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Crossing Broadcast: A Philly Sports Podcast

The Crossing Broad Podcast Network is anchored by Crossing Broadcast: A Philly Sports Podcast.’s podcast discussing the latest in Philly sports, media and culture. Co-hosted by Kevin Kinkead, Russ Joy, Anthony SanFilippo, and Bob Wankel. Smart takes on the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, Flyers, and the media that covers them. Appearances by Crossing Broad founder Kyle Scott and other Philadelphia media personalities. New shows post once or twice weekly. [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify][Google Play] [iHeartRadio] [Stitcher] [RSS]

Follow us on Twitter: Kevin (@Kevin_Kinkead), Anthony (@AntSanPhilly), Bob (@BobWankelCB), Russ (@JoyOnBroad)

Crossed Up: A Phillies Podcast’s baseball podcast breaking down all things Phillies as the team continues its climb back to contention. Co-hosted by Crossing Broad writers Anthony SanFilippo and Bob Wankel. [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify] [Google Play] [iHeartRadio] [Stitcher] [RSS]

Follow us on Twitter: Anthony (@AntSanPhilly), Bob (@BobWankelCB)

Snow the Goalie: A Flyers Podcast’s hockey podcast breaking down Flyers games, prospects, and storylines from an insider’s perspective. Co-hosted by Crossing Broad’s Flyers beat writer Anthony SanFilippo and Russ Joy. [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify] [Google Play] [iHeartRadio] [Stitcher] [RSS]

Follow us on Twitter: Anthony (@AntSanPhilly), Russ (@JoyOnBroad)

It’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia

IASIP was launched in 2016 by longtime Philadelphia Union beat writers Kevin Kinkead and Dave Zeitlin. Kevin left the beat in 2017 to cover the 76ers while Dave took a job with the Penn Alumni Magazine a year later.

The podcast is now Kevin with a rotating cast of writers and former players, including recurring contributors Matt De George, Simon Allen, Russ Joy, and Phil Keidel.

IASIP is a podcast for the blue-collar, hard working, five-for-five Philadelphia soccer fan. [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify] [Google Play] [iHeartRadio] [Stitcher] [RSS]

Follow on Twitter: Kevin (@Kevin_Kinkead)

Broad Lines Sports Betting Podcast

Kyle Scott and Bob Wankel of, and Jason Zienicki of break down daily betting trends, including where the big money is going, line movement, and bad theories. They will also touch on industry news in the developing marketing in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify] [Google Play] [iHeartRadio] [Stitcher] [RSS]

Follow us on Twitter: Kyle (@CrossingBroad), Bob (@BobWankelCB)

Crossing Broad FC: A Soccer Podcast’s international soccer podcast recapping games and discussing storylines related to UEFA Champions League, World Football, EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and MLS. Co-hosted by Russell Joy and Crossing Broad contributor and former featured columnist on Manchester City and World football for BleacherReport Report Phil Keidel. New episodes post Saturday mornings by 6:00 AM. [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify][Google Play] [iHeartRadio] [Stitcher] [RSS]

Follow us on Twitter: Phil (@PhilKeidel), Russ (@JoyOnBroad)

Let’s Go To The Phones

The single best Philadelphia sports talk show on the 7th highest rated sports talk station 92.9 FM the Sack. Uncle Coggin, Co-Host Chris and Producer Pat guide you through the week of Philadelphia sports every Thursday morning, take your horrible phone calls and welcome in a bevy of big time guests.Follow us on Twitter: Coggin (@coggintoboggan), Chris (@crimjimmegan), Pat (@plinny32). [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify] [Google Podcasts] [Stitcher] [RSS]

Everything’s Phine

Give me your tired, your drunken, your huddled frozen masses in the Linc yearning to breathe life into a 4-7 team. Everything’s Phine is a Philadelphia sports podcast for the casual, the crazy, and the drunk Philly sports fan who understands it’s never phine. Not even close. But one day maybe it will be. Maybe. [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify][Google Podcasts] [Stitcher]

Follow on Twitter: Everything’s Phine (@evrythingsphine), Kyle (@kylesphine)


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