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Even Andrew Bynum’s High School is Ashamed of Him

Kyle Scott - March 19, 2013

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Bynum with reader Nick

Dave D’Alessandro of the Newark Star-Ledger went in search of someone – anyone – who could or would say something nice about Andrew Bynum, and what better place to go than St. Joseph of Metuchen, where Bynum played two years of high school basketball before being drafted into the NBA.

Unfortunately for Dave (and perhaps more-so, Bynum), not even Bynum’s former athletic director and coach could muster up kind words about the worst acquisition in the history of Philadelphia sports: []

"Everyone here at school says the same thing: What’s wrong with him? Why does he act like that?" says St. Joe’s athletic director Jerry Smith. "He went from someone we’re proud of to someone whose name we don’t even mention anymore."

Bynum’s coach during his Falcons years — that would be 2003-05, his junior and senior seasons — sounds as though he is under no urgent obligation to defend him, because he’s gone seven years without even being asked to give an assessment of any kind about his former center.

"Yeah, I never respond to that kind of request, because Andrew has chosen not to stay in touch for whatever reason, so I just don’t get involved with it," says Mark Taylor, who now coaches the St. Benedict's Prep powerhouse. "I don’t dislike him, and he’ll continue to do well if he can stay healthy, but I’m sure he’s got people who will guide him in times like this."


Rarely – if ever – will you read those types of comments from coaches and teachers who watched a star being born. And not that Bynum is under any obligation to do so, but he hasn’t exactly given back to his school or its students:

Smith said he once took a busload of kids to a Nets-Lakers game in East Rutherford, and Bynum — reluctantly, he thought — did come out to say hello to the students.

"But he hasn’t exactly been a warm presence," Smith says. "We thought he’d be a lot different, that’s all. We all understand sports figures — wary of people asking for money and all that — but we don’t need money, we raise our own. It would just be nice if he came by now that he’s so close. It would be great for our kids to see him. But I’m not holding my breath."



Full story here.

I’m Over Doug Collins

Kyle Scott - March 19, 2013

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Let’s just pile on the Sixers.

I’ve had enough of Doug Collins.

I don’t get why he gets a free pass in Philadelphia. Sure, everything was great for the first two seasons, and we all loved hearing how passionate our coach was. Doug came out for post-game press conferences sweating, literally wearing his emotions on his damp, baggy and stretched out sleeves. But, at some point, it became annoying. You certainly can’t blame Collins for the collection of misfits that he coaches, but you can blame him for being so intense, such a micromanager, that his players tune him out. Collins’ crazy, dilated-pupil stare, which reminds you of the most nutso girlfriend you’ve ever had, makes you wonder if he truly loves coaching… or if he can’t live without it and oh my god if my guys ever quit on me I’ll find them and kill them and slice them up into little pieces nom nom nom nom eat them right up because that’s something that, surely, Jodie Foster would be proud of. I can’t tell which it is. But I’ve had enough of his I’m trying so hard and don’t know what to do so I’ll just shrug, throw all of my players under the bus, and address only Bob Cooney by name in post-game pressers routine, which contrasts starkly with his over-the-top defending of any millionaire who gets a sore ankle because he, too, was once injured and gets it. I can’t stand that. And the icing on the cake came last night, when Collins asked us to pray for Andrew Bynum, who made $17 million this year to drive his Ferrari to the bowling alley and fuck cocktail waitresses, as he undergoes a somewhat routine surgery. Douglas:

“It’s been a tough year for Andrew. I’ve talked about this before… as a man who suffered injuries, as a young player, it’s devastating. I can only imagine what’s racing through his mind right now. I hope we all keep him in prayer. He’s not played for us this year, but he’s still a 76er.”

“I feel badly I didn’t get a chance to coach him this year. I think he would have been an incredible player for us this year. And I just want to wish him well. When you give up a lot for a player and a player comes in and doesn’t play, sometimes we don’t realize the pain that player feels. Sometimes we look at a player and his exterior, and maybe don’t understand how they absorb things internally. And I know Andrew, just in talking to him, how badly he wanted to play this year and be part of the team and help us. So let’s wish him with his surgery tomorrow… that he has great results, that Andrew can rehab himself, that he’s going to have a productive career.”


Andrew Bynum, on January 28, about his desire to help the Sixers:

“I think right after the All-Star break in my mind,” he said. “I talked about (coming back before the break), but to me it doesn’t really matter when I come back. I think giving myself the extra week of training would be better than trying to come back before that.”


Bynum, on February 19, on how he feels internally about fans being upset that he’s, you know, not playing:

“I really could care less. People are going to support me when I’m doing well.”


But hey, Doug Collins wants us to pray for him.

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Pic via Jordan Raanan

Bynum Spotting: Images of a Loon (Andrew Bynum’s Ferrari Gets Ticketed)

Kyle Scott - March 6, 2013

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We’ve written quite extensively about Andrew Bynum’s Ferrari. Twice it's been spotted at gas stations, presumably being treated to a few sips of premium courtesy of your ticket money. Then getting filled with beerThen getting towed. Then we learned Bynum was selling what appears to be a different Ferrari. And today, Philly sports fan and jeweler Lee Pavorsky, of LL Pavorsky Jewelers, tweeted a series of pictures, taken near his shop at 7th and Walnut, of Bynum’s Ferrari, Bynum’s Ferrari being ticketed, and Bynum collecting the ticket off his Ferrari. Ferrari. Pavorsky also sent us some others.

Fine photo journalism after the jump:

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No, Really: Andrew Bynum Presser, Trade A Good Thing For Sixers

Kyle - March 3, 2013

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People are upset. Understandably so. Because in his eleventy zillionth media appearance this year, Andrew Bynum gave Sixers fans — and non-Sixers fans, and Philly sports fans, and Philly residents, and South Jersey residents, and… — the Charlie Murphy treatment. At least that's how it feels. 

He reminded you that at his age, all the world — and money in it — lays before him. And with the "it's my life" comment, that he doesn't give a damn what you think. In a way, Bynum's right. He shouldn't have to play through pain — not of the prohibitive or career-threatening sort, anyway. 

But even if it's just a nice thing to do, you should, you know, at least give the guise of trying to actually (as Kyle first italicized) earn your $16 gadzillion. Be a professional. Say the right things at the right times, and try — just try — to not force-feed the wrong things at the wrongest times.  

But Bynum's not a professional. In fact, the descriptors that best capture who he is and what he's about are probably the antonyms thereof: he's arrogant, defiant, irreverent, indignant, petulant. 

And that pisses people off. Again: understandably so. 

But Friday wasn't a tragedy to be mourned. Nor was the trade that served it to Philadelphia.

Quite the opposite. 

Let's start with the here and now: 

Basically, Andrew Bynum's time in Philadelphia is over. He made it clear he's not going to play this season. And without seeing him on this side of…well…whatever the hell is wrong with his knees, the Sixers won't do a one or two-year deal in the $10 million per range. No way. Doug Collins is fed up with him. Rod Thorn has to be. Regardless whether those two have a future here, CEO Adam Aron is too conscious of his regard with (a) fans and (b) Collins' and Thorn's eventual replacements to meddle with even a short-term thing, knowing how easily it could become a long-term thing. 

There's also something to be said of the learning experience. Frankly, Philadelphia — not its basketball or anything — has been a part of something like this. Most haven't. Neither, then, has Aron, whose previous professional expertise was limited to (ironically) distressed assets.

This whole debacle is his, and the franchise's, saving grace. 

Imagine if Bynum had been healthy, had played, had made the Sixers a top-3 team in the East, and the prohibitive favorites to challenge the Miami Heat. He would've had a max contract, five years and $100 million, after the first week of the season. Then what?

People (still) argue that Bynum's worth it (or can be), and use his NBA Championship pedigree with the Lakers as Exhibit A. Only, that's (part of) what made him how he is. Imagine what he'd be with the ego of a two-time NBA Champ and security of one of the biggest contracts in NBA history.

Now, the Sixers have the opportuntity to walk away unscathed, and, maybe, better for it. 

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UPDATE: Bynum Spotting: Images of a Loon (Andrew Bynum at Buffalo Billiards, Throws a Shot Glass)

Kyle Scott - March 2, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 11.29.22 AM

How fitting. Just hours after cementing his position in the pantheon of slug Philly athletes, Andrew Bynum headed to Buffalo Billiards in Old City, took some shots… and perhaps threatened to kill a guy.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my Saturday morning inbox.

I woke up this morning to two emails from reader Sean. The first one, sent at 12:59 a.m., contained two pictures of Bynum and the following words: 

Spotted a loon at Buffalo Billiards, creeping on some sexy white women playing pool. Proof is in the pudding. 


A little over an hour later, at 2:19 in the a.m., Sean followed up, like the good little loon spotter that he is:

There was a pool game going on in the bar around Bynum. Someone asked Bynum to move so they could take a shot. Bynum was apparently agitated by this, lost his cool and threatened to kill the guy (putting a fake gun to his head with his fingers) and eventually threw a shot glass at the guy. None of this is made up. What a loon. 


Lovely. I’m always a little bit skeptical of emails I receive in the early a.m., so I took to the social medias to see if anyone else had spotted a loon. They had:

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 11.22.22 AM

I've followed up with Sean to see if he could provide more details on the whole I’ll kill you thing, and will pass along any updates if I get them. Sean also posted about the incident on his Facebook:

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 12.34.18 PM

UPDATE: Sean asked that we remove his full name and image from the post. He says that Bynum, obviously, wasn't wholly serious about threatening to kill someone when he put his fingers to his head. But a shot glass was thrown.

UPDATE 2: An anonymous reader, who witnessed the exchange, passes along some more details:

I met Andrew there once before and, as with last night, while he might be a little goofy and playful, in no way have I ever heard him threaten anyone. I was in he vicinity of his altercation last night and did not hear him threaten anyone's life. What I DID hear was the group make a few snide comments about is injury which seemed to have lead to the problem in the first place. He was, indeed, talking to two girls, but when asked if he could move for a shot on the pool table, did so accordingly and it seemed at that point someone from the group seemed to have made a comment and that's when he started to get heated. He did drop a glass in their general direction and exclaim, "I'm out of here." That, of course, is where he became in the wrong, but nothing appeared to be thrown at anyone and at that point was asked to leave. I did not hear him threaten anyone's life or make any hand motions accordingly. If anything, it was the group that kept instigating the situation, going as far as going outside to yell things as him as he walked down the street, turning something that should have lasted a few seconds into something that went on several minutes, seeing as how they were still making remarks after he was long gone.

While I'm not a Philly sports fan at all (I moved here for work from Chicago) I must say, being a sports fan in general, it's always nice to see them around town like anyone else, but when it resorts to this, it ruins it for everyone. Mr. Bynum didn't seem to be doing much outside of trying to just enjoy himself like anyone else, from what I could see was, especially in terms of how egotistical you hear and see all over of these guys being, extremely approachable and friendly. Frankly, I don't think his night out should be any concern of anyone when it comes to his injury. As a basketball fan, I can understand a player not playing and it being aggravating. But last I checked you don't drink with your knees.


Anyone else see anything?

Andrew Bynum: “They just grew cartilage in Petri dish, I think science is looking at it”

Kyle Scott - March 1, 2013

:45 mark [might need to bump the audio up]

That slug, Andrew Bynum, on possible cures for degenerative conditions: “They are getting close with things to do… with cartilage. They just grew cartilage in a Petri dish. I think science is looking at it, doctors are looking at it, and this is a serious problem. And they’re going to come up with something.”

via Calkins Media

In August, We Splashed Cold Water on Your Bynum Boner

Kyle - March 1, 2013

Back in August, CB contributor Matt Hammond warned of the perils of Bynum. This is that post in its entirety. Maybe I should pay this guy.

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Andrew Bynum is Officially the Biggest Asshole to Ever “Play” in Philadelphia

Kyle Scott - March 1, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 1.22.31 PM
Pic via Jordan Raanan

And thus concludes the Andrew Bynum era in Philadelphia. It’s been fun.

Inquirer beat reporter John Mitchell tweeted:

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 1.34.50 PM

And after dribbling a bit today (not even sure we can call what Bynum does practice), Bynum met with the media and admitted that it might be too late:

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 1.38.36 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 1.38.36 PM

It's my life— that's what teenage girls tell their fathers when they opt for a life on the pole.

At what point are the Sixers just going to take Bynum outback and shoot him (figuratively, I think)? There’s literally no benefit to having him play this year, because one of only four things could happen: A) he plays well enough for the Sixers to foolishly give him a max contract, B) he helps get the Sixers into the playoffs and costs them a high draft pick, C) fans are so irate that he gets pelted with batteries, or D), the doomsday scenario, all of the above

Like, the Sixers are exactly stupid enough to sign a guy long-term based on his play in 12 games. They are exactly stupid enough to try to salvage a playoff spot to make a quick buck from the gate. And they are exactly stupid enough to do a battery giveaway on the night of Bynum’s return. 

Just end it. End it now.