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Feast Your Eyes Upon My Perfect Bracket

Jim Adair - March 17, 2017

When Kyle and I posted our brackets on the site here yesterday, I didn’t use the one I used in my money pool. Why? While my 13-3 showing in that bracket was undoubtedly strong, it was my storyline pick. In my mind, picking UCLA to win means Lonzo Ball would go off, cement himself as the number one pick, got to Boston or LA, and his family would become their problem.

In my money bracket, it was all about strategy. I undoubtedly screwed myself in the later rounds by taking more wildcards because I figured that’d be the only way to keep myself in the money, but so far, I’m perfect. Check out my whole bracket above and roast me on twitter when it all falls apart.

So You Want To Be a Villanova Fan

Kyle Scott - March 16, 2017

WELCOME! The wine and cheese is in the corner, the Ralph Lauren half-zip sweaters are everywhere, the douchebag snapping his side piece while his Special Olympics organizer girlfriend looks on is emotionally absent, and the air of entitlement fills the room. You’re welcome to join in on the festivities– just remember, don’t speak unless spoken to and, please, try to get some jeans that fit.

Almost three years ago to the day, I wrote a post titled For Some Reason, People Still Hate Villanova. The Cats were the third-ranked team in the country and on the verge of becoming a two seed – coincidentally in Buffalo – in the NCAA Tournament, and I couldn’t understand why many Philly fans who didn’t go to Villanova, and certainly those who went to St. Joe’s or Temple, hated them so much. As a Nova grad, a badge I wear proudly on my ascot, I find that Philly folks tend to bristle at my school’s success, even if the basketball team embodies everything local fans love in their sports teams.

So, as the foremost blogging fan of the top overall seed in the NCAA Tournament, allow me to extend a warm, elegantly-fonted invitation aboard the bandwagon, which is actually a five-star hotel meeting room that requires a hefty V Club donation to enter. Do try the brie. As for everything else, here’s a primer: Continue Reading

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These Are The Winning Brackets

Kyle Scott - March 16, 2017

That’s my bracket. Yeah, I know. Virginia has one of the best defenses in the country, played the fourth toughest SOS, and nearly and should’ve beat Villanova at the Wells Fargo Center in January. They worry me more than anyone before the Final Four.

Side note: UCLA doesn’t make it out of the first weekend. Lonzo Ball will me-first something and cost his team late in a game. His dad will go ALL OVER TV and make excuses for it.


Voila_Capture 2017-03-16_11-59-00_AM

An Excellent GQ Article on Jay Wright

Kyle Scott - March 13, 2017

Jay Wright is the subject of an excellent GQ article written by Larry Platt – wait, ball photo-sending Larry Platt? yes, indeed – which focuses on Wright’s zen and the mental approach he teaches his players. It’s an outstanding sports article, but if you need a further hook, this did it for me:

To spend some fly-on-the-wall time backstage with a major college basketball program is to marvel at the diversity of decisions that confront the head coach. He is a CEO toiling at a strange and singular work, running a lucrative, persnickety operation. Wright focuses on minimizing his choices and the worries. This is how the Philadelphia-area tailor Gabriele D’Annunzio found his way to Wright’s office one day when I was hanging out there.

The 72-year-old D’Annunzio has outfitted the likes of Frank Sinatra and Frankie Avalon. On this day, though, D’Annunzio comes to Wright, and the coach barely interrupts a day focused on Villanova basketball. To further aid in eliminating decisions, D’Annunzio will later give Wright photos of outfit combinations that populate his two spacious closets—one dedicated to his suits and just shy of 50 shirts, another providing a home to his shoes.

While the coach and the tailor huddle over a table full of fabrics, a parade of Villanova staffers burst in to run a variety of pressing matters by Wright. As he discusses team chemistry with associate head coach Baker Dunleavy, he drops his gym shorts and slides on a pair of tuxedo pants.

Where were we? Ah, right, the article. It’s good. Go read it here.

Villanova Is The Greatest College Basketball Team in Philly History

Kyle Scott - March 13, 2017

Glen Macnow, after my own heart:

You’re not compelled to root for Villanova. College basketball divides the local fan base into a half-dozen smaller constituencies. There are thousands of enthusiasts with cherry-red sweatshirts or Holy War scars who struggle to cheer for the Main Line Wildcats.

You must, however, admire what is happening here. As Jay Wright’s defending National Champions head into the NCAA Tournament as the No. 1 overall seed, the magnitude of their greatness cannot be overstated.

This is the best college basketball team in our history. They stand to be the top local team, any sport, since those Flyers of the mid-1970s.

I AGREE. Read the full thing here.

Side note: My Holy War scar? It’s the reason for my Phil Martelli hate. As a Nova student, I’m sitting in the stands at the Palestra and Martelli is headed to the locker room at halftime, crushing us, and looks up at the student section, claps his hands facetiously, and flashes a menacing smile. He was dead to me after that. Jay Wright would never do such a thing to an opposing fan base, let alone a local school’s. He has too much class. So does Fran Dunphy, Dr. G, and whoever coaches Penn (probably). That was a Boeheim move from Martelli. Even Jim Calhoun has more respect for the game. And so, when I had to deliver a rant on Great Sports Debate a few years ago while Martelli was at the table, it took every fiber of my being not to stop what I was doing, look him directly in the eye, and declare that the Hawk was dead.

Let’s Talk About The East Region

Kyle Scott - March 13, 2017

The National Champions, who have won their last three tournaments and five of their last seven – SEVEN! – who finished the season 31-3, with the number one RPI, are the top overall seed in the NCAA Tournament. It’s almost like… the best just keep getting better.

Some thoughts on the East Region: 26, 25, 20, 19. Those are the combined loss totals of the 8 and 9 seeds in each of the four regions. The 19 represents the combined loss total of Wisconsin and Virginia Tech in the East– one of which will face Villanova in the second round. Explain to me, pllllleeeeeease, how the top overall seed gets a 25-9 team from the Big 10 or a 22-10 team from the ACC IN THE SECOND ROUND? These aren’t mid majors that racked up wins with a St. Joe’s-like schedule. These are teams from arguably the top two conferences in college basketball, each with 10 or fewer losses. THAT AIN’T MAKE NO SENSE!

Look, I know Wisconsin nearly imploded down the stretch, going 2-5 to end their regular season before making it to their conference championship game (…), but I am flummoxed that a Big 10 team with under 10 losses gets matched up with the top overall seed. Say nothing for how pissed you’d be if you were a Wisconsin fan, even one who doesn’t think they’ll beat VT:

Virginia Tech will get throated by Villanova if they advance.

But back to Wisconsin. To me, they are the scariest NCAA team every year. To my dad, too. When he called me last night, on speaker, in front of my 15-month old, the first word out of his mouth was: “FUCK!” He also hates Wisconsin. Why? They’re basically an automatic for the Sweet 16. Look at this: Continue Reading

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Villanova’s Proposed Pavilion Renovations Look AWESOME

Kyle Scott - March 9, 2017

I wasn’t too bullish on a Pavilion reno that won’t increase seating capacity or raise that God awful roof. But new renderings released yetserday show off what Villanova has planned for the Finneran Pavilion (whose name I assume shall remain so long as its benefactor doesn’t shoot a wrestler), and I’ve got to admit, it looks good:

It seems they’re keeping the exposed wood beams but painting the ceiling white, adding a second level to the open area that doubles as a concourse behind the south stands (student section), building a court-level club area and new student seating under the north stands, and giving the disconnected concourse and seating bowl a more cohesive flow. It should be a great place to host one of the best programs in college basketball.

Pics after the jump. Continue Reading

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Excellent Parenting

Kyle Scott - March 9, 2017

Great fathering here. Never mind the work it took to put together the excellent stop-motion – complete with nonchalant Jay Wright bang – the ability to set aside rooting interests for the betterment of your offspring is truly something all parents should strive for. Like me. My wife’s family has a few Yankees fans in it and already broached the subject of buying Kyle 2 a Yankees hat. I quickly squashed that noise, but I am preparing a highly edited, unfiltered 10-minute video clip recapping the 2004 ALCS and Game 1 (Game 1 only) of the 2009 World Series to brainwash uh, influence his decision on who to root for should there be any hesitation.

As for Villanova– he doesn’t have to go there. I just have one simple rule: he can go to Villanova or any school ranked higher (Princeton, Harvard, etc.). So he can’t, for instance, go to St. Joe’s. Though I’d be happy to make him a stop-motion of John Lucas III’s shot:


Side note: Jim Nantz has really improved as an announcer. His 2004 call was disjointed and anticlimactic, while his call of Nova’s shot was descriptive and perfectly captured the moment. I’m coming around on Nantz.

H/T to (@mnelson228)