Phillies Fan Loses Wager, Hands Out Chicken Nuggets

Kevin Kinkead - September 20, 2017

The only thing better than a chicken nugget is a free chicken nugget.

And the only thing better than a free chicken nugget is eating it while watching the Phillies beat up on the Dodgers for a second-straight game.

A bunch of kids had that pleasure Tuesday night, thanks to a Phils fan who lost an online wager:

Damon Miller Jr. made his bet last Thursday, which held up for all of two innings. Rhys Hoskins belted a 91 MPH fast ball out of the park in the bottom of the second, good for his 18th homer in 34 games. The Phils won 10-0.

So Miller was now on the hook for nuggets, but the wager language was vague. Who is “everyone?” Does the entire stadium get nuggets? Are they coming from Chick-fil-A or Wendy’s or what?

Unlike overly-political celebrities, or that guy who promises to tattoo (subject) on his ass if (team) wins or loses a game, Miller actually followed through with some help from the Phillies. The team bought 50 boxes of McDonald’s nuggs and had Miller hand them out at the first base gate.

Miller spoke with The Good Phight about his experience:

“(The Phillies) set up the entire thing, which I’m extremely grateful for!”

“I was actually at the game when (Hoskins hit the home run) and my first reaction was I looked at my dad and said DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!? I OWE EVERYONE NUGGETS NOW!”

Good man, much better than Lena Dunham, who said she’d leave the country after Trump won the election. She’s still here.

It Looks Like A Beautiful Friendship Is Budding Between Freddie Mitchell and Lenny Dykstra

BWanksCB - September 20, 2017

I love Twitter. It’s the absolute best. It is the perfect way to get information, share thoughts, and interact with others who share similar interests. As sports fans, Twitter is great because it also provides us with a front-row seat to the insights and online interactions of current and former athletes. And sometimes, if we’re really lucky, we get to witness the insights and interactions between two absolutely BATSHIT crazy lunatics who feed off attention. I’m talking about like, say, a former Eagle first-round bust asking a former 1993 NL MVP runner-up and convicted felon why his former employer doesn’t like him batshit crazy.

Thus, I present to you, with commentary, the budding friendship playing out before our eyes via Twitter between Freddie Mitchell and Lenny Dykstra. Here is the tweet that got our attention:

As Chris Jastrzembski asked last night, why the Hell would Freddie Mitchell ask Lenny Dykstra, of all people, why the Eagles hate him so much? Because I fancy myself the people’s reporter, I decided to find out. Although yesterday’s bizarre exchange marked the bulk of interaction between the two, it seems the pair actually began bonding last week when Dykstra fired off this timely and nuanced tweet about Hurricane Irma: Continue Reading

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The Sixers Unveiled Their New “Spirit of 76” Campaign

Kyle Scott - September 20, 2017

Sixers press release:

The Philadelphia 76ers announced today details for its “Spirit of 76” campaign, highlighted by seven tribute nights recognizing the rich history of the city of Philadelphia and 76ers basketball. At each “Spirit of 76” game, the 76ers will wear the much anticipated City Edition uniforms — to be unveiled at a later date — on a new tribute court, featuring a custom-designed center-court logo. The season-long celebration builds off of last year’s “Spirit of the Champion” campaign, which celebrated the 1967 NBA Championship team.

“Spirit of 76,” introduces a new “bell” logo, inspired by imagery from Philadelphia’s 1976 bicentennial celebration, a special center-court logo signed by 76ers full season ticket members, collectible tickets and membership boxes for season ticket members.

Here’s the original bicentennial logo, seen here on a button:

My guess is the Sixers couldn’t use the identical version for legal reasons, so they combined it with their vintage logo. But the combination of the two is so seamless that it just looks right… and, oh yes, feels right.

Season ticket holders will also be given commemorative tickets and their signatures will be featured on the court logo. And the Sixers will unveil three new sculptures at their practice facility which fans won’t see.

Spirit of 76 nights will be as follows:

Thursday, Dec. 21 vs. Toronto Raptors
Friday, Jan. 5 vs. Detroit Pistons
Friday, Feb. 2 vs. Miami Heat
Friday, Feb. 9 vs. New Orleans Pelicans
Friday, March 2 vs. Charlotte Hornets
Friday, March 16 vs. Brooklyn Nets
Friday, April 6 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

The Sixers also unveiled their promotional schedule, which details the games they’ll wear their red uniforms. That schedule, and what the new court will look like, is after the jump. Continue Reading

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Your Wednesday Morning Roundup

Chris Jastrzembski - September 20, 2017

This is part of the Phillies’ future. And that future is happening now.

The Phillies once again took care of the Dodgers last night, 6-2. They’re 31-33 since the All-Star break. And the young guns were out in full force yet again.

Aaron Nola gave up only two runs on five hits in seven innings of work and struck out eight batters. Odubel Herrera went 2 for 3 and got an RBI on a bases loaded walk. Aaron Altherr hit his 18th home run to tie him with Rhys Hoskins for third on the team. J.P. Crawford recorded his first career triple with the Phils.

But once again, it was Hoskins who stole the show, batting in four runs on the night, including a bases-clearing double to break the game open in the bottom of the seventh after a 10-pitch at-bat! The man can do it all, even if he doesn’t hit home runs.

I’ve watched more Phillies baseball from the start of August to now than I have for the first four months of the season. Guys like Hoskins, Nick Williams, and now Crawford have brought life back to CBP.

The two teams play again tonight at 7:05. Jake Thompson faces off against Alex Wood.

The Roundup: Continue Reading

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Crossing Broadcast: Running and Chase

Kyle Scott - September 20, 2017

Kyle, Adam and Russ discuss the Flyers’ Claude Giroux experiment, more Eagles-Chiefs, and 97.5’s inane Chase Utley segment. Continue Reading

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It’s Frank Reich’s turn to answer pass/run ratio questions

Kevin Kinkead - September 19, 2017

Outside of the NovaCare Complex on Tuesday, a couple of Eagles fans held a non-violent protest that would make Mahatma Gandhi proud:

Marijuana and football, that’s what South Philly does.

Inside the NovaCare Complex, Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich answered actual questions about the Eagles’ Sunday play-calling, which he doesn’t do. That’s Doug Pederson’s job. But Reich works on that side of the football, so he was pressed by the Eagles media corps on the hottest topic of the week.

The relevant chunk of Tuesday’s presser is a series of six questions regarding offensive balance. Continue Reading

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Claude Giroux No Longer the Flyers’ Number One Center… for a Day, Anyway

Anthony SanFilippo - September 19, 2017

VOORHEES, N.J. – Sean Couturier has been teammates with Claude Giroux for six years. And other than the odd shift here and there, the two have never played together on the same line with any regularity.

Until now. Maybe.

For one day at least, Giroux was shifted from the center spot he has played exclusively for almost his entire professional career, to the left wing, with Couturier in the middle and Jake Voracek on the right wing.

It was one practice. In training camp. And as Giroux said afterward, “I don’t want to talk too much about it because I may not see one shift on left wing.”

Got it. Don’t read too much into it. Except, it’s an interesting notion.

First of all, for all you analytics geeks, that combination would be a puck possession monster. Couturier was superb last season. Voracek’s possession numbers were down a little bit last year, but were still decent – and normally he’s excellent. And Giroux is always above average.

So yeah, that’s good stuff.

Secondly, the real intriguing concept of this combination is putting both Giroux and Voracek on their off-hand wing.

“So, you always like to play on your off wing because you can see so much more of the ice,” Voracek told me. “When you have two guys who are doing that, and one of them is a guy like G who has elite vision, it can be really tough to defend.”

Defensemen would be on a swivel as there would be additional passing lanes created by two off-handed wingers.

Thirdly, last season, one of the disappointing aspects of the top line was that it wasn’t very good defensively. And no matter how good your possession numbers are (and they were down across the board last season) you still have to play defense 45-50 percent of the time. Putting Couturier on that top line would immediately change that for the better.

So there are a lot of positives here.

But, it is definitely something that could have a ripple effect down the line. Would moving Couturier change the defensive strength down the lineup? Is he a productive enough player offensively to merit top-line minutes? Does moving Giroux to the wing impact his production? Continue Reading

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A Discussion with NLL Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz on His Union Past and Lacrosse Future

Kevin Kinkead - September 19, 2017

Nick Sakiewicz never left town, he just changed jobs.

The former Philadelphia Union executive resurfaced as National Lacrosse League Commissioner last January following 21 seasons in Major League Soccer.

That was three months after his split with Union majority owner and principal investor Jay Sugarman. The pair brought soccer to Philadelphia in 2008, but parted ways at the end of 2015 when their relationship became strained following years of on-field struggles and disagreement on how to move the franchise forward.

For some of that time, Sakiewicz was seen as public enemy number one in Chester, a CEO and Operating Partner who became the face of an underachieving club. In fairness, that was something he never really disputed.

“Someone has to answer and take the heat, I guess,” he told the Delco Times a few months back.

To that point, I viewed Nick as a person who covered for Sugarman’s shortcomings by repeatedly falling on the sword. There was never a doubt that Sakiewicz was a smart businessman, but a lack of resources stunted early Union gains and quickly brought an end to the club’s honeymoon period. Whether he helped his cause or not, most people realized that this was a thrifty franchise with a young coach, no scouting department, and no general manager.

But those days are long gone, and Sakiewicz is now building a new foundation for the NLL.

Attendance is up and expansion is underway. There seems to be stability and foresight for a league that has existed for quite a while now, but for most of that time just spinning its wheels. In many ways, Sakiewicz’s experiences with a rapidly growing MLS made him an ideal candidate to oversee the growth of another niche sport with similar upside.

I ran into Sakiewicz for the first time in two years at last Thursday’s NLL Philadelphia expansion announcement. He agreed to speak further about his lacrosse gig and Union departure, and we followed up on the phone this week. Continue Reading

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