll hear the term at least once a week. It usually goes like this: “I was watching the Kings play the Pistons last night, and man did I love how 21-year-old Harry Giles matched up against 30-year-old journeyman Jon Leuer. You wanna talk about an intriguing team, it’s Sacramento. They’re a real League Pass Team.” When you hear that, it usually means the person flipped the game on momentarily until a better matchup came on, then the guy flipped back to it at the end of the game and watched the rest of the it via an extended highlights package. Then there are guys who could conceivably watch the game and break down film, because it’s what they do. So when ESPN’s Zach Lowe announced the Sixers as the #1 NBA League Pass team -albeit with the Bill Simmons model in mind- it intrigued me, because Lowe not only knows his stuff, but also named them the Top NBA League Pass Team a year ago.

The Criteria

Per Lowe, the criteria for determining each NBA team’s League Pass rating includes giving a point value from 1-10 on the following five criteria:

  • Zeitgeist: That is to say, whether or not casual fans or the layman cares about the team.
  • Highlight potential: Is there a player on the team who can, to quote Marc Zumoff, turn garbage into gold?
  • Syle: An aesthetically-pleasing team game vs. iso-ball.
  • League Pass minutiae: This includes the team’s uniforms, various court interfaces, and announce team.
  • Unintentional comedy: This can include variables that one could deem as a curiosity, like Markelle Fultz’s jumpshot.

Why the Sixers are #1

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Daryl Morey Exposes the NBA’s China Problem

Tim Reilly - October 11, 2019

During his decade-plus tenure as general manager of the Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey has cultivated a reputation for being one of the smartest minds in basketball. Morey pioneered the use of analytics in the NBA, and his disciples have since spread the gospel of advanced metrics to every corner of the league.

Morey also has demonstrated a penchant for pulling off franchise-altering trades in an effort to keep the Rockets in contention in the crowded Western Conference. After the Golden State Warriors dispatched Houston in six games in the Western Conference semifinals, Morey signaled his willingness to overhaul his roster radically. Out went Chris Paul and in came Russell Westbrook. It was a daring gambit, and perhaps a desperate one, given the draft pick ransom the Rockets had to pay the Thunder in order to commence the deal: two first-round picks (2024 and 2026), plus the Thunder reserving the right to swap picks in 2021 and 2025.

However, it seemed for a time that Morey’s career with the Rockets might not survive long enough to enjoy the fruits of his all-in bet on the 2019-20 season. Morey’s tenuous job status has had nothing to do with questionable basketball decisions or mismanagement of the organization.

Like so many modern tragedies, it all started with a tweet. On Friday evening, Morey fired off a seemingly innocuous message on Twitter expressing his solidarity with democratic protesters in Hong Kong who are engaged in a protracted clash with mainland China over perceived intrusions on the former’s limited democratic rights:

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NBA Shuts Down Media Availability for Remainder of China Trip

Kevin Kinkead - October 11, 2019

Crazy how this Daryl Morey tweet turned into a full-bore NBA disaster. We’ve had fans kicked out of Philly and Washington preseason games, protests outside of arenas, and the uber-rare occasion of liberals and conservatives joining together to rip the league for kowtowing to China. I mean, we had Laura Ingraham and Will Bunch on the same side, for Christ’s sake.

All because a general manager expressed support for the democratic movement in Hong Kong.

Now the NBA is putting the kibosh on communications until the preseason China trip is finished, per ESPN:

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