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James Ennis Believes the Sixers Will “Walk to the Finals in the East”

Kevin Kinkead - July 11, 2019

James Ennis could have made more money playing elsewhere this season.

But he returned to Philly on a two year, $4.1 million dollar deal (with a 2020 player option), because he felt like he had a chance to win it all with the Sixers.

Here’s what Ennis told Keith Pompey on Wednesday:

“Because it’s a good team, and a good chance of winning. The East is going to be wide open. We had a good chance last year. Kawhi is gone. He went to the West.

“So we are going to walk to the Finals in the East.”

Whoah whoah whoah – red alert? Jinx? Is this one of those comments that’s gonna come back to bite him in the ass, like the famous Vince Young “Dream Team” quote from 2011? Is this going to be twisted and blown out of proportion like Brett Brown’s “star hunting” quote? Are Celtics and Bucks fans going to sit on this Ennis comment and wait for the Sixers to crash and burn in the playoffs?

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The Tobias Harris and Al Horford Deals are Officially Official

Kevin Kinkead - July 10, 2019

Couple of press releases from the 76ers this afternoon.

Here’s the blurb on Tobias Harris, who inked a 5 year, $180 million contract:

“Signing Tobias and solidifying him as a foundational piece of our core for years to come was a top priority for our organization this summer,” said (Elton) Brand. “His impact in our city extends far beyond his elite talents on the floor. He has ingrained himself in the community and established himself as a leader and driver of positive change. Tobias is a fierce competitor with a tireless work ethic and embodies all of the qualities of a franchise cornerstone. I couldn’t be happier to welcome Tobias and his entire family back to the 76ers and we all look forward to continuing our quest to win a championship for this city and our amazing fans.”

And here’s the quote on Horford, who signed a four year, $109 million deal:

“We’re excited to welcome one of the NBA’s best frontcourt players in Al Horford to Philadelphia,” said Brand. “He has built his reputation around hard work and a tradition of winning, which are the same qualities that have formed the foundation of the 76ers. Al’s playmaking, elite defensive talents and veteran leadership confirm why he is a crucial addition to our roster. We have gained a championship-level teammate that will not only complement our current makeup, but will help grow our young core as we strive for the highest level of success.”

The Josh Richardson press release went out last week, so looks like we’re good now. We’re officially official on the three biggest moves of the Sixers offseason.

Really the only remaining order of business is to fill that 14th roster spot (Kyle Korver?) and then the Sixers will likely leave the 15th spot open for flexibility, as they did last season.

NBA Approves Coach’s Challenge for Upcoming Season

Kevin Kinkead - July 10, 2019

Good morning.

The proposed NBA coach’s challenge is now reality, with the Board of Governors approving that change as part of two rule tweaks for the 2019-2020 season.


The first change is the introduction of a Coach’s Challenge to trigger instant replay review of a limited set of matters.  A version of the Coach’s Challenge that has been in effect in the NBA G League for the last two seasons and is being used at MGM Resorts NBA Summer League 2019 will be adopted in the NBA on a one-year trial basis during the 2019-20 season.

All teams will be given one challenge per game, which can be used on the following:

  • a foul call against your squad
  • out of bounds calls
  • goaltending or basket interference

Anything taking place within the last two minutes of the game is not challengeable, as referees will trigger those reviews instead. Coaches, to challenge, will have to call timeout and then “twirl their finger” to signal the refs.

Here’s the other tweak to the rules, after the jump:

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How Do We Feel About a Kyle Korver/Philadelphia 76ers Reunion?

Kevin Kinkead - July 9, 2019

Kyle Korver was waived by the Suns on Monday.

That means the 38-year-old veteran shooter is an unrestricted free agent, now capable of choosing where he plays in 2019. How about your town, your team, your 76ers, who have two open roster spots and could use some scoring off the bench?

Korver was linked to the Sixers by Adrian Wojnarowski, who said this last week:

Korver on a veteran minimum would make a lot of sense here. He’s a Southern California native, so the Lakers might be appealing, but if he wants a ring before retiring I think he’s probably got a better chance of doing that with the Sixers coming through the lesser of the two conferences.

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Stephen A Smith Offers a Correct Take on the NBA “Owner” Nonsense

Kevin Kinkead - July 9, 2019

Two weeks ago, I wrote a short column titled “Opinion: NBA Use of the Term “Governor” Instead of “Owner” is PC Nonsense. I believe this to be nonsense because NBA owners don’t actually OWN THE PLAYERS, they simply own equity in the team that player currently represents.

The beef was started by Draymond Green and others, who felt like the term was racially insensitive. As such, the NBA no longer uses the word owner, but prefers “governor” instead.

Right, so it’s rather corny, and Stephen A Smith agrees:

He’s right:

“Y’all are smoking crack. Something is wrong with you people. What the hell has this world come to?”

Good morning.

JJ Redick Has Gold Bathroom Sinks

Kevin Kinkead - July 8, 2019

JJ Redick is no longer a Sixer.

He took out a newspaper ad to thank Philadelphia for the two years he spent in town.

Ironically enough, he didn’t actually live here full time while playing here. He lived in Brooklyn, and his wife was mentioned in a recent New York magazine article about a “class riot among the one percent at a Brooklyn preschool.”

Here’s the passage of relevance:

Gold bathroom sinks?

A $4.25 million Brooklyn penthouse?

Turns out JJ Redick is not a blue collar Philly guy. Also, I had no idea there was a neighborhood in Brooklyn named “Dumbo.” Sounds like a nice place to live, but it’s no Fishtown.

Ten Thoughts on the Sixers’ Roster, Which is Nearly Complete

Kevin Kinkead - July 8, 2019

The Sixers signed Shake Milton and Marial Shayok this weekend, which I think we all knew was coming down the pike. Milton was given a four-year deal while Shayok, the second round draft pick, will occupy a two-way spot.

That brings the team to 13 players, plus the two-way guys:

  1. Joel Embiid
  2. Ben Simmons
  3. Al Horford
  4. Josh Richardson
  5. Tobias Harris
  6. Mike Scott
  7. Zhaire Smith
  8. Jonah Bolden
  9. Matisse Thybulle
  10. Kyle O’Quinn
  11. James Ennis
  12. Raul Neto
  13. Shake Milton
  14. ??
  15. ??
  16. Norvel Pelle (two-way)
  17. Marial Shayok (two-way)

You can leave one of those spots open, as the Sixers did last season, using that 15th slot for flexibility. And it doesn’t result in an incomplete roster charge, since the penalty only applies if your roster is fewer than 12 players.

I still think the Sixers could use a veteran shooter. Kyle Korver is a possible buyout candidate, with Woj reporting that the Lakers, Bucks, and Sixers are a possible landing spot. Avery Bradley is another guy who should be available after buyout. You could take a stab at Trey Burke or bring in Jamal Crawford for some ultra-veteran influence. Hard to believe he played 64 games last year at age 38.

Ten thoughts on the roster, after the jump:

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With Kawhi and Paul George Off to the Clippers, the Sixers Have a Clear Path to the Finals

Russ Joy - July 6, 2019

The NBA is simply glorious. When the East Coast went to bed, Kawhi Leonard’s free agent decision loomed over the city of Toronto, nay the entirety of Canada. Leonard’s now former teammate Danny Green was waiting with bated breath to see where his fellow NBA champion would land. The Bucks and Sixers were likely the most interested, aside from the Toronto Raptors. The oddsmakers were up in the air on which teams would fill out the top three in the Eastern Conference. Then it happened. A signing and a trade that dramatically altered the NBA landscape.

Kawhi signs with the Clippers

In a surprise to few, Kawhi chose to go to his long-rumored destination in Los Angeles.

Instead of finishing an unprecedented trio of MVP contenders with LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Lakers, Leonard opted to team up with former Sixer Landry Shamet. Okay, I got the Sixers Twitter fanboy line of the day out of the way. Leonard isn’t stupid. He knew that before he could commit himself to a max deal with the Clippers, he’d need another star to shift the competitive balance of the Western Conference. Boy did he get one.

Along Came Paul-G

It was a year ago when I openly begged the Sixers to make a move for Paul George. Despite the owner of this site claiming PG13 is one of the most overrated players of this generation, George was widely considered to be a Top-2 or Top-3 MVP candidate for two-thirds of the season, until a shoulder injury rendered him nearly unable to shoot (and unlike a former #1 overall pick, this was a real injury… I digress). After George opted to sign an extension with the small market, Russell-Westbrook-led Oklahoma City Thunder, it seemed unlikely he’d be going anywhere. In fact, most analysts expected the Thunder to deal one of Steven Adams or Westbrook if for no reason other than to clear salary and get under the luxury tax threshold.

No one expected PG13 to get dealt. That was until the reigning Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard stepped in and out GM’d LeBron James.

Winners and losers and what this all means for the Sixers after the jump:

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