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Your Tuesday Morning Roundup

Tyler Trumbauer - October 17, 2017

Another day, more discouraging news for Sixers fans.

Brett Brown said at Monday’s practice that the team plans to limit Joel Embiid to just 20 minutes or less to start the season:

“I don’t really know if there’s a solid number. I can tell if you were to choose a number, it’s somewhere in the teens.”

“There will be some minutes restrictions, but it’s also a judgment of how is the game being played, not just looking at rote, rigid number,” Brown said.

H/T CSN Philly

Embiid, who apparently found out about this minute restriction from the media, reacted to the news:

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Your Monday Morning Roundup

Tyler Trumbauer - October 16, 2017

Joel Embiid. Drafted then injured. Ben Simmons. Drafted then injured. Markelle Fultz. Drafted then ???

Sixers head coach Brett Brown made some news over the weekend with the announcement that top overall pick Markelle Fultz will not start to begin the season. This move is leading some to wonder if Fultz is hurt than the team is leading on.

There was more injury news for Embiid over the weekend as well. He had his left knee rehabbed and he didn’t practice, but is expected to play in the season opener on Wednesday.

From injuries to roster moves, the Sixers waived Kris Humphries and Emeka Okafor, among other players.

The team opens the regular season on Wednesday night against the Wizards.

It was an Eagles-free weekend, let’s see what went down.

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Your Friday Morning Roundup

Chris Jastrzembski - October 13, 2017

Today’s Friday is more enjoyable. The Eagles are 5-1. The Nationals are out of the NLDS, again. But we’ll stick with the Eagles for now.

Catch up or relive some of the best parts of the game in our live thread. There were some great moments, but also plenty of bad ones, especially when EVERY PENALTY EXCEPT ONE WAS AGAINST THE EAGLES. How this is possible I still don’t understand, but the Birds defeated the Panthers and Pete Morelli’s old ass last night.

The Panthers had one penalty for one yard. That was on the two-point conversion on which the refs never gave the option for Pederson to go for two in the first place.

And we did it without Lane Johnson.

Also, Nigel Bradham played out of his mind on defense. He made plenty of big tackles that stopped drives for Carolina, and Mychal Kendricks played a big role when Jordan Hicks left the game in the second half.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kempski gives out his 10 awards from the game, Paul Domowitch lists five quick observations, and Les Bowen on the offensive line improving after a very rough start.

But isn’t this such a sweet feeling?

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Your Thursday Morning Roundup

Tyler Trumbauer - October 12, 2017

Joel Embiid. My goodness.

The new $100 million+ man took to the court last night against the Brooklyn Nets for his preseason debut, just days after inking a new contract extension with the Sixers. Embiid had quite the night, dropping 22 points, to help Philly earns its first win this preseason, 133-114.

Wednesday night’s game was a landmark moment in the history of The Process, but you almost didn’t see it.

Embiid also made a near half-court shot. Of course it was after the whistle:

Markelle Fultz did not play, but he was hammered by one NBA exec yesterday:

“Honestly, I don’t know where to start,” one NBA executive told Bleacher Report. “This is mind-boggling. Who in the world told him to do anything like that? In college, he just shot 65 percent [on free throws]. It needed minor adjustments. This new thing is crazy, and a few weeks ago, he had an entirely different technique. Why change every time for the worse?”

The Sixers will “host” the Miami Heat on Friday for their next preseason contest.

Get it.
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Your Wednesday Morning Roundup

Chris Jastrzembski - October 11, 2017

The Flyers went down three goals early, then scored five straight, just to give up three more goals in the third period to lose 6-5. How freaking lovely.

At least Nolan Patrick scored his first goal of his NHL career! But it doesn’t cancel out a stinging loss like this.

Anthony will have a recap of this game later this morning. It’s the fourth of the season, and Flyers Twitter has already reached the point of ending their existence on Earth because the Flyers blew a lead. Also, Dave Hakstol appears to not be a popular guy amongst the Flyers fan base.

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ESPN’s Suspension of Jemele Hill Did Not Go Far Enough

Philip Keidel - October 10, 2017

ESPN should not have suspended Jemele Hill for her latest violation of its corporate social media guidelines. ESPN should have simply fired her.

After Hill’s first Twitter-based political controversy, wherein she drew fire for calling President Donald Trump a “white supremacist,” ESPN took the unusual step of announcing that Hill’s words “do not represent the position of ESPN” and that the Worldwide Leader had “addressed this with Jemele.”

At surface level, this action/reaction seemed survivable for all concerned. Sure, Hill’s colleagues were placed in the nearly impossible position of wanting to agree with and/or support her while simultaneously somehow not getting remonstrated themselves. Additionally, the show had to go on. So again, it was messy, but manageable.

Indeed, Hill herself seemed to have reached some useful conclusions in a thoughtful, even-handed essay she posted to The Undefeated (an ESPN property) a few weeks ago, after the initial controversy had died down:

Twitter wasn’t the place to vent my frustrations because, fair or not, people can’t or won’t separate who I am on Twitter from the person who co-hosts the 6 p.m. SportsCenter. Twitter also isn’t a great place to have nuanced, complicated discussions, especially when it involves race…I probably need to take some classes about how to exercise better self-control on Twitter. Lesson learned.

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Your Tuesday Morning Roundup

Tyler Trumbauer - October 10, 2017

The Process just got a lot more expensive.

A Woj Bomb was dropped last night as the new ESPNer reported that the Sixers, and Joel Embiid agreed to a max contract extension worth up to $148 million.

Before you go crazy on the Andrew Bynum-esque nonsense, this could be a smart deal:

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Your Monday Morning Roundup

Tyler Trumbauer - October 9, 2017

Your Philadelphia Eagles are 4-1. That’s right, with a big win over the Arizona Cardinals yesterday, the Eagles are atop the NFC East standings and are among the best in the whole NFC.

To make things even better the Giants lost, the Cowboys fell to the Packers, and the Redskins had a bye.

Chris had a lot of great content in the game thread from yesterday, but before the game even got underway Sal Paolantonio rode with Doug Pederson to the stadium.

Former Redskins quarterback, RGIII likes what the Eagles are doing:

Many liked the music at the Linc yesterday, especially the tribute to the late Tom Petty:

The players weren’t the only ones to showcase their skills on the field yesterday:

After the game, Donovan McNabb was in the locker room and his kids got autographs from Carson Wentz. Number Five then stopped to talk to NBC Sports Philadelphia:

Also, after the game the NFL came knocking on Nelson Agholor’s locker as they couldn’t believe he had as good of a day as he did:

The latest Crossing Broadcast dropped this morning and talks Eagles-Cardinals.

The spirits are high surrounding this Eagles team, but it is a short week with the team facing the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night. Now to the roundup! Continue Reading

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