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Bill Simmons Fears the Sixers and Thinks LeBron Should Sign in Philly

JoyOnBroad - February 23, 2018

While in the midst of my daily media consumption, I came across some interesting notes from noted Boston super fan Bill Simmons. Near the end of a rather lengthy post on The Ringer, Simmons cited recent buzz of LeBron coming to the Sixers:

“The Sixers have enough cap space and trade assets to accommodate LeBron and the likes of, say, PAUL GEORGE; Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are two of the league’s best under-25 blue-chippers (young legs!); Klutch represents LeBron and Simmons (hmmmmm); and NBA insiders have been gossiping about an increasingly cozy Philly–LeBron’s circle connection since November.”

This blurb, in which Simmons argued that Philadelphia could provide LeBron the perfect narrative to end his career, was music to my ears.

“In 2018, LeBron James signed with Philadelphia to build one last mini-dynasty with Embiid and Simmons. He vowed to play seven more years, until he turned 40, and vowed to make it his last stop. Just as important, he wanted to be closer to New York City and to his goal of becoming the first active billionaire athlete, with an eye on building his business empire and eventually owning an NBA franchise.”

Let’s not forget that Bovada listed the Sixers as the 5th most likely destination for the four-time league MVP and three-time NBA Finals MVP to land this offseason.

Ultimately, LeBron may end up signing a multi-year deal with a team he believes has long-term potential. While recent contracts for James and Kevin Durant have amounted to one-year deals with a player option for a second, the optics of team-hopping to chase Michael Jordan’s ghost wouldn’t be in the best interest of LeBron’s image.

Although many in the national media believe James will land in Los Angeles to lead a young Lakers team, it could very well come down to two teams: Houston and Philadelphia.

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Carson Wentz Will Ring The Bell At The Sixers Game Tomorrow Night

BWanksCB - February 23, 2018

The Sixers are 31-25, in the midst of their longest winning streak since January of 2012, and haven’t lost at the Wells Fargo Center in over two months. In fact, Philly sports teams are straight up kicking ass right now. Check out this neat little factoid, courtesy of Crossing Broad’s own Anthony SanFilippo:

If all of that wasn’t reason enough to make you feel, uh, firm—there’s now also this:

Carson Wentz to ring the bell?! Let freedom ring, indeed. It should make for yet another awesome night in the midst of what is, by far, the greatest month in the history of Philly sports. Good luck, Orlando.

I imagine when the lights drop and Wentz walks onto the court tomorrow night that the noise generated by what should be a boisterous and eager crowd might blow the top off the Wells Fargo Center, but what the hell do I know? That’s why I asked 76ers game day presentation crew member Dan Sieck–the guy who actually rolls the bell onto the floor–what he expects.

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Markelle Fultz Named In NCAA Corruption Probe For Allegedly Taking Money

BWanksCB - February 23, 2018

If Sixers rookie Markelle Fultz was hoping that we would stop talking about his broken jumper (and psyche), I think, and this is just a hunch, that he’s about to get his wish–for a day. Maybe.

An explosive(!) report dropped this morning by Yahoo! Sports cites hundreds of pages of FBI documents in detailing wide-ranging potential rules violations committed by some of college basketball’s biggest names and programs.

The report focuses on the dealings of former NBA agent Andy Miller, his ex-associate Christian Dawkins, and the ASM Sports Agency. The documents reveal what could be a major headache for up to 20 NCAA programs and up to 25 current and former players, which allege that ASM worked with programs and players to get them to sign with the agency. Among the players reported to have taken money? That’s right—you guessed it. Markelle Fultz. The top pick of the 2017 NBA Draft reportedly received $10,000 from ASM, but didn’t go on to sign with the agency. Boss move.

Other notable players accused of taking money who appear in the report include Dennis Smith Jr. ($73,500), Isaiah Whitehead ($37,657), and Kyle Kuzma ($9,500).
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The Sixers’ Remaining Schedule is Incredibly Soft

Kevin Kinkead - February 22, 2018

Thankfully we’re done with the All-Star break and we can now transition from Fergie and Kevin Hart to meaningful basketball.

Before the season, I had the Sixers going 41-41 and nabbing the 8th seed in the east. A lot of that was predicated on thinking that Joel Embiid would miss a bunch of games, but that the team would have enough talent to turn the corner and sniff the playoffs for the first time in years. I think a lot of people were right around that 38 to 42 win range, and those predictions were made with the assumption that Markelle Fultz would be on the floor.

Playing without the #1 overall draft pick, they’re 30-25 coming out of the break and currently 7th in the east, just two games behind the 4th place Wizards and three games ahead of the 9th place Pistons. Looks pretty good, right? They really exceeded expectations in the first part of the season, even with some crappy losses thrown in (Sacramento, Phoenix, Brooklyn).

Brett Brown’s team can finish 11-16 and still hit the .500 mark, but I highly, highly doubt that they win fewer than 15 games down the stretch. The Sixers’ schedule is back loaded with contests against subpar teams and sets up nicely for a postseason run.

For starters, the remainder of the schedule features this:

  • 13 home games
  • 14 away games
  • six back-to-backs
  • 10 games vs. teams currently in playoff position
  • 17 games vs. teams not currently in playoff position
  • zero games against the Raptors, Celtics, Warriors, Rockets, and Spurs, who have five of the six best winning percentages in the NBA (Cleveland is the other)

That’s incredibly ideal. You got the elite squads out of the way early, which means that the toughest matchups down the stretch are a couple of games against the Cavs and Bucks, with visits from the T-Wolves and Nuggets creating an interesting wrinkle. Otherwise you’re looking at a large chunk of games against bottom feeders like Charlotte, Atlanta, New York, Orlando, and Brooklyn.

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Sixers Notes: Let’s Start Playing Basketball Again

Kevin Kinkead - February 21, 2018

If we’re being honest, there really wasn’t much to report from Sixers practice today.

The All-Star Break is over, there really aren’t any pertinent questions to ask, and I think media and fans alike just want to get on with the Sixers’ first postseason push of the Brett Brown era.

But first – let’s start with Markelle Fultz.

He didn’t do anything differently out there today, working with Billy Lange on a far court. Fultz shot layups and short-range jumpers and didn’t look any better or any worse than anything I’ve seen in the previous three months. For that reason, there wasn’t any merit to shooting video.

JJ Redick spoke to the media and offered an unprompted follow-up to the statement he made Sunday regarding the video in which he accidentally voiced a slur:

Deliver us to the Playoffs

For Brett Brown, this is new territory. Never before in his Sixer tenure has the team been in a post-All Star break playoff race. He’s been there plenty of times as an assistant, but not as a head coach, and not with this young group of players.

The Sixers are 30 and 25 and currently in 7th place in the east. They’re two games back from fourth-place Washington, so home court is certainly attainable if they navigate a road-heavy start to the final third of the schedule.

The most interesting thing is what the Sixers do with Joel Embiid down the stretch. Do they push him in a home court bid or focus on just getting into the playoffs with a healthy 7’2″ center?

Brown says it’s more of the latter:

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Crossing Broadcasts – Everything You Might Have Missed

Kevin Kinkead - February 21, 2018

It’s been a somewhat hectic week as Kyle tries to get shirt orders in the mail and Russ assumes lead podcast duties.

We did three of ’em in the past few days, but didn’t get them up on the website until… right now.



February 21st – ACLs, Bucher the Butcher, Flyers Win (Russ)

February 20th – All-Stars, Tongue-Twisters, Flyin’ & Fightin’ (Russ/Kevin/Bwanks/Anthony)

February 16th – Crossovers and He’s Only 19 (Russ/Kevin)

(all of the links on iTunes and the other platforms should be working as intended)

The LeBron James/Malvern Prep Thing Was Never a Thing

Kevin Kinkead - February 20, 2018

I don’t know a ton about Barstool Sports, but apparently one of their guys, “Smitty,” posted last night that LeBron James visited Malvern Preparatory School in advance of perhaps, possibly, maybe taking his talents to South Philadelphia next season:

Hmm.. interesting.

Smitty followed up 26 minutes later:

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JJ Redick Addresses Allegations of Slur Usage in Video

Kevin Kinkead - February 19, 2018

If you missed it this weekend, a video was published online in which Sixers’ guard JJ Redick appears to voice an Asian racial slur.

The clip in question features NBA athletes wishing Chinese fans a happy new year, and Redick’s greeting takes place about midway through:

Redick seems to stumble a bit while speaking to the camera:

“I just wanted to wish all of the NBA ***** fans in China… (video dissolve) …a very happy Chinese new year.”

For context, this video isn’t produced by the NBA, but was commissioned by the company “Tencent,” which entered an agreement with the NBA a few years ago to share content in China. Redick’s part was edited out of an updated version of the video. And in the original version, you can see a dissolve that takes place halfway through his greeting, which means that two separate sentences were spliced together or a chunk of one sentence was removed.

JJ addressed the issue twice this weekend, first on Sunday afternoon:

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