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Temple Quarterback Phillip Walker is Now a Houston Roughneck

Kevin Kinkead - October 15, 2019

Remember Temple QB Phillip Walker?

He went undrafted in 2017, then wound up on the Colts’ practice squad. Now he’s been assigned to the Houston Roughnecks ahead of the XFL’s 2020 relaunch.

Here are your quarterbacks:

Two former Eagles on that list in Luis Perez and Matt McGloin. Landry Jones goes to Dallas and Cardale Jones is a DC Defender.

The XFL basically had their eight teams give them a priority list of quarterbacks they wanted. The league then negotiated with available players, and that’s how the eight guys ended up on their respective squads. Today and tomorrow, the rosters will be filled out via a draft that includes the following Temple Owls:

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Matt Rhule Gets Baylor Contract Extension

Kevin Kinkead - September 30, 2019

Let’s check in on former Temple football coaches:

  • Geoff Collins: 1-3 at Georgia Tech with losses to The Citadel and the Owl team he just left
  • Manny Diaz: 2-2 at Miami with wins over powerhouse Bethune-Cookman and Central Michigan
  • Steve Addazio: 3-2 at Boston College with a disgusting 24-point home loss to Kansas on the resume
  • Al Golden: linebacker coach for the Detroit Lions
  • Matt Rhule: 4-0 at Baylor and coming off a win against Iowa State

It’s been one hell of a turnaround for Rhule in Waco, and the unbeaten start earned him a contract extension.

Via Mark Schlabach at ESPN:

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Robby Anderson Will Not Sign Your Temple Items

Kevin Kinkead - August 30, 2019

A Crossing Broad reader send this tip via the feedback form:

Current New York Jet and former Temple Owl Robby Anderson is doing a signing session up in North Jersey on September 9th, a “2019 Monday Night Kickoff Event.” Autographs are $30 each and you can bring any item, be it a football, a helmet, or your newborn baby. The only thing Robby will not sign are Temple items, as you can see explicitly written right here:

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Temple Football Performs Well in ESPN College Football Projection

Kevin Kinkead - August 28, 2019

The college football season began with Manny Diaz losing to Florida on national television.

It was a great way to kick things off.

I’ve been reading a lot about college ball this week, and ESPN has some interesting stories involving a still somewhat new projection model they’ve been using called SP+, which was created by Bill Connelly at Football Outsiders in 2008. He says SP+, in simple terms, is a “tempo- and opponent-adjusted measure of college football efficiency,” which is boiled down to these three main factors:

Recent history: I use a weighted five-year history as a way of gauging program health. For most programs, what they have done of late is what they will most likely do moving forward.

Returning production: Instead of using returning starters, I created a formula for returning production based on which units seem to have the most effect on a team’s improvement or regression. As it turns out, continuity at quarterback, receiver and the secondary is far more impactful on SP+ rating the next year than continuity in other units. Accordingly, turnover in those areas takes on heavier weight.

Recent recruiting: Returning production measures what a program lost, and a two-year recruiting average fills in the gaps on what kind of talent and athleticism it has acquired to replace the lost producers.

Ok. I’m sold. I’m interested in SP+.

Connelly and ESPN used this metric to list each Division 1 program from one to 130, and Temple actually ranks pretty admirably, after the jump:

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Crossing Broadcast: The Only Six-For-Six Podcast

Russ Joy - March 26, 2019

Kevin and Russ bounce around the Villanova, Temple, and St. Joe’s news, 6-for-6 fans, discuss why the Sixers season feels like a chore, the Sixers’ depth issues and the postseason, Brett Brown’s job security, Monty Williams, the timing of the Flyers’ signing of Michael Raffl, Phillies banning tweeting during player/manager availabilities, a brand-new eSports arena, and answer Twitter questions.

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Check out the other shows on the Crossing Broad Podcast Network including: Crossed Up: A Phillies PodcastSnow the Goalie: A Flyers PodcastIt’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia, and Crossing Broad FC: A Soccer Podcast.

Audio after the jump:
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Is Villanova a Philly School? Please Stop Using the “City Limits” Argument

Kevin Kinkead - March 20, 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when we debate whether or not Villanova is a “Philly school,” as if it even really matters (spoiler: it doesn’t). It’s just something people say to discredit the basketball program instead of rightfully applauding Jay Wright and his players for their elite-level achievements over the past few seasons.

Now, I PERSONALLY BELIEVE that Villanova, despite campus not being physically located within the Philadelphia city limits, is a “Philly school” for the following reasons:

  1. they play a number of home games at the Wells Fargo Center, which is in the Philadelphia city limits
  2. they also play some non-Penn Big Five games at the Palestra, which is in the Philadelphia city limits
  3. Jay Wright has always recruited players like Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree and Maalik Wayns, who come from high schools in the Philadelphia city limits
  4. thousands of people came to watch their national championship parades, which took place within the Philadelphia city limits
  5. they garner more media attention from outlets within the Philadelphia city limits (because they’re a bigger and better program)
  6. the Big Five website describes involved programs as “five prestigious Philadelphia universities”

Those are my arguments.

Please do not give me the geography thing. The geography thing holds up worse than a wet paper bag receiving a Jorge Masvidal left hook.

For instance, St. Joe’s is literally 20 feet from Montgomery County, yet Hawk fans will claim SJU as a “Philly school,” even though it’s closer to Bala Cynwyd, where houses go for upwards of half a million dollars, than any typical Philadelphia neighborhood. Plus, most of the people on both sides of the argument are white kids who grew up in the suburbs anyway.

But if we have to do the geography argument, consider this:

You know how Mike Trout is such a Philly dude? How he lives and breathes Philly sports despite committing his future to the Angels? He’s from Millville, which is 44.7 miles and 48 minutes from City Hall.

Here, see for yourself, after the jump:

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Reports: Northern Illinois Coach Rod Carey a Frontrunner for the Temple Job

Kevin Kinkead - January 9, 2019

Temple University doesn’t have a football coach as of January 9th.

One guy, Geoff Collins, left after the regular season and his replacement, Manny Diaz, returned to Miami just two weeks after doing his introductory press conference in North Philadelphia.

It looks like the front-runner for the doubly-vacated gig is Northern Illinois head coach Rod Carey, according to The Inquirer’s Marc Narducci and Fox Sports college football guy Bruce Feldman:

Writes Narducci at

The scuttlebutt from the Football Coaches Convention is that Northern Illinois head coach Rod Carey is looked on extremely favorable by the administration as a candidate to be Temple’s next head football coach, according to a non-Temple source.

Several people told the source that Carey made a great impression and that they expected him to be the frontrunner.

Temple, according to the source, will be interviewing candidates in Philadelphia as early as today.


The Temple source reiterated what a different source told The Inquirer and Daily News on Tuesday, that the decision could come by the weekend if not sooner.

You might be familiar with Carey as the guy who coached 12-0 Northern Illinois in the 2013 Orange Bowl. He was an interim guy at the time, filling in for Dave Doeren, who turned his success into the head coaching gig at NC State.

Carey has been at the Huskies’ helm ever since, compiling a 52-29 record while going 38-10 in the Mid-American Conference.

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Manny Diaz Apologizes to Temple, But He’s Still a Jabroni

Kevin Kinkead - January 2, 2019

Miami head football coach Manny Diaz fired his entire offensive staff today, plus the strength and conditioning coordinator.

Say what you will about the guy, but he seems like he has the DNA to be an effective college football coach, which means he’s a cold-blooded asshole.

This, of course, took place only a few days after Diaz ditched Temple to claim the Hurricanes’ head coaching gig, a gig vacated by Mark Richt, who retired suddenly on Sunday. Diaz had been in charge of the Owls’ program for a whopping 17 days, signed 17 players to letters of intent, started assembling a staff, then fucked off back to Florida without even a half-apology or a tweet or anything remotely sympathetic to the players who committed to Geoff Collins (who left for Georgia Tech), then re-committed to Diaz, who then left for Miami. And what about a guy like Gabe Infante, who left St. Joe’s Prep for an assistant gig in North Philly?

I wasn’t expecting much from Diaz in the public relations department, and I don’t even blame the guy for leaving. He’s from Miami and the Canes’ job is his dream job, so it is what it is. I’m sure you’d also quit your gig at Sesame Place if Disney World made you a decent offer. Langhorne is great, but it’s no Orlando.

Something about the whole thing kind of bugged me, though. Maybe it was a couple of half-assed non-answers he gave to Rece Davis in an ESPN interview attached to a recent article. 

Diaz, on when he was first approached by Miami:

“It all happened really quickly. It was the middle of the day Sunday when I found out that coach Richt retired. That was a shocking pill to swallow; it was out of nowhere. I don’t think anybody expected it. Then it was really a rapid succession of events that, no one could have predicted how it happened and it was able to be turned around quickly and 48 hours later here we are.”

Yeah okay, fine. Davis asked him a follow-up:

What was the most difficult part of making that decision?

“You don’t feel good about it. It’s an issue we have with our calendar because unfortunately job changing season matches with recruiting season, so there’s always this urgency to make these changes happen very quickly. And the changes of course don’t always occur at the same time. It’s hard to do right by everybody but this was ‘the one.’ There’s no other job that could have come open. This is the one scenario that, if it had broken this way – and that’s why, it was remarkable how it happened. I will say this about Temple; they have an outstanding athletic director in Pat Kraft. They’ve got a locker room with a team that’s ready to compete for the (AAC) championship this next year. Whoever gets that next job at Temple is going to win and there’s a lot of great things coming up for the Owls.”

That’s nice, I guess. At least he’s honest. Temple was always a stepping stone type of job anyway, but how about a simple, “you know, I’d just like to apologize to the players and community” kind of line?

We finally got that today at his introductory presser, the second one he’s given in three weeks:

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