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Jalen Rose Is A Dipshit

Kyle Scott - April 4, 2018

Here we sit two days out from yet another championship, calmly piecing together yet another parade plan – mine includes the parade followed by the Phillies’ home opener, where Doug Pederson and, you would think, Jay Wright, will make an appearance – and yet I’m about to write a post about that dipshit Jalen Rose.

It hit me the other night while watching that two-hour pre-game show– just how bad most mainstream sports coverage is. That isn’t to just shred something for the sake of shredding, but to point out what useless filler most of it has become. By the time tip rolled around, the panel was in a consensus that Michigan might win or, at the very least, it would be a very close game. Why? Because talking heads were caught up in the hype of balanced coverage, fan bases and coach speak? I’m not saying Michigan couldn’t have won – far from it – but every sane, statistical-based analysis of the game pointed toward not only a resounding Villanova win, but also a cover of the line with a double-digit delta. Had one person on TBS’ rotating cackle of panelists – including Jim Boeheim, who gave the most old school take on paying players imaginable – predicted a Michigan win, that would’ve been reasonable and in-line with expectations, but pretty much the whole crew did it.

One can live with those sorts of platitudes, especially if they’re in service of pumping up a national broadcast (indeed ratings peaked at 11.0 before diving in the second half once Villanova asserted its dominance). What continues to be difficult to reconcile, and perhaps a reason why so many millennials with access to better, more nuanced or entertaining coverage continue to drift away from this nonsense is the endless hot take filler content that networks use – like NBC Sports Philly airing Quick Slants in the face of spending money to cover just about anything useful – in a desperate attempt to stay relevant.

Enter Jalen Rose.

I actually never really minded him, perhaps because of his nexus to Bill Simmons, who I still enjoy. But this butthurt take about Villanova after they WHOOPED his alma mater is ridiculous: Continue Reading

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Putting Things in Perspective

Kevin Kinkead - April 3, 2018

Y’all can say I’m kissing Kyle’s ass, but I’m not.

If you’re a neutral and you can’t appreciate what Villanova basketball has done over the past five years, then you’re just a hater. And if you’re a Temple or Saint Joe’s or La Salle fan, I understand. No one is making you say “rah rah Villanova!” or forcing you to become a Wildcat fan, but I think most Big 5 basketball folks are educated enough to appreciate and applaud elite hoops when they see it.

That’s the premise of this story, really taking a step back and trying to put Villanova’s recent accomplishments into perspective.

For starters, look at what they’ve done since conference realignment:

  • 2014: 29-5 (Big East regular season champions)
  • 2015: 33-3 (Big East tournament champions, Big East regular season champions)
  • 2016: 35-5 (national championship, Big East regular season champions)
  • 2017: 32-4 (Big East tournament champions, Big East regular season champions)
  • 2018: 35-4 (national championship, Big East tournament champions)

That’s 164 wins, 21 losses, two national titles, four regular season Big East titles, and three conference tournament titles. Do a bit of math and we’re looking at an 89% win rate with nine trophies.


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Villanova’s Championship Parade Set for Thursday

Chris Jastrzembski - April 3, 2018

Get ready for what could be a really busy Thursday in Philadelphia.

After last night’s big win over Michigan for their second national championship in three years, Villanova will host a parade of their own Thursday morning beginning at 11 AM. It’ll start at 20th and Market Streets before ending at Dilworth Park near City Hall, the same exact route as the parade in 2016.

The rally at Dilworth Park is expected to begin around 11:45 AM. The hope is to have everything done before 12:30 PM. No classes on Nova’s campus that day as well.

It’ll be the team’s second parade this week. Early this morning, the team had a parade on the Riverwalk in San Antonio after the win:

The victory parade adds another event to an already busy day in the city. You have the Phillies’ home opener against the Marlins at 3:05 PM before the Flyers take on the Hurricanes at 7 PM across the street.

Villanova returns home tonight around 6 PM and will be greeted by many students, alumni, and fans inside the Jake Nevin Field House.

How About That Donte DiVincenzo NBA Buzz

Kyle Scott - April 3, 2018

I remember the reaction when I tweeted this during the second round beatdown of Alabama when Donte DiVincenzo went off in the first half to keep the struggling Cats from falling behind. It looked something like this:

I wish it was the DiVincenzo burner account so he wouldn’t be getting lambasted today for his Tweets as a high school student. Alas. DiVincenzo is indeed an NBA prospect, and that suddenly became the topic of conversation last night.

Yahoo’s Pete Thamel broached the subject with scouts in attendance: Continue Reading

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So The Sports Illustrated Cover Is Perfect

Kyle Scott - April 3, 2018

Somewhere, Gus Johnson screams out The Big Ragu.

Defensive Adjustments, Rebounding, and the Big Ragu – How Villanova Won it All, Again

Kevin Kinkead - April 3, 2018

It’s crazy to think that this game was close at one point.

Michigan was up 21-14 and Villanova’s defense looked discombobulated. The shots weren’t falling. Not a single starter hit a three pointer until Donte DiVincenzo came off the bench to open 6 for 8 and pull the Wildcats out of an early shooting funk. The seven-point deficit became a nine-point lead as Nova went on a 23-7 run to end the first half.

That was pretty much all they needed.

It was another elite performance from an elite team. They didn’t get rattled, weathered the early storm, made the adjustments, and just put their foot down from there. This squad won every single tournament game by double-digits, and went 6-0 against the spread during the championship run, matching the achievements of the 2016 Wildcat team.

I was taking notes, expecting a closer game, but stopped writing things down when Nova went up by ten. What was the point? There really wasn’t anything to analyze in the second half.

The most significant wrinkle was actually was on the defensive end, where Nova looked out of sorts early when it came to their switching game. I know people hate Doug Gottlieb and are annoyed with his dumb tweets this morning, but just bear with me here:

On that second play above (Gottlieb shows each one twice), Brunson actually takes a back screen and fights through it while Omari Spellman switches instead. Brunson then tries to readjust late and is out of position, which you see better from this angle: Continue Reading

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Doug Gottlieb’s Hit Tweet on Jalen Brunson’s Father Another Blight on His Career and His Name

Philip Keidel - April 3, 2018

Like me, you probably don’t think much about Doug Gottlieb. After last night’s most recent Gottlieb hot-take-gone-bad, you shouldn’t think much of him, either:

Gottlieb couldn’t even wait until the Villanova Wildcats had officially won their second national title in three seasons to post this smear against Rick Brunson and, by extension, the national college player of the year. That Tweet went up sometime in the second half — that’s how excited Gottlieb was to get his shot off.

Gottlieb was apparently referring to Rick Brunson’s brush with the law a few years back — since Rick Brunson was acquitted, I’m not going to discuss the particulars here — and how that court case against Rick Brunson may have scuttled his job prospects at his alma mater, Temple University. At the time, the unfounded speculation was that Rick Brunson was going to be hired to coach Temple’s men’s basketball team and that his son, Jalen, would play for him there.

Rick Brunson did not end up coaching Temple. I don’t know why. Neither do you. More to the point, neither does Doug Gottlieb. But he still took it upon himself to dirty Rick Brunson’s name, needlessly, at a time when Rick Brunson was surely and justifiably proud of what his son had accomplished in front of a national audience.

For the record, like my colleague Kevin Kinkead, I am not a member of Nova Nation. Didn’t go there. But like many people reading this, I have friends and family who did. Love them or not, there are several things you cannot take away from Villanova. At the top of the list is that its students and alumni take care of their own: Continue Reading

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All The Calls From The Broadcasts

Kyle Scott - April 3, 2018

Thanks to Awful Announcing for digging these up.

Jim Nantz (TBS) Continue Reading

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