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Enter to Win Two Sixers Tickets to Game 5!

JoyOnBroad - April 18, 2018

The Sixers will need all the support they can get when they return to Philadelphia for Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs. Now you have a chance to win TWO tickets to Game 5 on us! All you need to do is fill out the form below. That’s it! We will draw the winning name on Friday, April 19th.

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Joel Embiid: Contact Drills and Diplopia

Kevin Kinkead - April 18, 2018

Will he?

Or won’t he?

We’re talking about Joel Embiid’s game three status, though there isn’t much of an update to share. Embiid again went through a light practice on Wednesday afternoon, one day after participating in contact drills for the first time since he fractured his orbital bone and suffered a concussion back on March 28th.

Here’s what head coach Brett Brown had to say from Miami:

The Sixers need to submit an official injury report to the NBA this evening, which I’d think will say “questionable.” Not like it really matters though, since there was a game earlier this season where Embiid went from doubtful, to probable, to out within the span of five hours. Plus, it’s the playoffs, so it’s not like they’d tip their hat one way or another. Miami is prepared for either scenario and this isn’t some super-secret cat and mouse game.

Joel, of course, wants to play, and went on Instagram the other night to say that’s “fucking sick and tired of being babied.”

The issue, at least how it was described to me, doesn’t really have anything to do with swelling or healing, it’s more about his vision. The more concerning part of this type of injury is patching up a patient so that the eye socket is successfully reset, balancing the eyes and preventing diplopia, the medical term for double vision.

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Is It Bad That I Want To Punch Colin Cowherd in The Jugular?

Kyle Scott - April 18, 2018


I don’t actually want to take my balled up right fist and insert it squarely into Cowherd’s neck and see his head pop up and eyes bulge out, like one of those children’s toys where you squeeze the center and the ends enlarge, while his fairly attractive co-host, Kristine Leahy, looks on in bemusement and perhaps a touch of envy as she learns what that blog life is all about. I haven’t even thought about it.

I know this is what Cowherd does– sling shit at towns like Philly that are sure to respond. I’m playing right into his hand. I’m gifting him my testicular fortitude, an entire handful, and allowing him to play. That’s fine. This is a win-win for me, too, so let’s perpetuate this symbiotic relationship between asshole and blogger. Continue Reading

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Sixers Notes: The Day After

Kevin Kinkead - April 17, 2018

A day of media availability before practice on Tuesday afternoon, as the Eastern Conference quarterfinal shifts from cold and crappy Philadelphia to warm and beautiful Miami.

Of course the big story on Action News was Joel Embiid, and whether or not the seemingly disgruntled Sixers center will play on Thursday with the series tied at one game apiece.

“It’s still moving forward,” head coach Brett Brown said before the training session. “What I can say is there is a very unified effort with his representation and the people around him, with the people that did the operation, the doctors, with me and with the coaching staff. We’re all doing this; there’s a unified sort of spirit and line of communication. What that means in terms of when is he going to come play again, that’s still unknown. Today he’ll be doing some stuff with shooting and scripting, really for the first time with his team. What that translates to in terms of when is he going to go play for us on the court, we don’t know.”

It would not seem like Embiid is on board with the “unified” outlook, since he went on Instagram after last night’s toss to tell people that he’s “fucking sick of being babied.” That non-controversy was squashed by Brown, who said that he doesn’t really expect anything less from his charismatic and outspoken superstar.

“What I said last night I would repeat 10 times out of 10,” Brown said of Embiid’s social media post. “And I really don’t have anything else to say, more than what I said last night.”

Here’s what he said last night:

Brown said Embiid has not yet participated in any drills involving contact, but explained that he would touch a ball, be with his team, and run a few of his plays at Tuesday’s practice.

As far as Monday night’s loss, the head ball coach said he felt like his team won every quarter except the second, a period in which his team only scored 13 points. The squad re-watched that entire quarter in a film session before training.

“We watched the whole second period,” Brown said. “If we’re all adults in the room, led by me, and trying to take this and make it a positive, we hadn’t lost since March 13th. That feeling of losing, we haven’t felt in a while. I’m reminded how, you know, it’s not a great feeling. You don’t really sleep, and you think, what do you want to do? Really your mood changes. The team’s mood changes, and it should. Coach (Jim) O’Brien, one of my trusted assistants said something that I think was smart, that the playoffs don’t really start until each team gets punched in the mouth. So far we’ve each been punched in the mouth, so here we go. That second period we went through, play by play by play and talked about good and bad and moved on. But it’s part of the growth of us and part of just getting through a series, making the adjustments and continuing to get better. It’s stuff you know I would say.”

The Sixers will fly to Miami Wednesday morning and practice after getting off the plane.

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Relax, The Sixers Will Be Fine

Kyle Scott - April 17, 2018


No really, there’s not.

That was the Heat’s best shot. The Sixers aren’t going to shoot 19% from three again. Dwyane Wade only has one more of those games in him. Joel Embiid will return.

The Heat, good defensively all season, took it to the Sixers by pressing Ben Simmons, getting their hands into every inch of personal space, and hitting countless run-stopping big shots. It was smart, what they did– slowing down the Sixers and frustrating them to no end. Sure, it posed some risks, like you could see here in this video posted by Kevin earlier:

This strategy backfires if Redick is able to hitting a diving Simmons there. But the Heat were banking on the Sixers not being prepared for that sort of intensity and making hasty decisions or forcing shots, which is exactly what they did. Marry that with a solid team shooting performance by the Heat and Dwyane Wade being the OG on the court, and you have a hard-fought Heat road win.

I mean, Wade isn’t repeating this shooting performance again:

His incredible effort aside, that is just flat-out bad basketball in 2018. Long, contested two-point jumpers are not winning many series, specifically ones where a team is out-gunned at most positions on the floor. It was an honor to watch Wade hitting turn-around jumpers, but the Sixers will take this plan of attack ten times out of ten. They’ll settle down and being able to better handle the Heat pressure. They’ll hit a more respectable number of threes. And Wade won’t shoot 11-of-16 from the floor again.

And despite all of that, the Sixers had it to two with four minutes remaining before yet another impressive play from Wade.

Oh yeah, and Joel Embiid will be back.

Get one.

There’s a notion that he’ll slow them down when he returns. There’s something to that, for sure, but we saw last night why he’s so important. Never mind his ability to get easy baskets during long cold spells like we saw in the second quarter, his presence alone spaces the floor and opens up more for Simmons and, therefore, shooters. The Sixers can’t, and won’t, rely on Marco Belinelli workshopping his Leaning Tower of Pisa on every shot (for real, he’s horizontal on every release). He’ll get better looks, and so will Redick and Saric, and Simmons, who won’t take them. The point is, that was the best the Heat had to offer last night– it’s probably not repeatable, and certainly not sustainable, and the Sixers will get their best player back. Nothing to worry about.


The playoff hot dog is outstanding. The chili hits you first, followed by the delightful taste of salty meat, which is cradled with the crunch of bacon, all caressed by a fresh pretzel roll (fresher than I was expecting, to be honest). The only thing they could improve it is by adding a bit more salty flavor to the cheese– I feel like that would really tie the thing together. But this is very good and highly recommended. It rivals the South Philly Dog at Citizens Bank Park, and you know how I feel about the SPB. Score: 8 out of 10.

You can get the playoff dog at sections 104, 110, 122 and 212 during Flyers and Sixers playoff games.

Here is my beautiful thumb holding The Moment speciality cocktail. This was less impressive, but still good. It wasn’t too sweet. Cranberry juice, fresh lime and blueberries conspire with a muted vodka to deliver a refreshing, if hardly potent, playoff concoction. I’d give it one fucked up thumb up.

I continue to love the Wendy’s promotion. It’s perfect.

The Dwyane Wade Game – Observations from Heat 113, Sixers 103

Kevin Kinkead - April 17, 2018

Dwyane Wade entered the game with 4:15 remaining in the fourth quarter, stole the ball from Dario Saric, and flushed it down at the other end.

It kickstarted a 6-0 run that would essentially put the game away, extending the Miami lead from two to eight after the Sixers had spent the entirety of the second half clawing, scraping, and chipping away at a double digit Heat lead, only to see the comeback effort fall apart in the dying moments.

In a game featuring a lot of takeaways, that was probably the biggest one. Wade’s reintroduction stabilized Miami in crunch time, and he led all scorers with 28 points off the bench in a gritty and physical game two.

Brett Brown echoed those thoughts when asked what went wrong down the stretch.

“I think Dwyane’s steal on Dario – we’re on a 16-2 run – and I think it was three minutes or four minutes left and he came from behind and stole that ball from Dario,” Brown said. “With a minute or something left we had that offensive rebound, and (Robert Covington) tried to find JJ and ended up throwing that pass between his legs. But I give Miami credit; I felt like the runs we were making, that they ended up making some shots to stop the runs. I give them credit. But I think Dwyane’s steal changed the game. If you had to pick one defining moment, one defining play. I think it was that.”

Brett’s right; it felt like Miami would answer every time Philly was able to get within single digits. Kelly Olynyk hit a couple of big shots specifically, and it seemed like one of those games where the Sixers were going to be kept at arm’s length, no matter how hard they fought. When they finally did get within striking distance, Wade took over from there, and now we’ve got a 1-1 series heading down to Miami.

The pessimist would point to the Sixers shooting poorly and struggling to get into their offensive rhythm and flow. You could point to Miami’s hand checking and grabbing and slapping and bitch and complain about the officiating, which was pretty rough for both teams, if we’re being honest.

The optimist would say that they cut a double-digit deficit to two despite playing an atrocious second quarter, a period in which they were outscored 30 to 13 (Wade actually had more points than the Sixers in that quarter.) If Philadelphia’s 18-28 three point mark in game one was unsustainable, then last night’s 7-36 mark was an aberration weighing down the other end of the scale.

And of course you can point to the absence of Joel Embiid, who said after the game that he’s “fucking sick and tired of being babied.”  I would be stunned if he doesn’t play in game three.

So it depends how you want to look at it. Whatever the case, I think this was a somewhat sobering loss. Or.. I dunno. I don’t know if “sobering” is the right word, but it’s more of a “come back down to Earth” type of thing. I don’t know how realistic it was to think the Sixers were going to win 18 in a row or rip off three straight victories to open the series or sweep a well-coached team like Miami. A lot of folks out there were throwing out these outrageous predictions, claiming that the Sixers were going to roll right into the NBA finals. That was never going to be the case, and now you’ve got a young-ish team really learning what playoff basketball is all about.

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Joel Embiid is “F^%$#@! Sick and Tired of Being Babied”

Kevin Kinkead - April 16, 2018

Posted on Instagram shortly after the Sixers’ game two loss:

Brett Brown was asked about this during his press conference and didn’t seem at all concerned.

Paraphrasing his answer while trying to type as fast as I can:

“Joel wants to be with the team, wants to play. I get his frustration. The medical side and different reasons, I won’t go there. But the (social media) is completely driven out of team and competitiveness, that type of flavor.”

We’ve seen this before. Remember when Joel thought his minutes restriction was “fucking bullshit?” That turned out fine, and Brown wasn’t bothered by that line.

Either way, looks like Joel is ready for game three.

Game two observations in the morning.

Game Two: Five Things to Watch For

Kevin Kinkead - April 16, 2018

The Sixers held serve on Saturday night, putting on a second half clinic to sink Miami in game one of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals.

Now we get the interesting part – the adjustments, the coaching wrinkles, and the true nuance of a seven game playoff series.

Both sides were presumably tight-lipped about X’s and O’s after game one, but between the quotes, stats, and game film, there’s enough to parse heading into Monday evening.

1. Defending Ben Simmons

JJ Redick was asked on Sunday what changes he anticipates from Miami:

“They’ll probably make an adjustment on how they guard Ben, or what their strategy is with Ben, how they shift to the basketball and how they load up on Ben. And maybe they switch more off the ball with Marco and I. Those are probably the things I’d probably anticipate.”

Simmons finished with 17 points, 9 rebounds, and 14 assists in his playoff debut. He shot 5-13 from the field and scored 7 of his points from the foul line.

It’s not easy to defend a 6’10” point guard. We’ve seen him get to the paint even when opponents sag. He’s fast enough to breeze by tight positioning as well and something in between those two philosophies is usually a non-starter.

Looking through his misses from Saturday night, I saw this:

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