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Jimmy Butler is a Lifelong Allen Iverson Fan

Kevin Kinkead - November 20, 2018

Without fail, Allen Iverson always gets the biggest pop at the Wells Fargo Center.

And when you see some sort of commotion on the baseline near media seating, nine times out of ten it’s people scrambling to shout out A.I. or get a picture with him.

He’s still the most popular Sixer in the building. Jimmy Butler might be number two or three at this point, and last night the pair hugged it out after the five-point win over Phoenix.

That was the first question to Butler after the game – his thoughts on that embrace.

Butler on Iverson after the jump:

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Chase Utley Is Selling His House, Which Allen Iverson Used to Own

Jim Adair - April 26, 2016

Well, it’s Iverson’s house in shell only, since it’s been “completely gut-renovated” to give the Utley’s family home since 2013 (so, like, two years for Chase) that Better Home and Gardens vibe:

utley house 5

For real. Even with very nice houses, the pictures on the listing sites usually look like garbage. This looks like a damn magazine spread. [Editor’s note: High-end houses like this get professional photographers, not realtors, to take the pictures. Want to sell a mid-level house? Get a professional photographer – or even a videographer – and it will crush the competition. That concludes your real estate advice for the day.]

utley house 11

The 8,141 square foot house is going for a cool $3,495,000 and comes with six bedrooms, six full bathrooms (and 2 half-baths), multiple fireplaces, a three-car garage, and a bedroom where Chase Utley used to have sex. I guess I buried the lede there.

Here’s some more from the Gladwyne home’s listing:

Privately nestled on 2 pristine acres among Gladwyne’s grandest estates, this custom-built, COMPLETELY GUT-RENOVATED home breaks the traditional Colonial mold … A meticulous top-to-bottom renovation & layout transformation by the current owner, created a sleek open California-style layout providing utmost comfort, luxury & functionality …

Beyond the gated entry await sprawling, full-regraded grounds beautified with new lawn, plantings, trees & irrigation. The gorgeous exterior is enhanced with new windows & new upper/lower decks. A brand new Hamptons-style saltwater swimming pool, pool pavilion & play structure assure outdoor pleasure for all ages. The dramatic 2-story Reception Hall with lightly-distressed herringbone wood floors, new wood staircase & huge Palladian window introduces a sun-drenched interior graced by lovely earth tones, custom moldings, and all-new flooring. Breathtaking openness extends into the LR with a gas fireplace & DR served by a butler’s pantry. Both rooms are brightened by huge Palladian windows. Chef & family will love spending time in the top-of-the-line kitchen, opened up & redesigned with new white Medallion soft-close cabinetry, soapstone counters, a large center island with searing & stainless steel appliances.

“Chef and family.” They ain’t even playin’ that someone is doing their own cooking in that kitchen. Here’s a short list of what the home includes:

  • The room where Chase Utley slept
  • The toilet in which Chase Utley pooped
  • The pool in which Chase Utley peed
  • The mirror vanity which Chase Utley used to perfectly shape his soul patch
  • The refrigerator which Chase Utley stood in front of, maybe slightly hungover, farting

Check out more images after the jump and daydream about what Chase did in each one of those rooms.

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Allen Iverson Talks his Love of Friday’s and When He Lost a Game of HORSE to Nelly Because he Was Drunk

Jim Adair - March 1, 2016

Allen Iverson is always a great interview – cough cough come on Crossing Streams cough cough – and after one cancellation (this is A.I. after all) Complex magazine caught up to him to talk drunk HORSE, T.G.I. Friday’s, and his possible front-office future. First, Sole Collector’s Gerald Flores went straight for story time:

Have a lot of rappers over your career tried to come at you on the basketball court?

Not one-on-one. Me and Nelly played H.O.R.S.E. He’s a friend of mine. I remember one night we went to Jermaine Dupri’s studio and I had been drinking before I got there. We went into the gym and he beat my ass. Then he went on 106 and Park and bragged about it. So the next time we played, I made sure that I came prepared. I hadn’t drunk anything and beat his ass. And during that game he was saying, “You need to get him a couple drinks.” I told him, “Nah. Not today. You ain’t going to brag on this one.”

You may beat drunk A.I. in HORSE, but don’t go bragging on BET about it or he’ll come back and beat your ass.

Meanwhile, AI on Friday’s:

What is it about that place?

Just that it’s not too uppity. It’s not bougie. It’s a down to Earth restaurant. I like doing things like that. Unless I’m like taking my girl out. I’ll take her to the real expensive, you know, exotic restaurants. Other than that, when I’m hanging with my friends, we just like to go to a spot where we can chill out. And we like the food there, so it’s always been love at Friday’s.

How did you first find that place?

It was in Philly and I stayed right down the street from it. It was somewhere I could grab me something to eat after practice and go home. After games I used to go there and get me something to eat and go about my business. That was my stomping grounds in Philadelphia.

I heard the locals called it Club Fridays whenever you were there.

Yeah. I’ll always be attached to it because I remember a lot of the people in Philadelphia were real when they were greeting me at Friday’s. They always made sure I was comfortable. By me going there, it ended up being the No. 4 Friday’s in the country. So, I did a lot for them too.

What was your go-to meal at Friday’s?

Philly cheese wrap.


Read the full interview here.


Reebok Will Release 20 New Versions of Iverson’s The Question for Its 20th Anniversary

Jim Adair - February 1, 2016

Reebok’s line of Iverson sneakers – The Question series and The Answer series – is the second-longest running sneaker line in history. While 1997’s The Answer I might be one of the most dated-looking sneakers of all-time*, the O.G. Question still holds up. And for its 20th anniversary, Reebok is putting out 20 different versions of the original shoe.

The first one, seen above, is “The Prototype” and it’s literally the original prototype Reebok made to entice Iverson to sign with them before he was drafted. Not all features stuck around for The Question, but “Reebok maintained certain key features of “The Prototype,” such as the original Haxalite Technology, and added a question mark brand on the heels and a red and black scrawl design on the toecap.”

The Prototype comes out on Friday with a price point of $200, which is steep, but worth the cost of having some cool teens give you a “WHAT’RE THOOOOSE” when you’re out in public.

*Unpopular opinion: Most of Iverson’s Reebok shoes were ugly as shit.

Media Convienently Turns Blind-Eye to Allen Iverson Domestic Violence Claims

Kyle - June 12, 2015


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Last Tuesday, Kent Babb’s book Not a Game: The Incredible Rise and Unthinkable Fall of Allen Iverson was released to the public. The book made various claims about Iverson’s off-the-court life, but the one that seems to have drawn the most attention was a claim that he was intoxicated during his infamous “Practice?!” press conference.

Stephen A. Smith, who covered Allen Iverson for the Philadelphia Inquirer and made his name off of his coverage of the 2000-01 NBA MVP, responded to that claim on various mediums a day later.

This really is the ultimate internet over-hyped, pageview whore take to have on this book. It’s perfect for Stephen A. Smith, so he can come on television and the radio and scream about something that in the grand scheme of things really doesn’t matter. Or so Howard Eskin can make claims that he knows exactly what type of beer Allen Iverson drank on a day 14 years ago.

Was Iverson drunk at the press conference? I don’t know. Might he have been? Sure. Does it really matter either way? Not at all.

Let’s, courtesy of Deadspin, remind ourselves of some of the other accusations made in the book

  • Iverson once threatened his wife, Tawanna, that he would pay a man $5,000 to have her killed.
  • Tawanna has also accused Allen of numerous instances of spousal abuse, including stepping on her bare foot and grinding his boot heel into it, and punching her in the back while laughing out loud. “That’s a kidney shot,” he told her.
  • Iverson was an absentee father who once left his young kids alone in a hotel room for a whole night to go get hammered. He also once told one of his sons, “You ain’t no real nigga. You a white boy, you preppy, you rich boy.”

Clearly, whether Allen Iverson was drunk at a press conference is the tidbit in this book that’s worth talking about. The national media, one that waited to criticize the NFL on the handling of the Ray Rice situation until the second video came out, continues on their campaign of how sports leagues need to do a better job of policing domestic violence. But since there isn’t a video in this case, I guess that excuses it. Sure, Iverson isn’t active in the league anymore, but why does that mean that a story about a press conference becomes a bigger deal than a story about him threatening to hire a hit-man to kill his wife and the mother of his children?

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Allen Iverson’s Biographer Claims He Was Drunk During the Infamous “Practice” Rant

Jim Adair - June 4, 2015

If you watched Showtime’s Iverson documentary when it aired, you know that Allen Iverson’s infamous “we talkin’ bout practice” rant was at best taken out of context, at worst a gross mischaracterization of what AI was actually saying. Iverson’s best friend had just died, he thought he was going to be traded, and they wanted to talk about “practice?” That’s where Iverson’s incredulity came in. But another question about that presser has just come to light: Was Iverson drunk?

According to Kent Babb, author of the new Iverson biography Not a Game, at least Larry Brown thought so.


Babb sent out another tweet in relation to the context above, saying “AI’s best friend just got murdered. He hit downward spiral. Friends don’t see ‘Practice’ as funny but very sad.” We all know Iverson was known as a drinker, and could probably hold his liquor pretty well, but can you really blame the guy for getting a few drinks after a fight with his coach, thinking he’s gonna get traded, still reeling from the death of his friend… and then delivering one of the best press conferences of all-time? The legend grows.

Video: Allen Iverson Talks About His EXCELLENT Documentary

Kyle Scott - May 17, 2015

From a filmmaking perspective, the Allen Iverson documentary, which premiered on Showtime last night, was just OK. If you’re used to watching documentaries on Netflix, HBO, or even ESPN’s 30 for 30, you might be disappointed by it from a strictly technical standpoint. But the story it told – with quite a bit of archival, private footage – was tremendous, and I spent a good portion of the 90 minutes trying to hide the lump in my throat from my wife (I cracked when he stepped over Tyronn Lue). It’s 100% a must-watch for any Sixers fan, or basketball fan, or sports fan.

Today, Iverson released this video on Derek Jeter’s The Players’ Tribune in which he talks about the main theme of the documentary– being himself. I’m a villain to people that don’t rock with me. I’m a superhero to the people that love me and care about me.

Video: Here’s Another Trailer For The Allen Iverson Documentary

Kyle Scott - May 14, 2015

TOM BROKAW SIGHTING! Bet you he never did the news from a fucking chopper. Greatest Generation my ass!

The documentary premieres Saturday night at 9 on Showtime, which I never cancelled after Homeland… so, score!