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NBA Moves League Logo to the Back of all Jerseys, Possibly Making Room for Ads

Jim Adair - June 20, 2014

As noticed by Paul Lukas over at Uni-Watch, the new Charlotte Hornets uniforms feature the NBA logo on the back of the jersey, above the NOB, instead of the front left chest area. Since Lukas noticed it, it’s been confirmed by the NBA that this is a mandated league-wide change to all jerseys, and speculation has arisen that this is just step one in what Adam Silver called the “inevitable” addition of advertisements to jerseys. And when that day comes, we know the Sixers will end up with the cheesiest, lamest, sponsor logo.

h/t Deadspin

Glad to See Comcast Continues to Sell Out, Even For Playoff Hockey

Kyle Scott - April 15, 2011


Really with the superimposed ads during the playoffs? Have a little bit of dignity… just a shred? I'm half expecting to see a Miller Ford ad during Game 2.

ENOUGH With the Ads on the Glass!

Kyle Scott - October 12, 2010


This needs to stop.  I know NHL teams and their networks are searching for new ways to generate revenue, but this shouldn't be one of them.

Some other teams did this last season.  It wasn't a good idea then and it's not a good idea now.  The Wells Fargo Center is a phone book as it is, there is no need to superimpose ads on the glass for viewers at home.  We already have to put up with "a box of Tastykakes" and "The Peco Powerplay," can we please keep some dignity?

I have an idea: Jeff Carter scores for a bottle of Valtrex.  It pays and protects.

Speaking of ads, the McDonalds one sort of worked in the first period, because Claude Giroux is Dirty McNasty.  Watch his sick goal after the jump.

I apologize for that terrible transition.

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